April 24, 2003
US Gears Up for Michael Jackson's Home Movies

Michael Jackson's Private Home Movies transmits tonight, Thursday 24th April, on Fox at 8pm ET/PT in the US. In an interview with USA Today on 24th April, the show's executive producer, Brad Lachman, says: "Everybody seems to have an opinion about him, and 99.9% of these people have never met him. He wanted to show people who he really is."

Mr. Lachman told USA Today that he has enough footage to produce at least two further TV specials if viewers demand it. He said that Michael played host to him and four producers at Neverland, "where they scanned home videos 14 hours a day for six days."

The paper reports as follows:

"The show includes Jackson commenting on the tapes, everything from family events littered with dozens of cousins and Jackson 5 rehearsals circa 1970 to Christmas morning with Liz Taylor. Also: Jackson teaching Michael Jordan to moonwalk."

Mr. Lachman says Michael put no limits on what producers could see or what they could include in the show. USA Today notes that "tapes of Jackson hosting children on his ranch revealed nothing inappropriate; footage of the pop star without makeup doesn't expose a surgically enhanced oddity."

The final word from Brad Lachman: "For whatever reason, a lot of people have not seen what he's really like. I found him to be an extremely charming person."

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