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Dear Adam: It was brilliant to see Michael. But the way he was portrayed was horrible!!!!
I am almost 30 with 4 children of my own and have been a fan nearly all my life!
Michaels music and dance has given me great pleasure.
This world has gone 'P.C' mad! Blanket stopped crying when Michael was bouncing him, the baby didn't fidget or seem to be upset. And of coarse I understand why the children have to be covered up, Michael is one of the most famous people in the world, the threat to him and them would be to great! Why didn't the interviewer (I will not lower myself by mentioning his name!) pay attention to what Michael said, instead he turned into something sordid. Michael Jackson to me is a very beautiful person. It doesn't matter what surgery he has or hasn't had it doesn't affect anyone else. I can show you three different pictures of myself over an 11 year span and they all look like different people and no scalpel has ever touched me. He is kind and thoughtful and I feel he was greatly exploited on Gmtv this morning one of the presenters said 'he (meaning Michael) said what he said' The thing is with television it can be put across any way they want it to and if the interviewer is putting his own thoughts across over the top then it would be easy for some people to not listen to what's being said properly and take it the wrong way! I've never been privileged enough to see Michael Jackson live but I own all his music and will look forward to more being released! Thank you for taking the time to read my views Mandy

Hi Adam i have just read the website where i got this email address from i thought i would tell you my comments.I dont know exactly what u mean about did u see him in a new light? ive always been a big fan of michael jackson i have been since i was little i love him he is my king of pop. i loved the programme i was crying on most bits i dont care what he looks like he is the best star i know who had the confendce to speak about his life. He is the best singer in the world and i do agree with him about when he said all the children in the whole wide world should be loved i agree, and yes i did like what i saw, his looks everything his children are beautiful. okay thats all im going to say i will give u my name but u got to promise not to show anyone and if u see michael jackson tell him im a big fan of his, ive always had been okay my name is elaine

I saw a TV programme about Michael Jackson in UK's ITV yesterday. Although he was not etirely honest about his face (he said that he remembered he had surgery only his nose twice. Obviously, this is not true), I am very pleased to see his truthful description on how he loves children. His obssession with children is very easy to understand. All comes from his unhappy childhood. He lost his childhood once. Now, he would like to do something for the children. Besides, this lets me think about classical paedephilic relationship with youth in the past in both east and west. Some youth could end up becoming criminals; however, paedephiles (not paedosadists, in the modern meaning) came to rescue them and love and help them. What Michael has tried to help the children is far more and better than what the social workers in this world have done for the children. That the television and newspare portrayed him as a peculiar paedephile is really rediculous. I would like to support him as much as I can. Best regards

Hi Adam, My name is John and I read your request for feedback on the 'Living with Michael Jackson' programme. Previously, I had only ever seen or heard anything about Michael Jackson through the media. As a young boy, I, like many others, was fascinated with Michael's moonwalk and tried many times to emulate this feat, however, the child abuse accusations and continuing negative reporting about his face, led me to believe that Michael really was just some crazy, wacko who bleached his skin, etc, etc and that he probably did abuse those boys and used his money to stup them up. I decided to watch the 'Living with Michael Jackson' programme because I felt that it would be good to actually hear what Michael had to say about his life. I was careful to listen to what Michael had to say and I was careful to try and gain an honest understanding of who he really is, and not who Martin would have us believe. I now realise that I was very wrong in my previous opinion of Michael Jackson. It was cruel and unfair of me to think of him in this way. In the programme, I saw, for the first time, a man who is incredibly talented (as evidenced by the very brief moment where Michael shows Martin some dance moves, including the famous moonwalk.), a man who is very caring, loving, kind, very gentle and understanding, a man who sees what I see in children (innocence, purity, goodness, fun, trust, etc. I especially loved Michael's comment that he sees God in the face of children). I saw for the first time the incredible amount of good that Michael has and is doing for children

I dont know whether Michael will ever see this e-mail, but I am appalled of the portrayal of him last night, I have been a fan all my life, I a, now 44. Michael came out of the interview with an innocence that we should all strive for, I have spoken with many people today and all feel the same, the media are trying to make a story and my estimation of martin bashall has gone done, he was there to make news not report on an individual, please pass on my feelings. Jonathan C Cox

Copy of e-mail sent to ABC Mrs. Walters, I have never really cared about Michael Jackson, his music or his personality; however, after watching tonights show on him, I grew away from the ABC network overall. I felt as if though I was watching a show which was trying to hurt the man and his reputation on purpose. So what if he demostrates so much love. Earth is in need of people like him, not reporters trying to make a story for themselves just for the money. Who cares if he has done plastic surgery, is it ABC's life or is it Michael's life. I really feel disgusted with Barbara Walter's and ABC for tonights show. I will never again watch The View or any of your shows. Sincerely, Heܥe #   ` 5 [ ,4 l ,4 l 4  4 4  [ (4  4  4 T 4  g   [  MS Sans Serif   Symbol Arial  Times New Roman  Times New Roman Living With Michael Jackson


Living With Michael Jackson
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Dear Adam: It was brilliant to see Michael. But the way he was portrayed was horrible!!!! I am almost 30 with 4 children of my own and have been a fan nearly all my life! Michaels music and dance has given me great pleasure. This world has gone 'P.C' mad! Blanket stopped crying when Michael was bouncing him, the baby didn't fidget or seem to be upset. And of coarse I understand why the children have to be covered up, Michael is one of the most famous people in the world, the threat to him and them would be to great! Why didn't the interviewer (I will not lower myself by mentioning his name!) pay attention to what Michael said, instead he turned into something sordid. Michael Jackson to me is a very beautiful person. It doesn't matter what surgery he has or hasn't had it doesn't affect anyone else. I can show you three different pictures of myself over an 11 year span and they all look like different people and no scalpel has ever touched me. He is kind and thoughtful and I feel he was greatly exploited on Gmtv this morning one of the presenters said 'he (meaning Michael) said what he said' The thing is with television it can be put across any way they want it to and if the interviewer is putting his own thoughts across over the top then it would be easy for some people to not listen to what's being said properly and take it the wrong way! I've never been privileged enough to see Michael Jackson live but I own all his music and will look forward to more being released! Thank you for taking the time to read my views Mandy

