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Blood On the Dance Floor Album Cover
Blood On the Dance Floor Album

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Ghosts was released from Michael's Blood On The Dance Floor History in the mix album in 1997, it was released as a double A side with Michael's single History.

History/Ghosts hit number 5 in the UK singles chart, it was not released in the US. But stayed in the charts for 17 to 18 weeks in Belgium and Sweden.

It was 1 in 5 new tracks on the album, written, produced and composed by Michael and Teddy Riley.

Ghosts was never performed on any tours.

Single Chart Positions US UK

Ghosts Video

The music video to Ghosts is a clip taken from Michael's feature long movie Ghosts.

The movie Ghosts was released October 1996 in the US and May 1997 in the UK.

The movie Ghosts was written by Michael, Stephen King and directed by Stan Winston.

The story is about how Michael felt isolated in 1993 when allegations were being made against him, with the mayor looking very similar to Tom Sneddon who tried to prosecute Michael.

The video has many similarities to the Thriller video and includes a few songs and music video's from the History and Blood On The Dance Floor albums.

The music video holds the Guinness book of records for being the world's longest music video at over 38 minutes long and won the Bob Fosse award for best choreography in music video.

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