November 27, 2002
Michael Jackson: "My Children Don't Watch TV Without Me"

"I don't like pop music," the King of Pop has told Bunte, a German magazine which interviewed Michael Jackson when he was in Berlin last week.

The comments come in what many are assuming to be a tongue-in-cheek answer to the fact that he was spotted buying two classical music CDs, but no pop, during a shopping excursion in Berlin.

Reuters of 27th November quote Michael further from the interview:

"I'd like to go shopping again for CDs in Berlin. It's just unbelievable. No matter where I am I'm always being followed. I need the experience that I can walk into a store as a completely normal person going shopping."

Michael also dismissed criticism about covering the faces of his children with veils, which is believed to be a safety measure to prevent their faces being recognised in any later moments when they are in public without their father.

"They love the Spiderman scarves," Michael said. "They've seen the film a dozen times. It's terrible. I know the whole film by heart myself. I try to vary the film program by showing them Disney films. But they only want to see Spiderman!"

Michael complained to Bunte about the journalists who pursued him and his children in Berlin. "It was terrible. With their big cameras they almost crushed us," he said.

Michael's children were only allowed to take home two presents from Berlin.

"But Playstations or computers are not allowed in the house," he said, adding that he reads his children fairy tales during breakfast. "And they're only allowed to watch television when I'm around." My Comment:Sometimes we have to remember the difficulties of being a celebrity, well Michael Jackson is the most famous celebrity on the world and I can't think of anywhere he could go where there are people and not be recognised. Its not his choice to shop at night and get shops opened especially for him. He has to do it for security reasons and his own safety, not just from some nutcase but his own fans.

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November 22, 2002
Jurors in Avram Case Promise Not To Let Balconygate Interfere

Judge Zel Canter, presiding at the trial of Marcel Avram v Michael Jackson, questioned the jury on Tuesday 19th November and warned then to stay away from media reports involving the trial and Michael.

According to the Santa Maria Times, when the trial resumed on Thursday morning, Judge Canter called each juror in privately to determine if he or she had been able to "put what you see and hear aside" involving media footage of the balcony incident.

Later, Michael's attorney Steve Cochran said "we have total faith" in the jury.

He stressed that "juror exposure to the media" was not all that was talked about during the 90 minute session with the judge.

The Santa Maria Times says that Louis "Skip" Miller, representing Mr. Avram, was heard to explain to Mr. Avram that the prospect of questioning each juror because of Michael was "so unfair."

Also on 22nd November, Mr. Avram answered questions about letters, memos, contracts and bills involving his association with Michael.

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November 22st 2002
Michael In The Clear!

"Dangle" may be the new byword in the Michael Jackson fan community, but today there is final confirmation that despite all the media sensationalism, German police will not open an investigation into Michael for putting his child in temporary danger.
Associated Press of 22nd November quoted Norbert Gunkel of the Berlin police force: "The actions are not punishable," he said on 21st November.
Berlin prosecutors also reiterated on 22nd November that they did not consider the incident a crime and were not investigating.
Californian authorities have already told the media that as the incident did not occur on home territory, it was none of their business.

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Reuters Files Complaint Against Daily Mail about Michael Jackson
Paul Dacre, editor of the vitriolic right-wing UK tabloid newspaper, Daily Mail is to be the subject of an investigation over distorted photographs of Michael Jackson.
According to a story in today's (London) Times newspaper, Reuters is to investigate "the doctoring of its bylined photograph splashed across the front-page of the Mail yesterday, of Michael Jackson strolling hand-in-hand with his young children in a Berlin park."
Reuters has strict rules which forbid manipulation of any of its images. A Reuters spokeswoman said:
"We will be contacting the Daily Mail over this and will be taking the matter further. This is between us and the Daily Mail."
As well as the internal Reuters investigation, there is likely to be interest shown by the Press Complaints Commission, whose mission statement includes the words:
"Editors and publishers must ensure the code is observed rigorously." Clause One of the accuracy code states:
"Newspapers and periodicals must take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted material including pictures."
The irony is that Mr. Dacre is actually one of the commissioners who work for the Press Complaints Commission.
The Times article states: "The picture was clearly altered to accommodate the newspaper’s emotive headline: 'Is he fit to be a Dad?' Some may now ask whether Dacre is fit to continue as a commissioner?"
The Daily Mail last night declined numerous offers from the Times to comment.

To write to the Daily Mail:

The Daily Mail,
Northcliffe House,
2 Derry Street,
W8 5TT
Please keep your letters polite, professional, and short or they will not be printed or read.
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My comment I expected the headlines we saw in The Sun and even The Mirror didn't go with front page for a second day. I was disgusted with The Daily Mail, a paper I have respected until yesterday and now knowing the above even more so disappointed in them. Please email them or even write to express your views if you feel the same.

