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Cry was released on December 3rd 2001 off Michael's Invincible album, it was only released in Europe, Australia and Canada, hitting number 25 in the UK singles chart.

Cry was not released in the US due to the September 11th 2001 attacks, instead Butterflies was released as a promotional single.

The song was written by R Kelly who also wrote One More Chance and You Are Not Alone for Michael. R Kelly also provided the backing vocals for Cry.

Just like previous songs of Michael's such as Earth song and Heal The World, Cry features a choir in the background, and just like previous songs of Michael's the song is about problems and issues of the world like war, depression and loneliness.

It talks about how everyone should work together to change the world.

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Cry Video

The music video was directed by Nick Brandt who also directed Childhood and Earth Song.

The song was shot in the San Francisco Bay area with lots of people holding hands symbolizing unity.

Michael does not appear in the music video to Cry, it is said it was because he was not happy with the budget given for promotions and music videos for the album.

It was also said that he wanted to re do the music video for its release in the UK and US but was cancelled because Sony stopping all promotions and music videos for Michael.

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