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On some of the original Thriller vinyl album inserts the lyrics to all the tracks are printed. There's also a picture of Thriller as drawn by Michael Jackson himself. It shows him sitting on a couch watching horror on a television screen with hairy animal arms and a werewolf face at the side.

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Thriller was released on December 2nd 1983 and became the greatest music video ever released.

The 14 minute video cost a total of $500,000 with Guinness book of records listing it the most successful music video in 2006.

Directed by John Landis who also co wrote the music video, later sued Michael for not receiving 4 years worth of royalties.

The Thriller song was re edited, with each verse coming after one another and the rap coming at the end rapped by horror film expert Vincent Price, this rap can be heard on both the video and single.

In 2009 Michael sold the rights of Thriller to Nederland Organization so they were able to make a Thriller Broadway musical.

Michael at the time was a Jehovah Witness, he added a disclaimer to the video saying “Due to my strong personal convictions, I wish to stress that this film in no way endorses a belief in the occult”.

Michael won a Grammy for Thriller in 1984 and 1985, he also won 3 MTV awards in 1984 and 1 more MTV award in 1999.

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Thriller Cameo's
In the 1986 film Ferris Buellers Day Off a group of African Americans start to perform Thriller dance moves at the beginning of the Parade. In Beverley Hills Cops Eddie Murphy is seen walking past 2 grown men dressed in Thriller outfits. In 2004, Thriller is used as a main song in chick flick film 13 going on 30 with Jennifer Garner, where they all perform the Thriller dance at a party. There are also many references to Thriller in TV shows, such as The Simpson's, South Park and the Disney channel to name a few. A lot of musical groups have also made references to Thriller in their music video's from Alien Ant Farm in their video for Smooth Criminal, to Weird Al Yankovic's Eat It video.
Thriller Video

The Thriller music video is a short horror film, choreographed by Michael Peters who worked with Michael on Beat It, the video has Michael's signature synchronized dancers.

Produced by John Landis who 2 years prior directed A Werewolf In London was used to working with zombie and Werewolf characters.

The video features Ola Ray who in May 2009 sued Michael for not receiving her royalties for appearing in Thriller.

The red jacket the Michael is wearing the video was made by John Landis's wife.

Just before Michael and his date leave the theatre the announcer on the screen says See you next Wednesday, this line is featured in most John Landis films. A poster from John Landis's film Schlock can also be seen in the entrance of the theatre.

Thriller was the first music video to be aired on MTV by an American African, it was broadcast 3 weeks before Christmas 1983.

In order to qualify for an Academy Oscar award, Thriller had to début at a special theatre showing along with the 1940 Fantasia.

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