NEWS June 2009

June 25th, 2009
Michael Jackson Dies Aged 50

It has been confirmed Michael Jackson is dead, aged 50 years, passing away Thursday 25th June at around 2.26pm. As news sources reported I personally could still not take in the news. Only when seeing Michael's elder brother Jermaine Jackson speaking to the press did it start to sink in that this had really happened..

Michael suffered what is believed to have been a cardiac arrest at his home. They tried to resuscitate him at his home and also when paramedics arrived, as well as at the hospital, trying in vain for 1 hour to revive him.

A cardiac arrest is when the heart stops beating, it does not mean he had heart attack, or though these can be the cause of a cardiac arrest. The coroners are expected to find out the cause of death within the next 24 -48 hours.

May our prays and thoughts be with Michael Jackson, a single father of 3 children, his family including his mother and father and all extended family and true friends.



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