Bambi Awards
At the Bambi Awards on 22nd November, a smiling, energetic Michael Jackson accepted his Pop Artist of the Millennium award dressed in a glittering black jacket with red lining, black trousers and wearing reading glasses.
During his acceptance speech, he urged the children of Germany to "work for your dreams, work for your ideals."
He continued:
"We are Christians, Jewish, Muslim and Hindu, we are black, we are white, we are a community of some many differences, so complex and yet so simple. We do not need to have war."
His words were met with rapturous applause from the audience in Berlin.
Michael also made a wish for the "children of Germany" saying:
"The world needs you. Live out your dreams. Maybe you will become an astronaut, or an artist, and you will receive a Bambi!"
Prior to Michael's appearance, which was introduced by tennis legend Boris Becker, TV viewers and audience members were treated to a rare showing of the entire What More Can I Give video, and a montage of some of Michael's greatest musical moments. We could all learn from Michaels way of thinking, but its no good reading it and thinking it, you have to live it and not discriminate against peoples race or religion or appearance.
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November 21st
Charity gala in Germany

Michael Jackson made an appearance as his donated rhinestone jacket he wore at January's American Music Awards was auctioned today. It sold for 16,000 euros to a German pop composer Ralph Siegel and proceeds are going to homeless children. MJ is in Germany for there biggest media awards ceremony, the Bambi. MJ has also been seen visting the zoo with his 2 eldest children and also to an entertainment store where he reportedly bought a copy of one of his favourite movies "E.T" Also he met with victims of this summers floods, for who at the time Mj recorded a special message. Its no wonder Michael enjoys extra special support in Germany from his fans.

Interview talks confirmed have confirmed that Michael Jackson is in talks with respected British television journalist Martin Bashir about a major UK television interview. Mr.Bashir, who now works for ITN's Tonight With Trever McDonald show is best known for his astonishing BBC interview with Diana, Princess of Wales. Michael has been meeting with Mr.Bashir in Berlin, and the Tonight crew were with Michael and his children in Berlin Zoo on Wednesday 20th November. The two men have also met on other earlier occasions to discuss the interview. Mr. Bashir's distinguished career has involved work on a wide range of television and radio programmes including Panorama, Public Eye, The Midnight Hour, the education series Just One Chance, Sunday and Pick of the Week. The interview, which does not yet have a transmission date, may be conducted at Michael's Neverland home.
My commentThis is great news if it goes ahead, especially if done from a UK persperctive. I believe we have some of the harshiest tabloids in the world whose portrayal of MJ over many years now has been disgusting. Total and utter lies, creating stories, tampering with pictures. The more you know the work of Michael Jackson, not just the entertainment, but the humitarian aspects and issues that are important to him,the more you realise that if anyone does not deserve this kind of portrayal it is himself. Especially as in recent days, they even try to turn blatant positives into negatives, one being that he spent so much time with his children, how can that be wrong. Kids love MJ I'm sure he is a great fun father. He can't be compared to other fathers because he is MJ. Some of the decisions he has to and will have to make on how his children are bought up are going to be the most difficult any parent could make, even on the smallest issues of who the children mix with. There faces are supposedly covered to protect there identities against kidnappers. This makes perfect sense to me if true. Kidnap plots are much more common than we all know about as I foound out after the recent "Posh and Becks" scare, its just they are not reported in the news. For all those that are so quick to judge MJ on his parenting, just point out to them are they doing the best job themselves!

November 20th
MJ baby balcony incident

Michael Jackson has admitted making a terrible mistake after showing his youngest child over the balcony of his hotel to fans below. Fans were shocked as Michael got a little more than over excited and holding his baby tightly towards himself with one hand, but lifting the baby over the balcony railings at the hotel in Berlin, Germany. The baby with a white cloth over its head (to protect its identity), did appear to gently catch its leg on the top of balcony railing. In a written statement the singer, who has been heavily criticised by child protection groups, said: "I made a terrible mistake. I got caught up in the excitement of the moment I would never intentionally endanger the lives of my children."
My commentYet again, lets put this into perspective. Michael knew in his own mind that the child was safe and would come to no harm. He had been showing his other children at the balcony and making appearances to fans. The fans were obviously loving it and getting very excited, and he just got carried away. No, most people would noy have done what he did. But, most people don't have hundreds of fans following them, and MJ fans are the most loyal fans there are. It made me laugh when I see him compared with even Madonna, who in I read somewhere "what a much more major star status she is than MJ in the year 2002". A great point, she is a huge star, but even she does not have a fan following like MJ. He is in a league of his own, and always will be even if he never worked again. "I've seen concert footage of Michael having a creepy crawly (insect or soider) being removed from his concert stage and not wanting to have it killed. That is MJ through and through. A totally caring person.

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As regards Michael Jackson news we try our best to keep up with current events of Michael Jackson in public. However we only knowlingly report on articles that relate to Michael Jackson the artiste and we will not report on Michael Jacksons private life, private conversations and reports from any place where it has been stated that Mr Jackson is there on a private visit. Please do not believe everything you read in a tabloid newspaper or magazine. Michael Jackson is the biggest example of the utter rubbish these people write. All they want to do is get a picture and think up a story to go with it. Also remember what happened when paparazzi pursued our very own Princess Diana. This site is only interested in Michael Jackson in public, Michael Jackson the entertainer. For all he has given us, dont let us fans punish him and other public figures by spending money on mindless gossip.

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