Michael Jackson Funeral Arrangement News.


June 2009
Michael Jackson Funeral News

No news has been confirmed regarding the funeral of Michael Jackson. However it is rumored that the Jackson family have not ruled out a public funeral.

Update: Its been reported that the Jackson family are considering an independent autopsy of Michael Jackson's body. This is likely to delay any funeral date announcement.

Update: The Jackson family are reportedly gathering to discuss Michael Jackson's funeral arrangements.

Update, June 29th Michael Jackson's father, Joe Jackson attended the BET Awards. When asked about Michael's Jacksons funeral he stated that no plans had yet been finalized.

Update June 30th Michael Jackson's father Joe Jackson gave a press conference last night and confirmed no funeral plans were yet in place. He did imply that a funeral for someone as hugely popular as michael Jackson couldn't be private.

Pubilic Viewing of Michael's Body The Jackson family have announced there will be no public viewing of Michael Jackson's body.

Michael Jackson Funeral Date: Early reports say Michael Jackson funeral service will be held on Sunday 5th July. There will be a public memorial service for Michael Jackson on Tuesday 7th July. For infomration on how to get a ticket (if you can genuinely attend) see the See Staples Center web site.

We will keep you updated.

We will keep you updated on any news relating to Michael Jackson's funeral. If we hear any information regarding the date and location of his funeral.

I don't know what religion Michael Jackson was, obviously a private matter in his life and I tried to keep this site focused on his talent and the entertainment.

There were alot of rumours that Michael Jackson was a Muslim like his older brother Jermaine Jackson, so if that is the case it might be a Muslim funeral. I guess in time we will find out this type of information.

Millions of fans are asking "Where is Michael Jackson's Funeral?" and "Where is Michael Jackson's Funeral?" Where possible they will want to travel to pay there respects. This could be one of the biggest funerals in the world since Princess Diana died over 10 years ago.






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