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You Rock My World

Invincible Album Cover
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You Rock My World was the lead single released on October 23rd 2001 from Michael's major album Invincible.

The single hit number 10 in the US becoming Michael's last top 10 hit in the US and hit number 2 in the UK chart.

You Rock My World was released on Michael's 30th anniversary as a solo artist and was a worldwide hit, despite the lack of promotion due to the disagreements between Michael and his record label.

The beginning of the song is a spoken verse by comedian and actor Chris Tucker. Michael and Chris are pursuing a girl they both like, with Chris making references to Michael's past songs such as he has a BAD feeling about this, that they should just BEAT IT, and the girl is DANGEROUS.

You Rock My World was nominated for a Grammy award at the 44th Grammy Awards.

The song was performed at Michael's 30th anniversary show at Madison Square Garden by Michael and Usher.

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You Rock My World

You Rock My World Video

You Rock My World music video was written by Michael and Paul Hunter and is filmed as a short film.

It is about Michael and Chris Tucker liking the same women who is played by Kishaya Dudley and following her to a club.

At the club there is a gang, one of the gang members played by actor Michael Madsen is also interested in the girl. Eventually the gang who also features actor Billy Drago and Michael battle it out.

The music video also features Marlon Brando as the club owner.

In 2001 You Rock My World won an NAACP image award for Best Music Video.

It premièred in Europe, Asia and South Africa on September 21st 2001, but due to the September 11th 2001 attacks in the US, the video did not premier there until September 26th 2001.

The music video to Rock My World is the last video Michael does that he appears in.

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