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This page covers the breaking news of Michael Jackson's death, through to it being announced that by Jermaine confirming that Michael Jackson died. Then information leading up to the funeral of Michael Jackson and his Memorial Service.

We will not be updating from now on unless its confirmed where Michael Jackson is buried. At the time of writing there are no results from the Michael Jackson autopsy. We wont be reporting on any legal wrangling's and general gossip that is bound to go on for months and months.

We will endeavor to keep you updated on any tributes to Michael Jackson and any relevant entertainment news.


Michael Jackson Death - Thursday June 25th 2009

ALERT: It has been confirmed Michael Jackson is dead, aged 50 years, passing away Thursday 25th June at around 2.26pm. As news sources reported I personally could still not take in the news. Only when seeing Michael's elder brother Jermaine Jackson speaking to the press did it start to sink in.

Michael suffered what is believed to have been a cardiac arrest at his home. They tried to resuscitate him at his home and also when paramedics arrived, as well as at the hospital, trying in vain for 1 hour to revive him.

A cardiac arrest is when the heart stops beating, it does not mean he had heart attack, or though these can be the cause of a cardiac arrest. The coroners are expected to find out the cause of death within the next 24 -48 hours.

Many rumours abound, many seem to be linked to the use of pain killers. Due to toxicology tests to be carried out it is likely to take 6 - 8 weeks before cause of death is known.

May our prays and thoughts be with Michael Jackson, a single father of 3 children, his family including his mother and father and all extended family and true friends.

My thoughts are also with the many millions of devasted Michael Jackson fans from around the world. I know how you feel. AllMJ Twitter

(as the news unfolded on Thursday 25th June): has reported Michael Jackson has been rushed to hospital in Los Angeles with a cardiac arrest, suspected heart attack. has reported that Michael Jackson is dead. As of yet just watching Sky News it seems at the time of writing there has been no confirmation that Michael Jackson has died. There's constantly false rumours about Michael's health, I'm praying this is one of them. Of course wishing, hoping and praying for Michael's health and his family at this time.

June 27th Latest Michael Jackson's body has been released back to his family. As of yet there is no news on his funeral. We will keep you updated here on any Michael Jackson Funeral News.

The coroners have ruled out any foul play in the death of Michael Jackson. However it may take 4 - 6 weeks for a cause of death to be known due to the waiting of results of toxicology tests.

June 28th The BET Awards are filled with tributes to Michael Jackson from an array of stars, including Beyonce, and Stevie Wonder. P Diddy stated a tribute song to Michael Jackson has been recorded.

Michael's Dad Joseph attended the BET Awards and confirmed to the press no funeral plans had been finalized yet. Janet Jackson spoke to the audience.

June 29th Joe Jackson gives an outside press conference with Al Sharpton and lead singer from the Chi Lites. Not much info on Michael Jackson funeral, although did talk about a record company. Bit bizarre really.

June 30th New photos of Michael rehearsing for the 02 Arena "This Is It Tour" are released. He looked in good health.

Randy Philips, boss of AEG LIVE has spoken about Michael's last days and stated that he was in good form. They have said all tickets will be fully refunded, including all related transaction charges. They have given the option for ticket holders to keep there tickets. These tickets are amazing, an idea of Michael's and personally approved by him. He wanted a video like effect on the ticket, I assume like a Hologram. There's at least 8 different designs.

Randy has also stated that people must see this show, it was amazing and very technologically advanced. As fans we know Michael always wanted to do the best possible. Randy wants the Jackson family and other artists to possibly do the show in the future.

July 7th Michael Jackson's Funeral is expected to be held at the Forest Lawn Cemetery, Los Angeles. This will be a private family affair. A public memorial service is then being held at the Staples Center. Approximately 17,000 tickets have been allocated to fans. In the UK coverage will start around 5.30pm on Sky News and slightly later time on BBC 2.

Michael Jackson 's Funeral The Jackson family have stated that there will be no public viewing of Michael's body. There will be a public memorial service, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Tuesday 7th July. This is the place Michael performed his last rehearsal. See Staples Center web site for ticket information to the memorial service.

Video footage of Michael Jackson rehearsing has been released. He can be seen performing "They Don't Care ABout Us". He looks thin, but in fine form.



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