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You Are Not Alone

History Album Cover
michael jackson history album

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You Are Not Alone is a ballad about love and isolation written by R Kelly about his personal life and the difficult times he was having, he passed his demo onto Michael and between R Kelly and Michael they co produced it.

At the time this song was written Michael was experiencing similar problems to R Kelly with allegations against them both.

A Belgium court in 1997 claimed that R Kelly had copied the 1993 song If We Can Start All Over when writing You Are Not Alone.

This was only recognised in Belgium and has been banned from being aired in this nation.

In 1994 Michael married singer/ songwriter Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis Presley's daughter. They met in 1975 and were reunited in 1993.

All through the allegations against Michael, Lisa Marie stood by him and supported him.

They married in secrecy in the Dominican Republic, and kept it quiet for 2 months.

Less than 2 years later the couple divorced but still remained friends.

This single was the second single released on August 15th 1995 from his multi platinum History album, and went into the Guinness book of records as being the first single of Michaels in 37 years to hit number 1 in the billboards chart.

During the first week it was released You Are Not Alone sold 120,000 copies, it became his 3rd most successful single released in the 1990's.

It hit the number 1 spot in the UK where it stayed for 2 weeks after debuting number 3 the week before it hit the number 1 spot in the US staying there for only 1 week and the top ten in most European countries.

You Are Not Alone was compared to Mariah Carey's Hero and declared it would be a sure hit.

Diana Ross covered this song in 1996 for the compilation album Voice of Love.

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You Are Not Alone


You Are Not Alone Video

The video was shot in 2 locations, a temple where Michael and his wife at the time Lisa Marie Presley are semi naked and an empty theatre where Michael performs alone on a stage.

Michael also appears alone in other locations like a desert and mountain tops.

The extended version shows a scene where Michael appears as a guardian angel over Lisa Marie Presley.

This music video was dedicated to his ex wife, but it was frowned upon due to the amount of body exposed.

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