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Heal the World

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Heal The World was released on November 28th 1992, it got to number 2 in the UK charts in December 1992, Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You stopped it being number 1. It got to number 27 in the US.

Heal The World is about life issue's and world issue's, the song is telling people what is going on with the world and how it can be fixed.

The single is featured on his History greatest hits album.

Heal The World was performed on Michael's Dangerous World Tour, and his History World Tour.

It was also performed at Michael's 30th anniversary concert at Madison Square Garden by Monica, Mya, Deborah Cox, Rah Digga, Tamia and The Brooklyn Youth Choir.

At Michael's memorial service in 2009 a large choir led by Judith Hill performed Michael's We Are The World and Heal The World the same way in which Michael had rehearsed it just days before.

R&B singer Ciara performed Heal The World at the BET awards in 2009 as a tribute to Michael.

In 1993 Michael performed Heal The World at the Super Bowl during half time.

In an internet chat in 2001 Michael claims that Heal The World is the song he is most proud of and feels it is one of his biggest achievements.

He said he wrote the song in his Giving tree at the Neverland Ranch.

Heal The World Foundation

In 1992 Michael started a charity call Heal The World Foundation, inspired by the song he wrote. The purpose of the charity was to provide medicine to children, fight the world hunger, homelessness, child exploitation and abuse.

While the Dangerous World Tour was happening in 1992, Michael based the tour around his Heal The World Foundation and all proceeds made from the tours went to this charity.

In 2002 Heal The World Foundation was suspended due to accounting problems.

In 2008 another charity started up called Heal The World, this charity claimed they had nothing to do with Michael.

Michael later decided to sue this charity for the false allegations related to Michael.

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Heal the World

Heal the World Video

This music video to Heal The World does not show Michael in it, just like in his Man In The Mirror, History and Cry video.

The video is a collage of how the world is suffering, and how the children of today are being brought up in a society of poverty war and hate.

The video features a young 50 Cent.

Watch now in your browser the Michael Jackson Heal the World Video.

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