Hi Adam i have just read the website where i got this email address from i thought i would tell you my comments.I dont know exactly what u mean about did u see him in a new light? ive always been a big fan of michael jackson i have been since i was little i love him he is my king of pop. i loved the programme i was crying on most bits i dont care what he looks like he is the best star i know who had the confendce to speak about his life. He is the best singer in the world and i do agree with him about when he said all the children in the whole wide world should be loved i agree, and yes i did like what i saw, his looks everything his children are beautiful. okay thats all im goingnry Herazo

I know you list some ok reasons for Michael's face changes over the years, but i ask you to take a gander at this site, for i think you'll find that it's not just a matter of 2 plastic surgeries as pictures prove this: ********************* P.S. I'd also like you to know that i'm a huge fan of him, he's awesome, and no matter what kind of person he is he'll still be the best entertainer ever, no one can rob him of that. I just wish he would have never started the surgeries... Sincerely, ~*MBC*~

Hi Adam, Well after watching the special last night I must say that my perspective on MJ has changed alot. I've been a fan since I was about 3 years old around the time of 'Bad', Michael has made a big effect on alot pf people whether it be positive or negative.
The first I can remeber about Michael was in 1991 the premier of Black Or White, I was just 5 years old. The video had left me start struck and MJ became my idol, I have always believed that everything about him is just magic; the dancing, the singing, the videos ect.
I can just about remeber watching the 1993 interview aswell although at that age I wasnt to keen about watching 2 people just talking! But to me Michael has always been percived as a hero of some sorts, just take a look at his achievements.
I think that Michael's mysterious personality as made him popular, he's like a magician who can put a smile on a kids face by magic. When I started getting into MJ more seriously around 1996 I found it very hard to consider him as a normal person but one wouldent say he is an ordinary pop star. His mysterious life style only made me think of him as the personality on stage and never as a normal person. I'd always think to my self, whats he like offstage? On mondays show everything was answered.
I was suprised to find out that Prince Michael II was concieved thorugh surrogecy and I must say I was shocked about the sharing a bedroom revelation, MJ's personality seemed slightly out of place in my opinion but then when you see him performing he's like a completly different person. He is the artist who creates magic and emotion through song and dance. I believe that MJ is a terrific father but his children should have a better way of living life, I think the masks were a bit too much, MJ always said he wanted his kids to live a normal life after what he had been through but its hard to tell if he's got that situation on the right lane.
Well I guess my thoughts on MJ are still a bit blurry. 10 years ago if someone told me to sum up MJ in 2 words I'd say Super Star, but now well I really dont know I guess he will just remain another personality until we find the truth.

Dear Adam. I am a mum of 55 years old a still a fan of Michael;s so is my daugther who is 12 we both saw the Living with Michael Jackson what WE saw was just a pop star wanting to make his fans happy by letting them see his new baby he did not keep the baby there only hurried just for a quick moment just to let them see and then back again like we all would do. this poor 44 year old man did not have a good chidlhood like most of us did. and I wish that I could write to him myself and tell him not to get upset he is I think still living as a child, and then trying to be good father to his kids his father was not good how can he cope with the way Michael's father was to him he must be in shock all of his life that is why he lives the way he is doing now and I think having kids over to sleep in his bed? well did you not have your friends when you were 12 for a sleepover he just likes to have kids with him as he could not have that friendship when he was 12 he is still that shy child within him christine

Hi there, I went on the net looking for some way to tell this poor man how I feel. I cried at the end and I am still crying now. I could see just what Michael was saying and that he was being pushed into a corner by a man whom had led him down the garden path to only slam the gate in his face at the end. I am a deeply spiritual person and so that may have helped me understand Michael but he was right in all he said about the children. I was so hurt for him that even this intrusion it his very personal life should be slighted by the bigotry of the world today. I have always liked his music but have never been one to go weak at the knees over him. I now love the person that is within him and I am filled with a new respect for a man whom I have just come to know. I think the horrors of society have bound all to the unprecedented bias against anyone who strays from the usual strict boundaries michael has the money to fit his heart, both are so big that he has so much to give. Please lets just leave him alone to get on with what he does equally as well as his music......make children happy. God bless kath

