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Speed Demon

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Speed Demon was brought out to promote Michael's film Moonwalker, it was released on October 12th 1989. It was the 10th and last single to be released from Michael's bad album.

This single was not released as a single anywhere in the world as it's sole purpose was to put it with the Moonwalker film.

It received very little airplay in the US.

Michael wrote this song because he received a speeding ticket one day on his way to the studio, his producer Quincy Jones encouraged him to write how he felt about it.

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Speed Demon

Speed Demon Video

The music video was directed by Will Vinton who was famous for his animated video's.

In this video Michael becomes a giant rabbit trying to get away from the fans, in the video he keeps changes into other celebrity characters such as Sylvester Stallone.

He later removes the rabbit costume that then comes to life and they have a dance off.

It ends with Michael getting a ticket for performing the moonwalk in an area where your not permitted to, when he turns around the rabbit has disappeared.

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