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Gone To Soon

Dangerous Album Cover
Michael Jackson Dangerous Album

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Gone Too Soon was released on December 1st 1993 World's AIDS day, it was the final single to be released from the Dangerous album.

Gone Too Soon was not released in the US. It hit number 33 in the UK chart becoming Michael's 9th top 40 single from the Dangerous album. It also became a hit in Africa hitting the charts at number 3.

Gone Too Soon was written about Michael's friend Ryan White, a teenager from Indiana who became a national poster child for HIV/AIDS in the US after he got expelled from school for contracting the HIV.

Ryan caught HIV from a contaminated blood treatment, he was diagnosed in 1984 at the age of 11 and given 6 months to live.

Michael befriended Ryan, inviting him and his mother to stay at his Neverland Ranch.

Ryan died in April 1990 shortly after turning 18, living a lot long that the doctors had guessed.

Along with Michael, Elton John, Phil Donahue and first lady Barbara Bush attended his funeral.

Gone Too Soon was written by Buz Kohan and Larry Grossman for Michael's Dangerous album aswell as a tribute to Ryan, co produced by Michael and Bruce Swedian who is well known for his work with Quincy Jones on the Thriller album

Michael became a good friend to Princess Diana, Princess Diana had supported AIDS campaigns strongly throughout her life. When Princess Diana died, Gone Too Soon was added to Diana's compilation album released in 1997.

The money made selling this album went to the Diana Princess Of Wales memorial fund.

Michael also dedicated one of his History World Tours to Diana.

Michael performed Gone Too Soon at former President Bill Clinton's inauguration day ball in 1993, where he highlighted the importance of supporting and finding a cure to the AIDS research. Michael dedicated his performance to Ryan.

At Michael's memorial service in July 2009, R&B singer Usher sung Gone Too Soon.

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Gone To Soon

Gone To Soon Video

The music video to Gone Too Soon is done as a tribute to Ryan, with clips of Michael and Ryan together, home video's donated by Ryan's mother, and clips of Ryan's funeral. The video was directed by Bill DiCicco.

The music video demonstrates how much Michael cared for the teenager.

The video was also shown on Michael's 1993 Dangerous short films video.

Watch now in your browser the Michael Jackson Gone To Soon Video.

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