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Beat It

Thriller Album Cover
(CD from jackson thriller, album, cover,

Written and composed by: Michael Jackson

Released: 1983

Produced by: Quincey Jones

Label: Epic

Originally on album: Thriller



Beat It was Thrillers third hit single to be released on February 14th 1983 hitting the number 1 spot in the US and number 3 in the UK, it stayed in the charts for 3 weeks.

Michael was one of the first artist to achieve having 2 hits in the top 5 hit charts, with Beat It, and Billie Jean.

With Eddie Van Halen playing a solo guitar piece on the track, Michael writing the track and Quincy Jones co producing it, it was said to be a pioneer in black rock music.

In 1984 Beat It won 2 Grammy's.

It also won 2 AMA's and went platinum in 1989, it helped Thriller become the best selling album in the world.

By March 2009 Beat it had sold a total of 668,000 copies.

Beat It was performed with his brothers at the Jackson Victory tour, where Eddie Van Halen joined them on stage.

Michael also performed the song on his Bad, Dangerous and History tour and at his 30th Anniversary tour with Slash performing the solo guitarist piece.

A little while after Beat It was released it was used for an anti drunk driving campaign where he received an award from President Ronald Reagan for all his support, and stated that Americans should follow his example of a lifestyle with no alcohol or drugs.

In 2008 Will.I.Am and Fergie from Black Eyed Peas did a cover of Beat It for Thriller25 an album celebrating 25 years of Thriller.

On Michael's Blood On The Dance Floor History in the mix album, Beat It has been put on with the solo guitarist piece being performed by Wyclef Jean.

Metallica performed Beat It at the MTV music awards in 2003.

In 1984 Weird Al Yankovic recorded a song called Eat It, with Michael's permission, as it was a funny version of Beat It. Eat It's song video is a spoof of Beat It, with Yankovic copying Michael's dance moves is a clumsy fashion.

Michael received royalties because of the similarities.

Single Chart Positions US UK
Beat It

Beat It Video

Beat It's music video shows 2 rival gang members heading for a fight, and Michael going to break it up bringing the 2 gangs together through dancing.

Beat It was directed by Bob Giraldi and choreographed by Michael Peters.

The video cost Michael $150,000 to make after CBS would not fund it.

Beat It's music video became famous for a number of reasons, first it was Michael's first video highlighting black youth and the dangers of gangs on the streets.

The second because of the dancing, one of Michael's trademarks became synchronized dancers.

In Beat It the cast consisted of 80 real gang members to make the situation feel real and 18 professional dancers, this video opened many job opportunities for dancers in the US.

The video later won many awards from an AMA's to the best male artist.

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Beat It Covers

In April 2008 Fall Out Boy released a cover version of Beat It, they had not intended to cover it.

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