15th October 2003
More News on One More Chance Video

As previously reported by MJNI, Michael Jackson will tape a performance of his new single, One More Chance for a forthcoming CBS television special in the US. The special will be one hour long and is the result of a long-standing contractual obligation that Michael has with the network.

The desire from Michael's perspective has been to use this performance of One More Chance as a world-wide video for the single in the absence of any other provision being made for a video by Sony in America. In addition, Sony UK have let MJNI know that they would also be in favour of using the CBS performance as a video. This is likely to be the situation for other Sony offices around the world because they tend to be far removed from any contractual wranglings between the company and the artist and therefore wish to launch a full promotional campaign for the single in order to promote the album Number Ones. They require a video to do this.

However, as MJNI also reported, the use of the CBS performance depends on contractual and rights issues.

The latest news given to MJNI by Michael's official spokespeople is that the performance is currently only cleared for air on the CBS special and that discussions are still ongoing about a general release of this performance by Sony in North America and indeed worldwide.

There is currently no recording date scheduled for the performance, nor is there a transmission date.

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13th October 2003
One More Chance Released to Radio

'One More Chance' received its radio premiere on the 10th of October

Radio stations in LA and Chicago were the first to spin the record in the States, followed by some European markets. The song has not yet been delivered to every radio station, as calls placed by MJNI to a number of New York area stations resulted in zero familiarity with the song. The UK also has not yet premiered the song.

For fans interested in increasing that awareness of One More Chance at radio, they are encouraged to call their local Top-40 and R&B stations and request the song. Even if radio programmers are unaware of the song, the request should wet their appetites for when it does arrive. The response from DJ's and listeners of stations who have played the song so far has been tremendously positive. "Speechless" was the word that came from one LA DJ mouth after hearing the song for the first time. Listeners agreed, with 95% of them voting to "smash" the record, versus "trash it."

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12th October 2003
One More Chance - CBS Performance and Video

As previously reported by MJNI, Michael Jackson is likely to participate in a CBS television special in the USA to coincide with the release of the Number Ones greatest hits album.

As well as featuring archive footage from Michael's career, the CBS special will also feature a brand new live performance, recorded in a studio especially for the show.

Michael Jackson's spokespeople have now confirmed to MJNI that the plan is for Michael to perform the new single, One More Chance on the show. The idea is that the CBS performance will be used as the video to promote the single.

This is all subject to contractual confirmations but is the working plan at this stage in time.

With radio airplay and a performance video to promote it, the single is expected to do well in the charts, particularly in the UK and Europe - where commercially released.


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9th October 2003
One More Chance - New UK Release Date

SONY UK have pushed back the release date of Michael Jackson's new single One More Chance in the UK to the 24th November.

This new date will give the forthcoming album of Michael Jackson's greatest hits, Number Ones, a big promotional boost. (The album is due to be launched in the UK on 17th November.)

Moving the release date will also allow for new remixes to be included on the single. However, the remixes have yet to be delivered, so their inclusion is not currently confirmed.

More details will follow in due course.

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8th October 2003
Official Sony UK Press Relase for Number Ones

Official Sony UK Press Relase for Number Ones
Sony UK have issued a new press release for Michael Jackson's forthcoming greatest hits album, Number Ones.

The press release, including tracklisting is below. Please note that the specified tracklisting does not apply for the USA.

Number Ones

Michael Jackson, is gearing up for another phenomenal release; Number Ones - a retrospective of his national and international No.1 hits; an undeniably thrilling collection on both CD and DVD - released on 17th November.

Since his first solo album was released in 1979, Jackson has amassed more than 2 dozen No.1 hits internationally, 17 of which are contained in one pristine collection for the first time.

The CD, Number Ones begins with a track from one of Jackson's penultimate albums, Off The Wall which was the first record by a solo artist to contain four Top Ten hits, signified the beginning of Jackson's chart domination. But unlike many of the defining moments in 80's pop music history, Jackson's magic is still electrifying over twenty years later.

Off The Wall was a run-a-way success, both critically and commercially, (certified 7x platinum with sales in excess of 20 million worldwide). But Jackson's next release, 1982's Thriller from which Number Ones culls several No.1 hits, is the largest-selling album of all time with over 60 million copies sold.

From the opening chords of Billie Jean, with its unforgettable pounding bass line, to the wild guitar riffs that open Beat It, the singles from Jackson's ultimate album are as thrilling as ever. These records were—and remain—more than just songs. They are events—the thoughts, feelings and emotions that these masterpieces conjure make them classics in every sense of the word. For an endless array of performers, these are the songs that inform and inspire.

After selling more than 60 million copies of Thriller worldwide in just the first few years after it's release, Jackson didn't slow down. He returned, in 1987, with Bad. The first single, I Just Can't Stop Loving You debuted at No.1 and was followed by several chart-toppers. Over the following year, Bad set a record for the most No.1 records released from one album. Number Ones pays homage to several of those tracks, including Bad, Smooth Criminal, Dirty Diana, and The Way You Make Me Feel, as well as the aforementioned I Just Can't Stop Loving You.

