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Is It Scary

Blood On the Dance Floor Album Cover
Blood On the Dance Floor Album

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Is It Scary was never released as a single, but given out to radio's and clubs in November 1997 to play, in order to promote Michael's album Blood On The Dance Floor History In The Mix which the single comes from.

Paramount Pictures had signed a contract with Michael to write a horror song for the film Addams Family Value released in 1993 and to promote the film, so Michael wrote Is It Scary, but it never got used for the soundtrack due to contract issues.

Is It Scary was considered for Michael's History album, but did not make it onto there as it did not compliment the other songs on the album. Instead he wrote the song into his film Ghosts.

The album version of Is It Scary is 5.35 long,and the radio version is 4.10 long which can also be found on the compilation album King Of Pop 2008.

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Is It Scary

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