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Say Say Say Song Information

Say Say Say was released on October 9th 1983, it was released off Paul McCartney's Pipes Of Peace album, hitting the number 1 spot in the US staying there for 6 weeks over the Christmas period.

The song did not do so well in the UK until Paul did an interview talking about the music video, after that the song hit number 2 in the UK chart. Viewings of the video on Top Of The Pops, The Tube and Noel Edmunds Late Breakfast show also helped the single get to number 2.

Say Say Say was written by Michael and Paul McCartney and produced by George Martin. It was there second song together, the first being The Girl Is Mine for Michael's Thriller album.

They recorded Say Say Say at Abbey Road Studio's during the same time Paul was recording his first solo album away from his band Wings.

It was even said that Say Say Say with Michael was a better duet than Paul's duet with Stevie Wonder on Ebony & Ivory.

Say Say Say became Michael's 7th top ten single in 1983 breaking the record previously held by The Beatles and Elvis Presley.

In 2006 Say Say Say was remixed and re done by Dutch group Hi Tack where it hit number 4 in the UK charts.

Single Chart Positions US UK
Say Say Say

Say Say Say Video

The music video to Say Say Say was directed by Bob Giraldi who directed Beat It.

Filmed in California at the Union Hotel and Victorian Mansion built in 1880 the video features Paul's wife Linda McCartney, LaToya Jackson and Mr. T.

The video is about 2 con artists named Mac and Jack selling a magic potion which will make them have mighty strength helped along by Linda McCartney and Mr. T, the money they make from the magic potion they give to an orphanage.

Michael's love interest in the video is played by LaToya Jackson.

The video cost Michael and Paul a total of $500,000 to make.

The music video was thought to be too violent to be played on TV by the National Coalition of Television Violence. But they also thought Thriller was too violent to be aired.

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