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The Girl Is Mine

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The girl Is Mine was the first single released on October 18th 1982 from Michael's major 6th album Thriller. It was written by Paul McCartney and Michael, and composed by Michael.

The picture cover of the single was taken by Paul's ex wife Linda McCartney.

The song is about 2 men fighting for the love of 1 women and claiming they can love her better than the other.

One night Michael woke up and sung what he heard in his head into a tape. It took Paul and Michael 3 days to record the song.

The footage of them recording the track was later shown on Paul McCartney's world tour.

This single hit number 2 on the billboards charts and number 8 in the UK, by 1985 the single had sold 1.3 million copies.

Despite the single performing so well in the charts, the public could not help feeling that Michael and Paul has released a song aimed at the White pop audience.

In 2008 an album was released to celebrated 25 years of Thriller, the album is called Thriller25, very much like Motown25 which Michael famously performed for.

For this album Black Eyed Peas singer Will.I.Am remixed The Girl Is Mine. The original was also put on the album.

The Girl Is Mine inspired R&B singers Brandy and Monica to release The Boy Is Mine in 1998. The similarities in the song can be heard when arguing about who can love the boy better, just like in Michael and Paul's The Girl Is Mine they are arguing about who can love the girl better.

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The Girl Is Mine


Because of The Girl Is Mine, Michael had 2 plagiarism lawsuits against him where he has to testify both times.

The first lawsuit started in 1984 worth $5 million when Fred Stanford accused Michael of cutting a tape from his song Please Love Me Now. Michael explained that he himself had composed the song and the case was closed after a 3 day discussion by the jury.

The second lawsuit was in 1993, this time 2 men named Reynaud Jones and Robert Smith who claimed they were neighbours to the Jackson family as children accused Michael that The Girl Is Mine, Thriller which was written by Rod Temperton, and We Are The World sounded like their music they had worked on.

Quincy Jones was the named defendant.

Renaud Jones later said he planned on suing Michael over Billie Jean.

In 1994 the jury came to a conclusion the none of the songs had been plagiarized and that Michael was more than capable of composing and writing his own music and songs.

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