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Sunday, 26 March 2006

Michael Jackson has plans to collaborate with artists 50 Cent, Kanye West and John Legend according to DJ Whoo Kid.
The hip-hop DJ (pictured left) met Michael in Bahrain recently as a guest of Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad Al- Khalifa and his son. He was recommended to DJ their parties through mutual contacts, including the Prince of Monaco according to MTV.

"I [saw] Michael... sitting by the pool sippin' lemonade," Whoo Kid recalled. "They didn't tell me he was going to be there. I didn't even expect Michael to be in the country. So I'm like '******* Michael Jackson is here, sippin' lemonade!'"

The DJ, who has collaborated with many successful hip-hop artists, said that the language used by Michael surprised him. "I said 'What's up?' to him and acted like I wasn't groupie-sized. I gave him respect for all the **** he did, but in my head I was going crazy. He said, 'I'm just chillin' '... he actually said 'chillin'!' ****** my head up, so I walked away from him. Everybody gave him his respectful space."

Whoo Kid eventually found himself invited to a dinner by the Sheikh, along with Michael and R&B star John Legend. According to the DJ, Michael has already put down vocals on a track with Legend, but he also seemed interested in working with other artists as the conversation progressed.

"We was talking about Eminem. He was like, 'Is Eminem really retired?'" not mentioning Eminem's recent crude parody of him. "Then he started talking about 50." A phone conversation was later set up by the DJ between Michael and 50 Cent, however not before a collaboration with Kanye West had also apparently been added to Michael's wish list.

The DJ added that people shouldn't talk "fluffy" to Michael like everyone else does. "I got him to curse... he said 's***.' I told him he needs to cut his a hair, get some million-dollar earrings, get a million-dollar watch and take all them spaceship clothes off. He said, 'I have to change my whole outlook.' He said he was trying to work out."

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Monday, 17 March 2006

Michael Jackson's spokesperson Raymone Bain (pictured left) has released a statement following rumours that Michael was shutting his Neverland Valley ranch down for good.
The statement is as follows;

"It is public knowledge that Mr. Jackson currently resides in the Middle Eastern country of Bahrain. He therefore decided to close his house and reduce his workforce. This is a common practice when a residence is vacant for an extended period of time.

"Reports indicating that Neverland has been closed or 'shut down' for good are inaccurate.

"There will be no further comments regarding this matter."

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Tuesday, 7 March 2006

Michael Jackson’s father, Joseph Jackson has released a statement through the family spokesperson, Angel Howansky in response to recent negative reports in the press. The statement is as follows:
“Our family has been manipulated and taken advantage of for a very long time and its time that this destructive maligning of our character stop.

“The Jackson Family will no longer stand still and be a punching bag for the press to hit below the belt!

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the many fans around the world for their love and support of my family. Your loyalty does not go unnoticed and is appreciated.”

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Monday, 17 March 2006

Michael Jackson's older brother Jermaine (pictured left) has denied recent reports from the New York Daily News claiming he was shopping a negative book about his brother to potential publishers.
Jermaine appeared on CNN's Larry King Live in the U.S. to provide his side of the story. The article claimed that the book portrayed the older brother to be concerned about Michael's behaviour, an allegation vehemently denied by the alleged author.

When asked by King, Jermaine said he did have a book proposal tentatively called Legacy that was not taken up by a publisher due to the lack of sensationalism, "I'm very, very upset because they were very interested in it and then they turned it down because there was no negativity. There was nothing of any sort of what's being said now."

During the conversation, legal action became an issue with the Let's Get Serious singer stating he will decide on the best course of action against the Daily News writer Michelle Caruso and Stacy Brown (pictured right) the ghost writer who, Jermaine claims, is responsible for this negative proposal. "Michael's people called me and they asked me was this true and I told them no and I sent them my manuscript, which is totally different from what was said," Jermaine proclaimed. "They traced an e-mail of a very ugly manuscript back to (Brown)."

The 51-year-old former Jackson 5 bass player was bemused at the fact that no one from the Daily News tried to confirm the claims by Brown with him. He then got angry, "I'll tell you what there are some sick people out there and they saw my love and my support for my family and Michael and they want to use me and I'm the wrong one to use because I talk and I'm speaking now."

Jermaine passionately continued, "I mean (Michael is) still trying to rebuild his life back, not just Michael, the family, our children, everybody. People don't realise what we went through and (they) just... create more lies. Leave us alone. Let us do what we know how to do but leave us alone."

Show host King (pictured left) then enquired about Michael's well being, the proud elder brother was glad to inform him that his younger sibling was getting into shape while staying in Bahrain.

"(Michael is) doing wonderful. He's gained some weight. He's happy and he's running on the beach. I spoke to him. He's doing 300 pushups a day and doing sit-ups. He's getting those muscles back and he's getting ready."

The CNN broadcaster then asked if Michael was going to sing again, "Of course," Jermaine quickly replied, "He's going to make music. We did a song for the hurricane victims, which is doing very, very... it's coming along well. It's been taking a bit of time to get out there but it's going to be released." He also confirmed that Michael's children were also doing well in their peaceful surroundings in the Middle East.

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