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September 10th, 2008
Bravo Legends: Michael Jackson

Today, September 15th, German teen publication Bravo will release the first of their "Legends" series, with a special magazine dedicated to Michael Jackson!

"Bravo Legends: Michael Jackson" is 100 pages all about Michael's career and life, and features 10 A4 posters and 2 mega posters.

The topics covered in the magazine include: Michael's rise to fame, inside Neverland, his secrets and his future.

Bravo also announce some exclusive information in the magazine. They say that the single, "Hold My Hand" will be released at the end of September, Michael's comeback will be launched in 2009 and that Michael could be meeting with producer Timbaland soon.

The magazine will be available in Germany, but can also be ordered worldwide by going to the publisher's site:

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