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Black or White

Dangerous Album Cover
Michael Jackson Dangerous Album

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Black Or White was written and composed by Michael, the rap lyrics in the song were written by Bill Bottrell.

Guns & Roses former lead guitarist Slash was used to play the introduction and main riff for the song, which is said to be very similar to the 1982 track Hurts So Good by John Cougar Mellencamp.

The single was released on October 11th 1991 from Michael's hit Dangerous album, hitting the number 1 spot in 18 countries world wide.

It took Black Or White 3 weeks in the chart it hit the number 1 spot on December 7th 1991. It became the fastest single to hit the number 1 spot since The Beatles track Get Back.

Black Or White stayed at number 1 for a total of 7 weeks in the US, becoming the Christmas number 1 and the first single to be in the number 1 spot in 1992.

Black Or White sold over 1 million copies in the US making it go platinum.

The single alone sold 5 million copies world wide.

In the UK, Black Or White was the first single by an American to go into the charts into the number 1 spot since the 1960's with Elvis Presley's It's Now Or Never.

Black Or White was released by Epic records to radio stations 2 days prior to its release date to prepare the public for the special televised premier. Within 24 hours the song had been added to 96% of playlists of American radio stations.

During Michael's Dangerous World Tour in 1992, The Black Or White “Panther” video was played during the interlude during the first leg, Michael then performed the song in the second leg.

The same was done for the History World Tour.

In 1992 Black Or White was remixed by Clivilles & Cole who produced artists such as Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston. The remixed version was known as C&C remix or Black Or White (remix).

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Black or White

Black or White Video

The music video to Black Or White was directed by John Landis who also directed Thriller.

The song is about bringing all types of races and cultures together, this music video tries to portray that.

A big part of this video was the morphing, changing one image to another through special effects, as it was a new technology that had only been used a few times in films such as Willow, Terminator 2 and Godley & Creme's music video to their song Cry in 1985.

The video features child star McCauley Culkin playing loud music in his room, and his dad who is played by actor George Wendt, McCauley's mother in the video is played by actress Tess Harper.

McCauley decides to blow his father half way round the world to Africa with his music speakers. It is then that Michael starts singing with different scenes of people dancing from different cultures.

Throughout the video Michael makes references to racial groups with his lyrics, such as “I aint scared of no sheets, I aint scared of nobody” which refers to the Klu Kutz Klan.

McCauley Culkin features in the rap scene, making it look like he himself is singing the rap.

Towards the end of the video different people are dancing, morphing into one another.

The music video features Tyra Banks who was just starting her modelling career, it also features actress Cree Summer and Michael's niece Brandy Jackson.

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