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History Album Cover
michael jackson history album

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Scream became the lead single from Michaels History album, released on May 31st 1995 as a duet with his sister Janet Jackson.

The song was directed mostly at the media showing Michaels anger towards them with the coverage they gave relating to the allegations made against him in 1993, it also portrayed the difficult times they had in their childhood with their father.

Scream was released as a double A side along with Childhood, it hit number 5 in the US charts and number 3 in the UK.

It hit the top 5 in the charts in most countries world wide.

Despite Scream's release date being May 1995, it was heard on the radio 2 weeks previous by Michael. Epic Records deny leaking the single before the release date. Normally a much waited Michael Jackson new release would be a hugely guarded secret building up to a hugely anticipated first airing worldwide. A couple of radio stations who received the leak played the song every hour until Epic Record company legally prevented them.

Scream was nominated for a Grammy award and an American Music Award.

Scream was the first song by Michael to feature a swear word, the f'ing word. Other tracks later to be heard on the History album were also to include some swear words.

Michael played most of the instruments for single Scream, including the keyboard, guitar, drums and percussion.

The History album contains a booklet in which there is a picture on which Michael has handwritten the lyrics to Scream. The picture is of a distressed child scrunched up in the corner of a room.

At the end of the album there is a letter from a child to President Bill Clinton asking him to end the war, pollution and stop the negative press from the media towards Michael.

In 1997 Scream was remixed for Michael's Blood On The Dance Floor: History In The Mix album, entitled Scream Louder.

Music Video

The Scream music video was choreographed by Tina Landon who also worked on Michael's Smooth Criminal video

Costing $7 million to make, it entered the Guinness Book Of Records for being the most expensive music video ever made.

The video is supposed to show Janet and Michael on a large spaceship getting away from earth, with Janet taking on a dark personality.

The video was first shown in 1995 on MTV and BET.

The song was nominated for 2 Grammy award and a AMA, while the music video received 11 MTV award nominations in 1995 and a Billboard Music Award.

In 1996 it won a Grammy for the best music video and received a number of MTV awards.

Duet with Janet Jackson

Scream was the first time Michael had worked with Janet since 1982 when she provided backing vocals for P.Y.T. Janet wanted to show family sisterly support after everything that had happened to Michael.

The song was written, composed and produced by Michael and Janet along with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

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