Hi Folks, I am 48 years old and now live in Canada with my wife and 3 kids. I was never a huge Michael Jackson fan but really liked many of his great songs - my all-time favourites being Billie Jean and most of all the wonderful Human Nature. My wife and I saw MJ live at Aintree Racecourse, Liverpool, the first time they ever used the grounds there for a concert. It was sunny at first then poured with rain when Michael's show started. He was outstanding and I was maybe 35-36 back then. All age groups were there and everyone was amazed at the professionalism and presence. I've never followed him much since then and just sort of casually observed the scandal and negative tabloid press that has seemed to haunt him these last few years. Yes, he sure has changed his appearance; yes, he seems a little "different" but I was disgusted over the way Martin Bashir's documentary slowly developed into a typical "Watchdog" type of accusational kangaroo court with Mr Bashir slowly but inevitably building his case gainst Michael with innuendo and insinuation both during the interviews and in his talk-over dialogue. What unbelievable betrayal from someone who has been entrusted into his confidence - probably because of his work with Princess Diana, someone Michael obviously admired and related to. I cannot believe that ITV was so stupid as to allow this to happen. If MJ really did have a difficult and challenging adolescence we should all feel pity for him and admire the way he has used his God-given talent to give back to us all. He very clearly said HE knew where his music comes from. I don't know what if any Michael's religious beliefs are, that's his business - we are Christians( not fanatics or zealots, just "ordinary believers") - but I do know that Jesus said we must accept and love little children and would never enter the kingdom of heaven unless we accept god as do little children. If Michael has built his Neverland as a place for giving back to children what maybe he feels he lost in his own childhood, then I'm glad he's found his calling. I watched him with the kids and how he talked to them. Very naturally and relaxed just like he was proud to be giving them a great day out! They seemed to relate well to him. I especially saw his innocent side when he asked if he could have the snow cone ice cream too! Sure he looked very uneasy and agitated with the new baby in Germany, so would I if I started to sense that Mr Bashir was beginning to undermine the trust placed in him. Who wouldn't go out of his way to try and stress his love for his kids. Michael will probably never read these comments himself, but my wife and I recognised the artist in him as he walked through the furniture store. The unmistakable look in his eyes of the person who sees the beauty of craftsmanship. Only another artist can see this sometimes. Most of the world's great artists have been unique personalities we need these people in our world. What the press and papparazzi are trying to do to public opinion is no different to what happened in ancient Rome. If we had the Colliseum toady, the tickets would be sold out a year in advance to see martyrs and others being thrown to the lions, yet we call ourselves civilised. May God be with you and your children Michael. I hope Michael will come through this a stronger man and continue to produce great songs for all of us to share. From Steve & Heather

I just wanted to share my reaction to the interview that aired last night (I'm in California). I don't think it was received as negatively as the media had hoped. We are bombarded with by the media trying to villify Michael and I personally regarding him and his behavior as strange (and I'm being kind with my choice in words) prior to watching this interview. Afterward I, and most of the people I've spoken to, felt sympathy for Michael and thought the interview explained some of the bazaar behavior since Michael is a product of his environment and super-star status. He is a 44-year-old trying to live the childhood he never had. Michael released a statement stating he felt betrayed by the interviewer, but I hope he realizes this interview probably had more of a positive effect and it helped to change the image the media had created in my mind.

Hello Adam: I am a Michael Jackson fan, and have been since he was little. I live in U.S
I went to Michael Jackson websites and found yours. You asked for comments on the TV interview show with Michael. I thought that things were all twisted. I felt that that man did betray Michael. Michael is a very good person. He is loving, and extremely gifted. He had a very rough childhood and he shows the scars from this. He loves children and his intentions are pure. The show simply twisted it all. I felt sad that they had done this to Michael after he let them into his life to film this. He trusted the man and the man just stuck him in the back. Michael is a gifted human being who deserves to be treated with respect and given his privacy. It is his business how much plastic surgery he has one elses. I also feel he is a good father. Michael does need to know that his public does love him and respect him and his talent, and his goodness.
Sincerely, Karen in the U.S. A.

Hi I watched the first hour and was sickened by Bashir trying to appear sincere but holding back his agenda. I then switched off. I cringed that MJ was so innocent as to let the money hungry media people get so close.
ITV is a trashy sensationalist station with NO credibility. This interview proved that without doubt.
Bashir came across as a fat greedy pompous leech, feeding of a genuine talent to further his career with disregard for the person. Bashir showed no human compassion. When MJ spoke about his father Bashir was so unconcerned he just kept repeating what he heard causing obvious distress. BUT that's ITV.
I was so angry that I wondered why on earth MJ had agreed to it.
I also feel he's right in going to such lengths to protect himself. It would seem people see him as a meal ticket nothing else how can he trust people.
I admire him more than ever and hope that this is a storm in a teacup.

Never been a great fan of Jacko, but always admired his talent.
The Bashir interview was one big attempt at manipulation of a naive, innocent, sincere child. He came across as a filthy stinking con man for what he did, his deceit was blatant in the extreme.
Jacko came across as honest and sincere, well except for the plastic surgery bits ;-) Yes he has some wacko moments, and he is extremely naive, but these are not crimes, and it's not his fault a stinking conman from a television company got him hooked. Hopefully Bashir will get his just deserts in due course, meanwhile Jacko came out on top of a really sad programme, and showed he needs looking after, not abusing.
Well done Jacko. Get stuffed Bashir you tosspot.
Michael Jackson never had the childhood that many of us get to enjoy. yes he had the money and fame, but that is but beans when you compare it to not being loved by your father. i feel that Mr. Jackson is just trying to give his kids and others what he never had as a kid; a friend and a father. Also, why does everyone try to pry into his life; leave the man alone. People arent putting themselves in his shoes and really analyzing this. When a kid goes over to a friends house do they sleep outside or in another part of the house? No, they sleep together as friends because who wants to be by themselves when it is not necessary? I do think now that michael has his own kids that he should devote 100% of his attention to them and not so much other kids. By the way when he stated that he wanted to adopt 2 kids from every country in the world, i think that is great. Parents are worried that Michael Jackson pays too much attention to kids while there own kids are shooting up their school. Life and parenting is about love; love left many households in America years ago. I am glad to see that it still lives in some. Lastly i would like to say that some do not like Michael's music because of the type of person they think he is. What does a person have to do with his music? People listen to Marlyn Manson and look at that freak. Bottom line Michael Jackson is one of the greatest preformers of all time (statistically and in my opinion)and from what i see a man that loves children as they should be loved by the own children. All i can say is SING ON MICHAEL. God Bless you all and have a good day. Rosey

