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Whatzupwitu Song Information

Whatzupwitu was written by Eddie Murphy for his 3rd album Love's Alright, released in 1993.

This single did not perform very well as it did not even make the top 40 in the US charts.

Michael decided to take part in the song because he believed the lyrics had a positive meaning to them as the song is about how man kind can save the world.

After Michael featured in this song for Eddie Murphy, Eddie Murphy featured in the Remember The Time music video.

Whatzupwitu Video

The music video features Michael and Eddie dancing and singing around artwork that was inspired by the songs album cover. The video also features a group of boys in uniform dancing around them singing the main chorus towards the end of the video.

A significant part of the video is at the beginning where it pictures the world with 3 elephants standing upon it, in the background it says “The Elephant is dying”, which is the cause of man kind.

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