August 29th
MTV Award Mix Up

Michael jackson was reported to have made a gaffe at the MTV awards for thinking he had won an award when he hadn't. Britney Spears presented Michael Jackson on stage calling him her "Artist of the millennium" and handing over a treble clef and a birthday cake( 44th birthday). In early reports from MTV, they stated that Michael indeed won the Artist of the Millennium award, and on highlights shows actually captioned him as the winner of the award. But all of these MTV reports have now been corrected, saying he was presented with a birthday cake - and not the award, making Michael look a bit foolish. MTV claim no such award exists, even though it was apparently stated on there website that there was such an award, and also that Michael would be recieving a special award. Why call Michael on stage to give him only a birthday cake, and also what was the shiny treble clef with a bow round it, was that not an award? Well for the record Michael has already been awarded "Artiste of the Millenuim" at the World Music Awards 2000. My Comment: It would have been nice if MTV actually issued an apology or some responsiblity for the mix up, they benefited from having the show promoted around the world at the expense of Michael Jackson and to whom they should be grateful he even took the stage. Its not just the fact that a mistake was made, its yet again that the press can't wait to jump on any error that Michael Jackson may make or be percieved to have made as in this case. No other artiste or aspect of the awards was mentioned on the news broadcast that I saw, only the clip of Michael Jackson.

July 6th
Speech Against Sony

Michael attended Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network in Harlem today and in a speech to fans and members of the public, Michael called the Sony Music corporation "racist" and launched a verbal attack on Sony Music as a company that conspires against it's recording artists for profits. Michael stated the recording companies really, really do conspire against the artists - they steal, they cheat, they do everything they can, (Especially) against the black artists." Jackson has teamed up with Sharpton and attorney Johnnie Cochran Jr., in recently forming a coalition to investigate whether artists are being financially exploited by their record labels. Of Tommy Mottola, the Sony Music chief he said, was "mean, he's a racist, and he's very, very, very devilish." He also accused the Sony Music chief of using "the n-word" when speaking about an unidentified black Sony artist. In addition to himself as a victim of the industry, Michael also mentioned several other artists as falling victim, including James Brown, Mariah Carey, and Sammy Davis Jr. "If you fight for me, you're fighting for all black people, dead and alive" Michael said to the crowd.

Michael also had an interview with Fox news, Michael made a statement to Fox News to re-iterate his stance on Sony Music, and at the same time put an end to recent rumors about his financial situation stating, "I just wrote somebody a cheque for$500,000,000".

Michael attends the Webster Hall in New York City about 8:30 pm and took a seat on the balcony. Michael was presented with a very special '30th Anniversary Fan Award' that fans from around the world helped to create. Nijel, the creater of the award, addressed the crowd and presented Michael with this award. Michael was very pleased and took the opportunity to thank the fans for their love and support. Then he collected some banners from the audience. Taking a sign which said "Tommy Mottola Go To Hell" Michael held the sign high and said: "This says it all."

Fans gathered to show there support fo Michael against Sony Music HQ in New York Michael arrived on a double-decker bus and stayed for about 10-15 minutes, Michael took a lot of banners from fans and read them and held some up.

July 3rd
Men In Black 2

"Men In Black 2" is releasted in the U.S from today (Due for release Aug 2nd in the UK). Michael was a big fan of the first movie and made it well known he would like the opportunity to appear in any follow up. He gets a short 25 sec cameo role in the movie, which is reportedly pretty funny.

June 15th 2002
Michael Jackson attends MJNI's "Killer Thriller Party"

Wow what a party!!! Firstly the entertainment at this party was fantastic. Top of the bill Earnest Valentino, the world's best Michael Jackson impersonator was brilliant. Michael watched approx 2 hours of the 4 hour show at the Equinox at Leicester Square London with 2,200 fans. Michael watched unseen from the audience from the VIP box at the top corner of the stage.