I caught the biggest part of the show "Living with Michael Jackson" last night. The coverage that followed appalled me! Society has put such a mark on what is right or what is wrong. Who are these people to say that Michael is wrong? All they want to talk about is the 1993 abuse issue, and how his children are treated and don't have their mothers around. If Michael was quilty it would have come out and there would be more allogations against him I believe. As far as the mothers, whos business is it whether they are there or not. Whos to say if its right or wrong. If it works for him then so be it. I felt that Michael was being honest on the show and the reporter only wanted to bring out the "bad" aspects later and create a feeding media frenzy on them! Michael is living as he chooses, he is not hurting anyone, and he helps many. If he has lied, he will have to deal with that in the end himself. In the end we will all know the truth. You go Michael!

Dear webmaster, I saw on your page that you can leave your comments behind about the documentary 'Living with Michael Jackson'.
Well, after I saw this show I was very upset. I could not believe that they had done it again. They had once again portrayed Michael Jackson again as a weirdo and a bad father. Same old, same old.
When it was announced that there would be a documentairy about Michael I was very enthousiastic. I was positive about it, because i thought it would be a new start for Michael that the media got past that gossips and all that lies. But they obviously didn't.
With this documentairy the prejudices, that many people still have, are being confirmed again. And since some of them are too lazy to form their own opinion they copy everything that people like Martin Bashir say.
I was dissapointed and I still am. I wish that Michael Jackson could once be portrayed as the true artist he is, as the true musician. He fills so many people with joy. I always wonder what music is, but whenever I listen to Michael's music and when I see him dancing I always feel that I found the answer, Michael is music. Michael is art.
I believe this documentairy is an assault to both Michael Jackson and his fans. There is more to the picture, than meets the eye......
I am glad to get that of off my cheast.
Sincerely, Marsha The Netherlands

My fiance and I watched 20/20 last night fully expecting to believe that Michael Jackson was what the media has portrayed him to be, an unstable man with an obsession for children. I am not a die hard fan of his and always believed he was a bit odd. I am so thanful I watched the program. I believe in my heart that he is just what he says he is. If we can all open our minds and take what he said as the truth, than what a wonderful human being! The media has taken the very soul of him,his love for children, and made is so ugly and twisted that it is heart breaking.
I have hope that someone will do as huge of a documentry as 20/20, exposing Martin Bashir for what he truely is. He took the angle that would create the most controversy, but judging from the poll, it backfired! It's no wonder that Michael doesn't trust anyone, and I pray that he realizes that most of us did see him (Michael) for what he really is now. The world does need more people like him to bring some joy to the children who are desperatly in need. Thank you Michael for giving me the opportunity to have my mind changed for the better, God bless you and your children.
M I am a 52 year old grandmother of 9 and I would trust my grandchildren to stay over at his house. They tried hard to make him out to be someone sinister and evil. I felt Michael came across as a sincere and loving man of children. Our society expects our men to be loving and sensitive but when they are, they are then accused of having alterior motives. I get tired of the news media telling us how to feel.

My name is Rosemary and I would just like to say I love your sight.I watched the "Living with Michael Jackson" show last night on ABC. I just wanted to say I was appaled at some of the questions that the reporter was asking Michael. He was rude and ignorant! Many times I just wanted to get up and hit the reporter!
I have always been a Michael Jackson fan, but now after seeing the documentary I am a bigger fan since I saw exactly how sincere M.J. is! Who cares whats kind of plastic surgery he has gotton?!? It is none of our business and it doesn't make him any less of a person! He is still and always will be the King of Pop! He still has a right to a private life and after being kind enough to let that man follow him around for a few days is not something alot of people would do!
I feel that the world needs more caring people like him. Look at how much he has done for so many under-privelaged children! That is truly amazing. He has a big heart and is still a big kid at heart! Just because people get older doesnt mean they have to grow up so much to the extent where they forget how to have fun. I think that the world and the U.S. especially needs to loosen up some! As far as him having children sleep in his bedromm I dont think it's a big deal! My mom is from Europe and we are very open people over there! I feel that if the families are close and ok with it then why does it have to always be linked back to an object of sex?!?! M.J. would NEVER do anything to harm anyone and I truly believe that with all my heart! He is a great person, an unbelieveable artist, and an inspiration to the whole world!
THank you!

My daughter was here so we had to watch Michael Jackson with Martin Bashir!! I truly thought that Martin Bashir abused Michael Jackson incredibly. I have never taken any notice of "Wacko Jacko" before but as I watched him talking on the programme I recognised someone so completely withdrawn from real life but I think he hasn't withdrawn to a place where everything is horrible. Rather I do believe he has withdrawn to a really lovely place where people are children for ever. I don't know why everyone finds it so hard to imagine that someone would do that especially the treatment he describes he had from his father. The US lawyer women who is threatening MJ now has had an encounter with him before and newscasters seeking to make their name are on the scene. I remembered one of the family saying in all innocence that they felt safe and warm in bed with their auntie, when they were small.."She was very comfortable when she'd taken her corsets off!!" My partner then said..."And I can't tell you the number of times I've woken up with a German Shepherd's head on my pillow...What d'you think they'd make of that?" I couldn't for the life of me see Wacko Jacko as a sexual person he's so childlike. I loved going on the shopping trip with him and vicariously enjoying the purchasing power.He was buying fairyland. So from not having noticed him before I shall remember him kindly. I was utterly disgusted with Martin Bashir who had been taken into the inmost sanctum and abused the privilege monstrously. He sought to "make his name" and used MJ to do this for himself he could at least have been kind as I am quite sure Michael Jackson is to one and all. I know he's nuts...OK!And if he's the eternal Peter Pan..who am I to complain?:-) WENDY :-)

