July 13, 2003
BBC: Jackson Five to Reunite

Jermaine tells the BBC's "Liquid News" that the brothers are to reform for a upcoming reunion tour/album.

According to the BBC, the Jackson Five are to reform for a reunion tour, complete with Michael Jackson, his brother Jermaine confirmed in an interview with Liquid News.

Jermaine told also told Liquid News that the brothers were working on an album to be released to coincide with the tour, and that Michael was "absolutely on board."

The last time the original members performed together was at a concert in 2001 which celebrated Michael Jackson's 30 years in the music business.

There were reports of arguments between the siblings prior to the concert and doubts that Jermaine would in fact take part.

He said that it had been blown out of proportion and that he was not arguing with his brothers about the concert.

But he did admit to Liquid News that he had concerns about the way producer David Gest handled the show saying some of the people who had been part of the rise of the Jackson Five had not been invited.

Jermaine also said the Jackson Five tour would make its way to the UK because the group's trip to London in 1972 "was the most exciting moment" and one they will never forget.

My Comment: I have heard rumours of this for a long time now. Would be great if it happens but we will just have to wait and see.

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July 1, 2003
Koppelman: Big hits a comin'!

On 7th June, MJNI exclusively revealed Michael Jackson is officially working on new creative content, which Michael referred to in this week's Entertainment Tonight back-stage footage with James Brown.

In addition to most of his new recording work done elsewhere, the King of Pop recently completed some post-production at The Hit Factory in New York.

At the weekend Michael played a number of new songs for Charles Koppelman, who was delighted with the results, saying, "There are some big hits a comin'!"

Charles Koppelman is working with Michael Jackson creatively during this period of strategic planning, advising on a variety of new and exciting ventures.

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