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Written and composed by: Michael Jackson


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The single Bad was released from Michael's number one hit album Bad, it became his 2nd out of 5 number 1 hits from the album and his 7th number 1 all together.

Released September 7th 1987, it hit the charts the same time I Just Can't Stop Loving You was still in the charts. It hit the number 1 spot in the US within 6 weeks of entering and stayed there for 2 weeks, it hit number 3 in the UK.

Bad was re released as part of the Visionary in 2006

It was originally meant to be a duet with his rival Prince. But Prince declined as he thought it would still be a hit without him featuring in it and he was right.

The Bad single was mostly performed as the last track on the Bad tour, and sometimes on his Dangerous tour.

An extended version of the single was always performed live as it was Michael's preferred choice.

Celine Dion also performed a live cover version of this song, while dressed in leathers and head of black curls.

Weird Al Yankovic who had previously had permission from Michael to record a spoof of Beat It, was also given permission to record a spoof of Bad, entitled “Fat”. Michael allowed him to use the set to his own “Badder” video seen in the Moonwalker film to make his “Fat” video.

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Bad Video

The music video to Bad is approximately 18 minutes long written by Richard Price it is based on a true story, the case of Edmund Perry, a 17 year old black American from Harlem who tried to better himself by getting out of the ghetto and getting a proper education, only to go back home on holidays to his friends who became so jealous of how he had become they challenged him to become bad again, in the midst of it all he tragically got killed.

The video was directed by Martin Scorsese and stars Michael as a boy called Darryl and a young Wesley Snipes as the friend who is jealous of him.

Jeffery Daniels the choreographer was inspired by the West Side Story for this video, though they tried to do a more contemporary version.

The first time the full 18 minute video appeared is on the Video greatest hits DVD in 2001.

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