Hi Adam
i've just stumbled upon your site - I like it!
I've been a Michael Jackson fan since the late 1970's (i'm 34 years old now). I fell 'in love' with Michael for a long time now, and had become wondified with him since the 'Thriller' days. I remember, when I was around 17, when I went to his first solo concert at Wembley Stadium (with Kim Wilde - do you remember Kim Wilde?). I've always been a fan (of Michael, not Kim!)
Of course, I watched the 'Living with Michael Jackson' programme, I also taped it. That Bashir guy was terrible, but I honestly think that Michael conducted himself fantastically. And yes, I'm so happy that the majority of people have warmed to him even more. When you've grown up with this guy, through his changes and music and attitude, he's like a brother to me. I can relate to his and his brothers childhood. No, my family is not a 'talented' family, but we sure did have some serious 'beating' sessions from our father, and growing up in the 1970's when the media was not favourable to blacks was very tough indeed. Being picked upon because of how you look is tough, and can mentally scar you for a long time, sometimes forever. So I can understand and relate to him all the way. Things have changed now, and the generation growing up now can never understand, simply because they've 'never went through it'. That's what Bashir couldn't understand either (or didn't want to). Anyhow, I won't drown you with going on's - but just to say 'thank you' for your website. I love Michael and always will - and I know that he's fans do also. Did you watch the 30th Anniversary concert? Boy, it's hot property - trust ITV to put it on at 11.00pm when everyone's sleeping! But I taped it, AND was glued to the TV and watched it until 12.50! With work the next morning I was 'mashed' but it was worth it. My tape is now 'HOT PROPERTY' by people who want to watch it, but they'll have to come to my house, it ain't coming out of my living room!

hi! this is my message well,
i dont care how the living whit michael jackson documentary was because i will always LOVE michael ...he is THE GREATEST ....and how people react is stupid if the dont se the innocence of michael ...he would never harm a child and he is not a child molester! before i knew who michael was and what he stands for i didnt belive in angels but now i do...he is A ANGEL!....and he has made me belive in myself and for that i will always thank him and love him i just want michael to know that there are people who loves him and understands him and belive in him...and SUPPORT HIM....and to the fans i just want to say that i love them to because we truly are like a family and that is what michael wants people to stand next to each other and love each I WANT TO SEND MY LOVE AND BEST TO THE FANS AND MICHAEL AND TO ALL THE PEOPLE ALL AROUND THE WORLD!PEACE /Lara

I am a 52 year old grandmother of 9 and I would trust my grandchildren to stay over at his house. They tried hard to make him out to be someone sinister and evil. I felt Michael came across as a sincere and loving man of children. Our society expects our men to be loving and sensitive but when they are, they are then accused of having alterior motives. I get tired of the news media telling us how to feel.

I would like to offer my article, Maybe I'm Wacko Too, for your website and visitors.

The media coverage since the airing of Martin Bashir's documentary has been as extensive as it has been derisive. What I am offering is an open minded look at the points being skewed and perverted for the most "media sizzle".

I will paste it into this email for you along with a brief bio. If you should decide to use it in some way, I may be reached by return email at

Thank you, Linda Sharp

Maybe I'm Wacko Too?

Maybe it was all the publicity. Maybe it was an accidental switch of the channels after Will & Grace. Maybe it was just plain and simple curiosity. Whatever it was, I joined the millions of people in the United States who tuned into 20/20 to watch the highly, hotly, hugely hyped broadcast of British journalist Martin Bashir's documentary of Michael Jackson.

I like to think of myself as an open-minded, thinking individual and went into the viewing knowing that 8 months worth of interviews, footage and folly would be "packaged" into a mere 90 minutes. And that those 90 minutes would not be filled with him brushing his teeth or eating his breakfast or any of the other mundane rituals that fill anyone's average day, celebrity or not. I think we have seen enough interviews, exposes and "behind the scenes" shows to know that if there ain't sizzle, the steak ain't gonna sell.

That said, the televisions across the USA were pungent with the "sizzle" of Michael Jackson's life being first grilled to medium well, then well done, and finally to charcoal burnt.

Let me also state that I do not know the man personally. I have never attended his concerts, seen him in person or been invited to ride the Merry-go-round at Neverland Ranch. That does not prevent me from being compelled to play devil's advocate.

I will be the first to state that I do not believe anymore than anyone else watching that the man has only been under the plastic surgeon's knife twice. Yes, it is normal for a person's face to change as they age, but people do not spontaneously grow clefts in their chins, permanent eyeliner under their eyes, or noses that shrink to the size of a Barbie doll's. But, he is also not the only person in this world to make repeated visits to an aesthetician. I have lived in southern California and Dallas, Texas and can tell you that plastic surgeons are not hurting for business. I can also tell you that I have been a patient, and unless I choose to tell someone what I had done, it is none of their damned business. That same rule applies to Michael Jackson, or at least it should.

What about his lifestyle and spending habits? An amusement park ranch, millions spent on single shopping sprees, and security so tight that Peter Pan himself could not fly into his airspace unannounced? It is his money, he earned it, he has every right to spend it any way he sees fit. There have been enough trailer park lottery stories to see that average people can be just as extravagant, childish or just plain strange in their desires and purchases. So if Elmo Earlobe from Armpit, Arkansas wants to spend his lottery winnings by adding to his Star Trek memorabilia collection, buying new mopeds for all his buddies and one of Elvis' original Las Vegas jumpsuits, it is Elmo's money.

