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History was recorded to go onto Michael's History album but never got released as a single on its own.

History was released alongside Michael's Ghosts single as a double A side, it hit number 5 in the UK charts but did not do so well anywhere else in the world and was not released in the US.

The double A side stayed in the charts for 17 to 18 weeks in Belgium and Sweden.

The History single was composed by Michael, James Harris the 3rd and Terry Lewis in 1995 and remixed in 1997 by Tony Moran entitled Tony Moran's History lesson in the History album booklet.

Michael played the original History song on his website in 2005 as a celebration of not being found not guilty for allegations against him.

Michael performed the History song on his History World Tour.

The History original song contains a number of musical compositions and audio quotes, such as Beethoven lives upstairs, and a quote from Mohammed Ali, and Dr Martin Luthor King jnr. “I have a dream”. It also covered topics such as Statue Of Liberty, Disneyland, the Berlin Wall and first man on the moon.

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History Video

The music video to History is set in the future in a nightclub where all Michael's music video's are being shown.

The remix video to History is similar to the original, it has a women sitting on a sofa in the future watching Michael's music video's through virtual reality goggles wear she thinks she is in the nightclub aswell.

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