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Will You Be There

Dangerous Album Cover
Michael Jackson Dangerous Album

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Will You Be There was written and produced by Michael and released on June 28th 1993 from the Dangerous album.

It hit number 7 in the US charts selling over 500,000 copies, certifying gold and staying in the top 10 for a total of 6 weeks.

The single got to number 8 in the UK charts and stayed in the top 40 for over 6 weeks. It reached number 1 in the MTV Eurochart, but did not do so well in many other European countries.

Will You Be There sold over 1 million copies worldwide.

Will You Be There starts with a short piece of music from Beethoven's 9th symphony performed by the Cleveland Orchestra.

The song words are about the struggle of living. Fans saw these lyrics as if Michael was talking about the burden that fame brings on in his own life.

Will You Be There features as the soundtrack for the first Free Willy film released in 1993, with clips of the film being used for the music video along with clips of Michael on his Dangerous World Tour and Michael's performance of the song at MTV's 10th anniversary show in 1991.

Will You Be There won an MTV award for Best Song In movie in 1994.

Sony included it on the All Time Greatest movie Songs album in 1999.

Will You Be There was performed at Michael's memorial service in 2009 by Jennifer Hudson.

There are 4 different versions for Will You Be There, the album version is over 7 minutes long, the edited version is 5.22 long, the radio edited version which is also shown on the music channels is 3.39 long and the instrumental version is 3.25 long.

Michael was sued for Will You Be There by Italian singer Albano Carrisi, he claimed this song was a copy of one of his songs “I cigni di Balaka”.

The Italian judge did say the songs were very similar, with both of them being inspired by an Indian song but Michael was not found guilty.

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Will You Be There

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