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Tuesday, July 25, 2006
XtraJet Recorder Gets Prison Sentence
A man who taped conversations between Michael Jackson and his then attorney Mark Geragos on a flight from Las Vegas in 2003 has been sentenced to eight months in prison.

Arvel Jett Reeves worked for a company that provided maintenance service to airline XtraJet and admitted installing two digital video recorders on the flight according to the Associated Press. The flight was bound for Santa Barbara so that Michael could hand himself into authorities following accusations of child abuse. The accusations were later to be proved false in court when Michael was found not guilty on all counts.

As well as eight months in prison, Reeves has been ordered to spend six months in a rehabilitation clinic for drugs and alcohol, as well as a $1000 fine.

Jeffrey Borer, who was owner of XtraJet, is the co-defendant in the case and has also admitted to being guilty of a felony count of conspiracy. However, his sentence has been postponed until he can provide information about his wife who is currently ill.

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Saturday, July 15, 2006
Raymone Bain Releases Statement Regarding Trial Against Schaffel
As you may or may not know, a trial has been taking place in Santa Monica and once again Michael Jackson is the defendant.

In this case, his former associate Marc Schaffel has sued him for what he claims is money owed. Michael has counter-sued claiming damages against Schaffel.

Raymone Bain (Michael's spokesperson) has released the following statement;

"A jury of 6 women and 6 men turned back F. Marc Schaffel?s claims against Michael Jackson today, that Mr. Jackson owed him countless millions of dollars.

"In the action, Mr. Schaffel first sought $6 million... $4 million... $3.2million, $2 million, and finally $1.5million

"In round 1, the jury awarded Mr. Schaffel $900,000. However, the jury also awarded Mr. Jackson $200,000, plus interest, for Mr. Schaffel?s fraud, conversion and breach of fiduciary duty.

"Says Tom Mundell, Lead Defence Counsel, 'This was a great result for Michael. The judge divided the trial into two phases. In this first phase, the jury heard all of Schaffel's claims and one of Michael's claims. In about two weeks, the judge will hear testimony on the rest of Michael's claims against Schaffel. The value of Michael's remaining claims exceeds the small net amount in Schaffel's favour from Phase 1 of the trial, and we are confident that when Phase 2 is concluded, the overall judgment will be in Michael's favour.'

Says L. Londell McMillan, General Counsel to Mr. Jackson, 'It?s a new day for Michael Jackson. We were unwilling to pay one penny more than the amount Schaffel was owed, and the verdict proved successful. This lawsuit represents the beginning of a new approach and direction in the business of Michael Jackson.'

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Sunday, July 02, 2006
Visionary Has Ended
Visionary - The Video Singles has now finished, and here's a little look back at the results of the nineteen chart releases.

Thriller was the only single from the 20 available that was not chart eligible.

Due to the introduction of downloads being chart eligible and the fact Michael's re-issues were not eligible, the singles may have not charted as high as they would have, with Billie Jean being the highest entry at No.11. Most weeks, the singles were quite high in the midweek charts before the sales of downloads contributed to the final position.

Week / Single / Result

1. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough - 17
2. Rock With You - 15
3. Billie Jean - 11
4. Beat It - 15
5. Bad - 16
6. The Way You Make Me Feel - 17
7. Dirty Diana - 17
8. Smooth Criminal - 19
9. Leave Me Alone - 15
10. Black Or White - 18
11. Remember The Time - 22
12. In The Closet - 20
13. Jam - 22
14. Heal The World - 27
15. You Are Not Alone - 30
16. Earth Song - 34
17. They Don't Care About Us - 26
18. Stranger In Moscow - 22
19. Blood On The Dancefloor - 19

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