And as for the security? Quite frankly my dears, if I were that famous and had that much money, I would ensconce myself in the same way. How many celebrities do we need to see stalked, shot, killed before we understand that we force their seclusion. We do not allow them to have normal, go-to-WalMart-on-Saturday lives.

Finally, the issue of children, his and the ones he welcomes to his ranch and yes, gasp, into his bedroom.

Beginning with his own childhood, I don't think anyone would argue the fact that his childhood was nonexistent. Started in poverty and lived under the oppressive abuse of a father hell bent on making his children music icons, Michael Jackson was not a Boy Scout, he did not climb trees with other kids or hang at the Mall on Friday nights. His puberty was lived in the glare of a spotlight, and normalcy could never be experienced, let alone hoped for.

That does not make him dangerous. Eccentric maybe, emotionally different - yes, but dangerous? I do not consider his Neverland Ranch to be dangerous or warped. I believe it is the embodiment of everything he was never able to experience as a child, plain and simple. I was never allowed to experience concerts by my favorite performers when I was a child. As a parent, I have been known to fly my daughters across this country to sit in the front row of the Backstreet Boys and Nsync - as much for their enjoyment as for mine.

As to the characterization of his children and the ways in which they were conceived? Again, so what? Every single day, average people desperate for a child of their own, travel to other countries, employ technology, and yes, contract with surrogates to fulfill their wish to be a parent. If we consider it normal for Joe and JoBeth Schmoe, why do we look sideways at Michael Jackson? I'll tell you. Because he is Michael Jackson. And we have an impressive track record of loving to build up our celebrities, only to be able to revel in knocking them back down.

Oh, and in his case there is that nasty issue of the molestation allegations from the 90's. Bear in mind, I am again playing devil's advocate here, but how many times a year do people cave in and quietly settle lawsuits brought against them? Not because the charges have actual merit, but because the person does not want their life, family and reputation dragged through the filthy spotlight that would be shined on them? Everyday, doctors, companies and individuals throw money at unworthy plaintiffs, simply to shut them up and make them go away. Remember a little old lady and her hot coffee? Our society has a very unfortunate attitude that nothing is their fault, and if money can be made by pointing a finger, point, point, point till paid.

Michael Jackson was a very easy target at which to point. In his situation, I would have done the same thing. Get out the checkbook and get on with my life, subtracting both the millions and the friends who had traded a friendship for easy wealth. One need only look at the people who set up Space Shuttle Columbia debris auctions to be reminded that many in our society have no moral compass.

So his children wear masks in public? You don't think there are more than a few sick individuals who would love nothing better than to snap their unmasked photos for the Enquirer or worse, kidnap them for a huge ransom? There are numerous celebrities who guard their children' s privacy and identities, whether by blacked out car windows or blankets thrown over their heads, or full-time body guards. If this, or any other eccentricities, makes them suspect or criminal, then no celebrity should be allowed to procreate. Personally, I never take my eyes off my daughters when in public. And I thought the Mardi Gras masks worn by Michael's children were cute. For the record, one of my daughters wore a crown, taffeta dress and sparkly shoes for a solid month when she was three. Did I get strange looks? Sure. Only from people who have no children.

To the issue of him dangling his baby over that balcony? Bad decision. No doubt about that, he has admitted it. But he did not intentionally endanger that baby any more than you or I intentionally set out to hurt our children by tossing them into the air as babies, swinging them around like airplanes, or buying them a bike that they fall off of and break their arm. I have yet to meet the "perfect parent", and highly doubt that I ever will.

Finally, the issue of the "other" children in his life. He surrounds himself with them. He welcomes them - sick, impoverished, challenged or healthy to his Ranch. He rides the Merry- go-round with them, climbs trees with them, watches Disney movies with them. Everything he never got to experience as a child. I believe he is more comfortable with them than with adults. I have news for you, so am I. Children are innocent, honest, they enjoy simple things, they are not contrived and they do not have hidden agendas. I like children far more than adults.

If that makes me warped or "Wacko", then make some room at the ranch for me, Michael.

And I totally agree with his assessment of what is missing in so many children's lives: love, compassion, attention, and parents. Yes, parents. I spend time every week in my daughters' school and have seen it for years - children who desperately want only to be hugged, listened to, wanted. It is shameful to know these children have parents who don't give a damn about the children they brought into this world. Whether outright physical abuse, or the more subtle abuse of emotionally ignoring their child, I see it first hand every single day.

And while it is not condoned or politically correct, I hug them, I get on the floor at their level and talk to them. I ask about their interests, I joke with them, I touch them, I hold their hands, when they sleep over at my house, I kiss them good night. I make them feel special.

That does not make me a pedophile.

No, I do not think it sounds right to have him say they sleep in his bedroom, or in his bed. But that is because I also agree with him that it is a sad fact every thought and notion we have somehow manages to filter through SEX. And yes, there are thousands of people who have no business being on the same planet with a child, let alone in a bedroom, but I do not believe Michael Jackson is one of them.

If anything, he strikes me as asexual, nonsexual in every respect. I do not believe these children are in danger of being molested. Perhaps in danger of being cared for, coddled and doted on, but if that is the definition of danger, than all children should be put in such peril.

Again, 8 months were edited, angled and spun into a minuscule 90 minutes of footage. I daresay that if you or I were filmed for almost a year, it would be extremely easy to show only the outbursts, tantrums, nose picking and farting. And no one would be any closer to knowing the real us, than we are closer to knowing the real Michael Jackson. So until that invitation to Neverland Ranch shows up in our mailboxes, maybe we need to stop judging him and begin judging ourselves.

