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Billie Jean

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Written and composed by: Michael Jackson


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Background Information

Billie Jean was the second single to be released off Michael's 6th hit album Thriller released in 1982.

Produced by Quincy Jones the single was released January 2nd 1983 becoming his fastest rising single since ABC,The love you save and Ill be there in 1970.

It went straight to number 1 in the UK and US remaining there for 9 weeks and became the 3rd best selling single in the US, and the 9th best selling single in the UK.

Single Chart Positions US UK
Billie Jean
How Billie Jean Came To Exist

It started in 1981 when Michael received a letter from a fan who claimed him to be the father of one of her twins.

As Michael ignored these letters they started getting more disturbing to a point where he was getting nightmares.

Soon after, he received a package containing a photo, letter and a gun. The letter read that if Michael was to kill himself she would do the same once she had killed their baby.

A little while after Michael found out that the women had been put in a psychiatric hospital.

Billie Jean was written with this particular fan in mind knowing it would be a hit.

Motown 25 Celebration

In 1984 Michael won 2 Grammies, 1 billboard music award and 1 American music award for Billie Jean.

His hit single went platinum in 1989 and Gold in 2005.

Michael was nominated for an Emmy for his star performance on Motown25 1983 a TV special celebrating 25 years of Motown and paying tribute to Berry Gordy founder of Motown record label.

Michael only agreed to go onto Motown25 after a personal visit from Berry Gordy and under the condition he could do a solo performance.

Motown25 was the first live show where Michael performed the moonwalk, watched by over 50million people world wide.

This special show increased sales of the Thriller album making it the best selling album in the world.

Michael and Pepsi

Pepsi sponsored The Jackson's Victory Tour in 1984, as a thank you the Jackson's were to take part in 2 Pepsi adverts.

Billie Jean was used as the official song for the adverts but Michael changed the song title from Billie Jean to Pepsi Generation, it was released a a promotional single.

While Michael was filming for the 2nd Pepsi advert, Michael's hair was caught on fire by an exploding firework, leaving Michael needing surgery.

At the Grammy's where the video was premièred, Michael had to wear a hair piece to cover the burns while he collected his awards.

Performances Of Billie Jean

At Michael's 30th Anniversary Special celebration at Madison Square Gardens in 2001, Billie Jean was performed not only by Michael, but also by Destiny's Child.

Chris Brown paid special tribute to Michael's performance at Motown 25 by performing Billie Jean at the 2007 MTV Music Awards, in this performance he performed Michael's famous crotch grabbing, and hat tossing.

At the 2009 Glastonbury festival, Rapper Mike Skinner and singer Gabriella Cilmi paid tribute to Michael after his death by singing Billie Jean. Lily Allen was also seen wearing a white glove to the event, marking Michael's performance at Motown25 where he sported the famous white glove.

ColdPlay covered Billie Jean as a tribute to Michael during July and August 2009 at many different festivals around the world.

Remixes & Covers Of Billie Jean

There were many covers and remixes done of Billie Jean since its release in 1983.

One of the first covers and remixes was in 1983 when it was mixed with Clubhouse Steely Dan's Do It Again, the track was then entitled Do It Again/Billie Jean and hit number 11 in the UK charts.

In 1991, LL Cool J used Billie Jean for his song Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf which was used for Simply Mad About The Mouse (A musical celebration of animation).

In 1996 Blackstreet used Billie Jean for their number 1 single No Diggity, this song hit number 1 in the US charts staying there for 4 weeks.

In 2008 Kanye West did a remix of Billie Jean for Thriller25, a special anniversary for Michael's Thriller album, the song was entitled Billie Jean 2008.

Billie Jean also featured in the Charlie's Angels film, and in 2002 it appeared on the video game, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Billie Jean Video

This video was produced by Steve Barron and became the first video by a black artist to be played on MTV, bringing MTV into mainstream, and helped sell 10 million copies of the Thriller album.

The video starts with the paparazzi following Michael, and continues with Michael stepping along lighting up the pavement with his touch.

The lighting up of the pavement in this video was a major hit as it had not been seen on a music video before.

Watch now in your browser the Michael Jackson Billie Jean Video.

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