With Bad, Jackson elevated his sound and expanded his fan base, going even deeper into hard rock and dance and simultaneously smoothing it out with adult-contemporary and R&B.

Number Ones tells a fascinating story of an artist's growth and development. And the education continues with the seminal, Black or White, the first single from Jackson's 1991, Dangerous. Black or White, was not just a national No.1; the single blasted to the top of the charts in essentially every country, from Austria and Norway, to Spain and Italy.

In 1995, when Jackson released HIStory, a two-disc set featuring one greatest hits collection and one album of new material, he ended up setting yet another record: You Are Not Alone, the uber-ballad, written by R.Kelly, became the first single in Billboard history to debut at No.1.

Number Ones rounds out with You Rock My World, the mid-tempo winner that marked Jackson's return on 2001's Invincible. With it's infectious beat, the track is both a tribute to Jackson's unparalleled greatness and a prelude to what the future holds.

And the future begins now. Included on Number Ones is the brand new single One More Chance (written by R.Kelly) - released on November 10th - a subtle return to Jackson's roots as a heart-wrenching balladeer.

Jackson, with the help of such noted directors as John Landis, Herb Ritts, John Singleton, and Martin Scorcese, has single-handedly invigorated the world of music videos, which he has always viewed as short films. As one of the most visually influential artists of the past twenty years, it is only fitting that Jackson's short films are also represented. The DVD, Number Ones contains fifteen short films that are easily the ultimate in videography since the invention of the art form.

From the trippy, disco-flavored Don't Stop Til You Get Enough to the lush, epic flavor of You Rock My World, Jackson's video collection is simply sublime. Look for the controversial Man in the Mirror, with it's striking imagery and social commentary. Also included is Black and White, the first video to use the morphing technique that is so popular today. And of course, there are all of the amazing dance sequences, of which Jackson is the pioneer. The West Side Story tribute in Beat It; the hardcore hip-hop inspired choreography in Bad, and the amazing precision and technique showcased on Smooth Criminal and Thriller.

With exclusive bonus tracks, and Jackson's newest material, Number Ones is without question, a can't-miss acquisition for any and every music collection.

For the discerning Jackson fan and pop music aficionado, four limited edition covers of Number Ones have been commissioned. Each cover portrays Jackson, during four different eras, in a signature pose, including the glittered-socks and one-glove days of Thriller, and his often-duplicated tip-toe move, the four limited-edition Jackson covers are each as special as the music contained within.

It is more than just a collection of greatest hits; it is a timeline, a history lesson, a journey, an escapade, and a cacophony of rich, textured, vibrant sounds. It is a lifetime of music. And at the same time, Number Ones ushers in a new era for Jackson's unmatchable accomplishments.


1 Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (7" Single Edit) 3:55 (Off The Wall)
2 Rock With You (Album Version) 3:38 (Off The Wall)
3 Billie Jean (Album Version) 4:52 (Thriller)
4 Beat It (Album Version) 4:17 (Thriller)
5 Thriller (Single Edit) 5:18 (Thriller)
6 Human Nature (Album Version 4:05 (Thriller)
7 I Just Can't Stop Loving You (Album Version) 4:13 (Bad)
8 Bad (Album Version) 4:07 (Bad)
9 The Way You Make Me Feel (Album Version) 4:57 (Bad)
10 Dirty Diana (Album Version) 4:41 (Bad)
11 Smooth Criminal (Album Version) 4:16 (Bad)
12 Black Or White (Single Edit) 3:22 (Dangerous)
13 You Are Not Alone (Radio Edit) 4:29 (HIStory)
14 Earth Song (Radio Edit) 4:58 (HIStory)
15 Blood On The Dance Floor (Album Version) 4:13 (Blood On The Dance Floor)
16 You Rock My World (Radio Edit) 4:25 (Invincible)
17 Break Of Dawn (Album Version) 5:32 (Invincible)
18 One More Chance (Album Version) 3:50 (single - 10th November)

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6th October 2003
Confirmed: Michael to Attend Radio Music Awards

King of Pop to receive special lifetime achievement award. MJNI received official confirmation today from Stuart Backerman that Michael Jackson will be in attendance at this year's Radio Music Awards, scheduled for Monday, 27 October in Las Vegas.

The King of Pop will receive a lifetime achievement award which will be named after him and presented during future shows.

And though a number of radio adverts in the US have been promoting the show by naming Michael as one of the "performers," we can officially tell you that a performance will not be part of the festivities.

Tickets for the show will soon be on sale to the general public. You should check with daily for information. For those of you who can't make it to Las Vegas that night, NBC (US) will be broadcasting the awards show live.

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