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Smooth Criminal

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Smooth Criminal is the main song for Michael's hit musical film moon walker featuring Joe Pesci.

Michael did originally decide to do the video as a western, but changed it at the last minute.

The original clip of smooth criminal is 10 minutes long, with Michael dancing in a 1930's style nightclub. The idea of this video was inspired by “The Girl Ballet Hunt” a track from the 1952 musical The Band Wagon, featuring Fred Astaire who has inspired a lot of Michael's work.

This single is the 7th major single from Michael's hit album Bad, the single was released October 24th 1988.

It was re released with Visionary was hit the number one spot in the UK.

In 2003 it was added to Michael's Number ones greatest hits albums.

Michael performed Smooth Criminal in the second part of the 1987/88 Bad tour and at the 1992 Dangerous world tour, where the moonwalk and anti gravity lean was demonstrated.

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Smooth Criminal

Smooth Criminal Video

Smooth Criminal originally has 4 video versions.

The moonwalker version which is included in his film, moonwalker edit which is found on history on film volume 2, the album version which is mostly shown on music channels. This version is also shown on the visionary single. The last version being the single version also shown on music channels.

The smooth criminal video was co-choreographed by Jeffrey Daniels (from music group Shalamar), and directed by Colin Chilvers.

In 1989 Smooth Criminal won best music video at the Brit awards.

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Michael's Anti Gravity Lean

The Thriller video is where the anti gravity lean became famous.

With the use of harnesses with wires and magnets the move was able to be performed in the movie and music video, but for the stage show it was achieved another way.

The props needed for this technique to work on stage were patented in the US by Michael in 1993. It consists of pegs that rise from the floor of the stage, and special shoes with ankle supports and cut outs in the heels which can slide over the pegs connecting Michael and the dancers to the floor, allowing them to lean as far as they wish.

Alien Ant Farm Cover

In 2001 Smooth Criminal was covered by Alien Ant Farm featured in the 2001 film American Pie with Jason Biggs.

The band would often play a few riffs from Michael's song as a warm up before concerts, but often members of the audience would request for the whole song to be played.

This is when they decided to make their own version of the song.

The video to Alien Ant Farms version shows the band performing in a wrestling ring in a house's garden.

It also features references to Michael. Such as when the band members do the anti-gravity lean.

There are reference to Billie Jean when they use pavement panels lighting up.

There is a scene taken from Black or White where a band member stands on a car and screams while the windows explode.

From Thriller there are references such as the dance by the old men, the werewolf mask worn by a girl.

One band member wears a white studded glove, while another pulls up his trousers to show his white socks.

This version of the song became a number 1 hit on the billboard chart.

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