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Update February 14th
A minority of people and in particular the media speak against Michael Jackson very unfairly. Some individuals appear to do so just to get there own names mentioned and with no substance to what they are saying against Michael. This is just a page that puts up information so you can contact those directly who are guilty of writing lies and distorting the truth. Anyone can have an opinion but to print or shout out lies is wrong. This is your chance to contact them and ask them why? Please be polite in all corespondance as we dont want to lower ourselves to there level. This is your chance and way of getting your views heard and many small voices together will equal one big long SHOUT in the ears of those that try so hard to ruined the image of Michael Jackson, when he is in fact a true humanitarian and does so much good in this world.

We cannot stress enough the importance of UK fans making an official complaint to the ITC and BSC - the two television watchdogs that Michael Jackson himself has complained to about Living With Michael Jackson

To complain to the ITC, Click Here.
To complain to the
BSC, Click Here.
When you make your complaint, you must specify:
* Title of programme: Living With Michael Jackson
* Name of TV service: ITV1
* The date and time of the programme: Mon 3rd February, 9:00pm-10:50pm
* The exact nature of your complaint.
Thanks to MJNI in making us aware of the above. ================================================================================= February 9, 2003
News Of The World Breaks All Known Journalistic Standards

The News Of The World, the most salacious of British tabloid newspapers, has today (9th February 2003) demonstrated a flagrant lack of respect for the human rights of Michael Jackson and the due processes of law, by reprinting withdrawn allegations, originally made in 1993, about his relationship with a child.

These are old allegations, referring to the one and only criminal case that Michael Jackson was ever investigated under, and they were dropped. The case is closed. No charges were brought.

Michael Jackson was a victim of extortion. An entire series of later lawsuits filed by Michael Jackson against conspirators were won by Michael Jackson.

MJNI will not reprint these false and utterly recycled allegations. We stand together with all British fans in shame that a publication in our own home country could stoop so low.

The Press Complaints Commission is an independent body which deals with complaints from members of the public about the editorial content of newspapers and magazines.

To make a complaint to the Press Complaints Commission you need to have first written to the editor of the News Of The World at the following address:

The News of the World
1 Virginia Street
E1 9XR


When writing, you should quote the following passages of the Press Complaints Commission Code of Practice.

1 Accuracy
i) Newspapers and periodicals must take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted material including pictures.

ii) Whenever it is recognised that a significant inaccuracy, misleading statement or distorted report has been published, it must be corrected promptly and with due prominence.

iii) An apology must be published whenever appropriate.

iv) Newspapers, whilst free to be partisan, must distinguish clearly between comment, conjecture and fact

11 *Misrepresentation
i) Journalists must not generally obtain or seek to obtain information or pictures through misrepresentation or subterfuge. ii) Documents or photographs should be removed only with the consent of the owner.
If after one week you have not had a response to your complaint, or if you are not satisified with the response, you then have the right to complain directly to the PCC. To make a complaint online: or CLICK HERE

To make a complaint by post:

Press Complaints Commission,
1 Salisbury Square, London, EC4Y 8JB

Official News from MJNI


Jackson-obsessed Gloria Allred, the ex-lawyer of Jordan Chandler, finds herself. Ms. Allred, a woman for whom the appeal of the world's cameras has always seemed as important as justice, has been relentless since Monday's UK airing of Living With Michael Jackson in telling the world's media that she is "alerting the authorities" about Michael's interview. But now State District Attourney Tom Sneddon, who is "the authorities" (he led the criminal investigation into the claim made by Chandler in 1993) has now told the The Santa Barbara News Press that the interview is "much ado about nothing." "Sleeping in bed with a kid is not a crime, that I know of," said Sneddon. When asked by the paper if he would be watching, Sneddon replied: "Absolutely not. I've got a life. Why should I watch??

Why dont you ask this big mouthed lawyer personally what is her problem with Michael Jackson and why she so loudly chooses to victimise him. This is not the first time.

Why Don't You Tell Miss All Red What You Think?
Gloria Allred
Allred, Maroko & Goldberg
6300 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1500
Los Angeles, CA 90048 - USA
Phone (323)653-6530
Fax (323)653-1660

Thanks to for the above Gloria details. ================================================================================== Support Michael Jackson
All Michael Jackson sites and fan clubs worldwide are joining together in support of Michael Jackson after the way he was portrayed by Martin Bashirs programme "Living With Michael Jackson" and also some of the follow media distortions. Please just take a few minutes to add your support See how you can help.
MJNI Campaign to Support Michael Jackson.

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