At the end of the show Michael came to the stage amid rapturous applause. Michael spoke for the first time of the tactics of Sony Music against his album Invincible. Michael said of how he had only one more album to release with Sony Music until he can become a free agent. The album will be a box set with 2 new songs. He said how he actual writes 100-120 new songs for each album, so he could easily give them any 2 old songs he wrote a while ago, then he'd be a free agent and walk away owning half of Sony Publishing. "they're very angry with me" as he had "out thought" the company. He described Tommy Mottola as the devil.

As fans left the building Michael was meeting 4 lucky fans who had won various raffles to meet him. Some fans (myself one of them) just hung around below the balcony of the VIP box to get a last glimpse of Michael. After a few minutes Michael walked over to the balcony to wave and smile at fans. He seemed intersted in the banners being held up to him, many of them anti Sony banners. Then really surprisingly as if teasing the crowd it was as he was going to climb over the balcony,,,,then he did (with a security guard holding his arm tight!) fans were just a meter or so armstretch away below, Michael on our side of the balcony, kneeled down to take an upheld banner that had caught his eye. He then climbed back over to the VIP box side of the balcony. It was a truly magical moment. I can only describe the presence of the man a magical experience.
Earlier in the day fans had staged a peaceful protest outside Sony Music offices in London. they got a well deserved special treat as Michael turned up on the top of an open top double decker bus.

June 14th 2002
Michael Jackson in Exeter and at Exeter Football Club

Michael Jackson travelled from London to Exeter via train today. Michael was doing a big favor for his friend Uri Geller, the spoon-bending psychic who is co-chairman of the third division Exeter City Football Club. Michael who was best man at Geller's wedding, offered to help out with a fund-raising day for the club and local charities. Michael was reportedly knocked to the ground by fans at the railway station by excited fans. At the football ground fans also ran onto the pitch onto which Michael had arrived via a vintage car. Michael spoke to approx 10,000 fans (except those fans stuck on the M5 motoway traffic jam like myself for over 4 hours!!! aaahh). Michael spoke of dying African children with AIDS, and how he knew nothing of football but was backing England in the world cup.

June 7th 2002
Michael Jackson in Coalition for artists rights

On Wednesday Michael Jackson stated that he has united with the Rev. Al Sharpton and attorney Johnnie Cochran Jr., who are forming a union to investigate whether artists are being financially exploited by their record labels.

At a press conference Michael said, "Record companies have to start treating their artists with respect, honour and financial justice. Therefore, I am proud to join this coalition which represents all artists."

Sharpton, said too many artists end up bankrupt after years of making millions for record labels. "We hope that this initiative would make it possible where one day the artist on the CD is as big as the companies that put out the CD".

Many artists who come to Cochran and Sharpton to complain about how their record label treats them. Many complained that their label created policies that forced them (the artist) to pay for promotional costs such as videos. In response, Cochran and Sharpton said they would be willing to work with the Recording Artists Coalition, which is demanding new relationships with record labels, including fairer contracts and more oversight of accounting practices.

As well as Michael Jackson, other artists who are part of the recording artists coalition include:
Dixie Chicks
Eric Clapton
Crosby, Stills & Nash
Neil Diamond
Don Henley
Enrique Iglesias
Elton John
Randy Newman
Bruce Springsteen

Source:Associated Press & MJWN

June 5th 2002
StarsEvents spoke with Uri Geller  today.

Please publish on all your websites that there are only few Standing-Tickets left for the Benefit event at the Exetor Football Stadium.
StarsEvents likes to add:Buy your ticket now, we understood the money will go to Charity (Children with Aids, and Support for Africa)  and it's a great opportunity to see Michael.
Call when interested:01392 254073. Source: MJWN with special thanks to Uri Geller.

June 1st 2002

Saturday 15th June, 2002

***Attended by Michael Jackson ***
Doors open 2.00 p.m. (close 6.30 p.m.)
The Equinox, Leicester Square, London (nearest Underground: Leicester Square)

Twenty years ago, an album was released that would go on to become the benchmark by which all future albums were judged. Artistically and commercially flawless, Thriller remains the world's biggest selling album of all time with over 52 million copies sold.

This party celebrates that astonishing achievement with a WORLD CLASS line-up of
Michael Jackson tribute artists from all over  the globe. EARNEST VALENTINO

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