May 30, 2003
HitsDaily: Michael Worth One Billion

As the media continues to publish stories about a "near bankrupt" Michael Jackson, Hits Daily Double posted the following on their site.


Amid renewed press speculation as to Michael Jackson’s solvency or lack thereof, Charles Koppelman emerges as The Gloved One’s latest advisor/manager. Whisperers whispering that while Jackson may not be liquid, he continues to hold assets valued at up to $1 billion, including his stake in Sony ATV Publishing (said to be worth $500-700m), his own publishing company, the Neverland ranch and his master reversions.

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May 22, 2003
Michael Jackson Admitted to Hospital

Michael Jackson was admitted to hospital in Indianapolis on the evening of Wednesday 21st May.

Michael had been scheduled to give a deposition in a copyright lawsuit, as previously reported by MJNI.

After leaving the hospital, Michael left Indianapolis in a private jet to return to Los Angeles around 8:30pm, Michael's spokesperson Stuart Backerman Backerman said on local television, in comments reported by The Indy Reporter.

Brian Oxman, an attorney for the Jackson family, told AP in a phone interview that Michael "was not feeling well and was feeling weak."

"He has, in some occasions in the past, not eaten when he should," Mr. Oxman said. "He can become very concerned and nervous at depositions. He doesn't like lawsuits, and it makes him ill to have to cope with litigation that people seem to heap on him."

Mr. Backmerman told the Indy Star: "He felt weak and tired and it got worse as the day went on."

The deposition was to be given in a meeting with Attorney Norman Reed, who is representing Gordon Keith, the man who signed the Jackson Five to his Gary-based Steeltown Records in 1967. Keith has said he received no credit for tracks that appeared on a 1996 album, "Pre-History: The Lost Steeltown Recordings."

Michael's planned visit to his birthplace in Gary in northwest Indiana and the home where he grew up is now cancelled. "It was going to be a very positive, warm, emotional celebration," Mr. Backerman told the Star. "Believe me, he wanted to do that very badly."

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May 10, 2003
Martin Bashir is Officially Britain's 5th Most Hated Person

As previously reported by MJNI, British television's Channel 4 has been collecting votes for the 100 Worst Britons currently alive.

The 100 Worst Britons programme transmitted on the evening of Saturday 10th May.

Martin Bashir was voted the fifth Worst Briton, following his performance in the Living With Michael Jackson documentary, beating an astonishing array of revolting people.

MJNI was involved with finding contributors for the programme, and our team member Ben Wilson was featured. Ben expressed his anger that Bashir was part of the reason that Michael was being known not for his music, or his humanitarian endeavours, but rather for more salacious reasons.

Celebs and punters queued up to pour scorn on Bahir. Uri Gellar, who has his own reasons for being angry at Bashir, said: "I don't ever want to see Martin Bashir again." Other comments:

"Slippery, two faced."

"Lost all credibility."

"Tony Blair of the interview - oozing insincerity."

And from Channel 4 newsreader, Krishan Guru-Murphy: "He took on someone who is fantastically popular which was Michael Jackson. If you take on someone like that, you are going to be hated."

100 Worst Britons was a tongue-in-cheek reference to the BBC's series earlier this year, called "Great Britons", in which the British public chose their 100 best British people.

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