As my mother always told me, "Sweep your own doorstep". You'll have to excuse me now, I need to go get the broom and dustpan.

Linda Sharp is an internationally recognized author and columnist. Her work appears across the Internet and wraps around the globe to appear in print publications from Maine to Malaysia. Linda's latest book, Stretchmarks On My Sanity - The Growing Pains of Raising a Family has earned her rave review and comparisons to the late Erma Bombeck. Learn more about Linda Sharp at She may be reached via email at

I am delighted to discover your discussion group and having an opportunity to place my opinion here. I am 44 - the same age as MJ - and have been his big fan since he appeared with Jackson 5 for the first time. I used to watch him on Polish television - and yes, I am Polish! Michael's fame crosses the boundaries of many countries and I believe that there is hardly anybody in the world, who hasn't heard of MJ. I am Multimedia Designer and Producer and have been living in Great Britain since late '90ties, so I have some insight into ITV's work. Martin Bashir's one off interview with Princess Diana was supposed to give him some credentials and literally opened him a door to the Neverland - the fact which MJ will regret forever! All ITV's programs are mostly rubbish and waste of space - sort of broadcasting tabloid. MJ, as he admitted it during his interview, doesn't really watch telly, but had he watched, he wouldn't have agreed to let Bashir into the most intimate parts of his life like home, children, personal confessions and reflections. Was there anybody amongst Michael's PAs to advise him rightly not to do so? Watching Michael - as he really is - was a sheer joy for me and confirmed only what I have already thought, that he is a very kind man of great sensitivity, that allows him to make such a great music. He delighted many of his fans all over the world with the first and - I am pretty sure - the last opportunity to see Michael at ease in his home surroundings. How painful, however, it was for all those fans to watch Bashir trying to tarnish MJ's reputation again and again. Bashir is a man of no integrity and made a fool of himself on many occasions, e.g. when running behind Michael and asking stupid question: "What about pictures, Michael?" in the shop in Las Vegas. I really laughed, when MJ asked: "Paintings?" It was one of many situation, when Bashir confirmed what a simpleton he is. He didn't do much homework before this interview, because he didn't have to - his hidden agenda of hunting for sensationalism led him to use ITV crew's post-editing skills to achieve the effect he was after. What an irony that his sword turned against him! We haven't stopped adoring and respecting MJ, but we definitely don't have these feelings for Bashir. I think that had BBC sent David Attenborough to share Michael's world, it would have resulted in a marvellous, unique documentary we all - including MJ - would have liked. Not that I work for BBC! Bashir and sbd in ITV, who gave a final stamp to this documentary, represent people with dubious morals, narrowmindnessness and complete luck of sensitivity and tact. Michael is not alone in his point of view on life generally, just lucky to make all his dreams come truth. I am - like him - 44, but look more like a girl then a middle age frumpy woman and soon I am going to have a surgery on my nose. I am not married (don't want to be with just anybody I don't love) and have no children, but will do my outmost to have some in any possible way, when my material situation will permit to do so. I dream, I am highly creative and love what I do. There are many people in many ways like MJ - famous or not - being criticised by others for the decent way they live, only because it is different from a template "2+2 Family". Don't be discouraged by this criticism, live your decent life breaking frontiers like MJ. Let him be this particular example of the strength how to carry on dreaming through all our lives and how to realise our dreams. The final point of this rather long message is that I recorded this interview for my own use and now I am in process of editing it cutting out Bashir and his stupid comments. Instead, I will dress it up with more Michael's formidable music, poetry and his concerts' footage. No need to use an expensive AVID editing system which ITV probably used, just the excellent Adobe Premiere 6.5 will do the job. I might later ask Michael for permission to sell it to anybody who wants it and turn all profit to children charities all over the world. Bashir, after all, thank you very much, ha, ha, ha...
Lucy, London

I thought that program was absolutely horrid. I have never believed that MJ abused a child. I am a parent and if someone had done to my children what MJ was accused of there would be no money in the world that would stop me from having that person prosecuted. I am convinced that family was only after the money. If he has had multiple surgeries or not... WHO CARES???!! I certainly don't .. everybody has issues about their appearance and I dont see the media hounding them.. I have been a MJ fan all my life and will be forever.. MJ ROCKS!!

