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This Is It Song Information

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Michael Jackson This Is It single cover

Written and composed by: Michael Jackson and Paul Anka

Released: October 12th 2009

Produced by: Michael Jackson

Label: Epic

Originally on This Is It album.



This Is It was released on October 12th 2009 at 12am and premiered on where it was first heard on Michael's official website, it was the first single to be released by Michael after his death in June 2009. It was only released as a single to radio stations and not to buy or download as was the impression SOny Music gave when they referred to it intially as a new singles release.

The song comes from Michael's compilation This Is It album.

The date that This Is It was written is not certain, although Paul Anka who wrote the song with Michael claimed that the song was written in 1983.

The song was originally written to be a duet between Michael and Paul for Paul's album Walk A Fine Line, and it was to appear on the Dangerous album, but with Thriller doing so well at the time it did not make it.

The song was to have a different title and different lyrics if it appeared on Paul's Walk A Fine Line album.

Instead the song appeared on the 1991 album by Sa-Fire entitled I Wasn't Born Yesterday. The song title was I Never Heard, but with slightly different lyrics.

The backing vocals for the song were completed by Michael's brothers after the original copy of the song was found with only Michael's voice on, and someone playing the piano.

This Is It is not only the title to this new single by Michael, but it was also the title of his comeback tour that was to take place in 2009/2010.

It is also the title to his new 2 disc compilation album being released on October 26th 2009 internationally and on October 27th 2009 in the US.

Single Chart Positions US UK
This Is It

This Is It Movie

This Is It is the name of the motion picture film being released about Michael's rehearsals for the concerts.

The film contains behind the scene footage at The Forum and The Staples Centre in LA.

In August 2009 Sony was approved a $60 million deal to release the film.

The motion picture was originally meant to be released on 30th October 2009, but got changed to October 28th 2009.


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