Monday, February.10, 2003 My name is Ronald .I am home on Mid Term break which means if you don't know,we have a peroid of time off of school wich is a holiday.I am a large fan of Michael and I enjoy everything about him. I live in Hamilton,Bermuda in the Atlantic Ocean of of the United States and I am 14 years old.I was Born October.29 1989 , the same date as Randy . I respect Michael Jackson and all the positive things you said about him. I have be praying for Michael for the past weeks . I have been very happy and proud of Michael and I would enjoy meeting him like anyother person would. I like his personality and courage he has and to see what he has done in life to help others and to make them feel better. I have been watching and listening to Michael since I was a little baby boy including my family and I have loved him ever since.My mom is name Jeanetteshe was born in March 27,1949, my dad July. 28, 1946, my sister August.1980 and my brother October. 25 1961 My family had introduced me to Michael so I sing, dance,and love to immate Michael. It makes me happy to see Michaelon TV or on anything else. I can't say anything negative about Michael including on his personal life and career because he has done such great things. I just would love to see more people saying great positive things about and not be fooled by things such as adds. I think its best if we see more people like Michael Jackson because we need more of him in us. He is not weird to me although it seems alittle strange to hear these thing about Michael in this position and or appearence.It does not bother me because its not true.I feel encouraged by him and I don't care what anyone has to say about him. We are all different in ways , he just needs to be reconize for what he has done as a person and to except him not just because he is a celebrity because he is a person who wants to be normal and to have a friend . I would enjoy being his friend . At school I dream of being a hero and a friend . I like to make people happy because its what I do and because its who I am . I find that people judge to much and want to find fault . But the reason why,is beacuse people are sometimes just jellous of you, everything , you personality ,your achievements,and everthing else. Michael seems to be a person who is down to earth he is not afraid to show his dreams and true self that's what we need more in this world "the love" is what Michael said we need more love towards people and to set an example for others. Some people waist time with their live putting downthing when they should do the opposite . They need to observe thing in a different perspective or point of view. We need to say what we are going to do and do it. He is a good role model. I look up to him that's one of our talents in life . I enjoy the things in life for what they are and for what they give off. Animals please me and make me happy because they seem less destructive in some ways than we are,and I see how they enjoy life and I except them for what they all are. People sit down and don't think about these things.We need to take time to see this,I try to use my time to help other and to make it be a habbit. It is sad to see what we can do negativly. We can do some great things,we need to do more. I thank good for Michael Jackson. I feel in a way that some people can't compare to. We need to stop this , we need to see ourselfs within and become more unique.Words can not express Michael. Michael has brought special things into my life by making me relize the wonders of living. I have been watching Living With Michael Jackson for so many nights and one night I was up to 11:26 .I am there for Michael,I believe him.I also check the web site very often to see any thing on him or any statements.I am deply interested in Michael and I talk about him with My friends trying to tell them the truth and to think of them self too. I have A great friend named Asha Ludgwig who feel the same way about Michael as I do. The people in this small island believe in you . I would love to have a reply from you Michael if he ever read this. I am also starting a scrap book on Michael and continuing to do great things wich I am deeply confident on finishing and starting. I am a fan of Michael and if you want someone to talk to you not just because they are your fan,it is because we can be friends. I will believe you because even thought I am not there with you on t.v .I can see it in your eyes and emotions that you are telling the truth. I believe not because I have to its because I want to. Even though you may not read this letter or because of anything else, your still my hero. Thanks, Ronald, Bermuda.

HI, I was really never a fan of michael jackson from the beginning. I never really knew all that much about him and i never really heared alot of his songs, but the ones i did hear i liked. After seeing that interview "living with michael jackson" i just fell in love with him as a person. He is one of the greatest guys i have ever seen. i think his thing with kids is wanderful.He has helped so many kids who didn't have anybody and he put a smile on thier face. As for this MARTIN guy who interviewed michael jackson i think someone should go and live with him for 8 months and see how weird he is. This guy took everything that michael said and turned it around to make it seem like it was a bad thing. And this makes me mad. When michael said that he likes to climb the tree and think and write songs that man made it seem like that it was weird and wrong for a 44 year old man to climb trees. Well there are billions of people who have thier own places where they like to go and sit to think and sourt things out so what makes michaels spot so wrong? As for michaels kids i dont think they could have a better dad. What he does for them is for thier protection and any parents in his position would do the same thing if they loved thier kids as much as michael does.And im thankful that michaels ex-wife is backing michael up. I guess one of the biggest things is that if you interviewed everybody and the way they live you would find that everybody in this world is weird or has a disturbing life style. I hate how everyone is trying to make him seem so horrable when he is what i wish almost everyone in this world was like. LOVING> CARING>WARM HEARTED>HONEST>AND JUST A GREAT MAN>. He has done so much for others more then most people in this world but no one ever says anything about that instead they are to busy worrying about his face and how much surgary he has had WHO CARES, everyone has plastic surgary in fact now thier is a show called extreme make over where all of these people are having plastic surgery but no one says anything about that. I just wish that the people who sit their and come up with the worst things they can and turn everything that michael does that is good and make it seem wrong and un normal would get a life michael is probably better than all of them. I am behind michael all the way and support everything he does and wish him the best and to keep up the great things that he is doing. Kara

Hi Adam, I am not really a fan of Michael Jackson, so maybe my opinion is good, from someone from the 'normal' public.
I am resident in the UK and have studied communication science, which included media. I know about Michael only from what I have seen or heard in the media. From my media experience that there is no truth but only someone's portrayal of what they DEEM to be the truth, and Michaels history, it is obvious to me that he has led what could be defined as an abnormal life. He stated in the doc that he wanted to be Peter Pan, that alone tells me he never wants to grow up and thinks of himself as a kid. His naivety about the media and not being able to imagine how people might react is also a sign of not being fully developed mentally. I therefore deem the accusations unnecessary, as it seems obvious to be his relationship with children is the same as adults have with their peers. Michael sees himself as a child and therefore other children are his friends. I think Michael does need help with his mental development, but prosecution for child abuse is ridiculous. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to react. I have been looking for ages for somewhere I could comment and give my support to MJ. Ml

My reply to the above message>>>> Can I just say Michael has a childs heart, but is also a very clever man. Not only in his music and stage shows but also in business deals, such as buying the rights to the Beatles songs and his dispute with Sony Music was because he outthought them with regards to a later record deal involving these Beatles rights,, and one more example, his album Thriller had sold millions even before the release of the single Thriller, he wanted the big budget video, his record company said what the point of that wasting money,,,,,,so he raised the money by selling the right of "the Making of Thriller" just so he could finance making it and the rest is history. Also he has stated in 1995 that he would still have children in his bed if the occassion arose. The allegation were in 1993 so what he said in the recent documentary was nothing new, he was just being true to himself. Also he befriended Martin Bashir,,,,and this man betrayed him,,,,,,,,but Michael had filmed footage of this man so proves he was not so trusting after all,,,,and not so naive,,,, Is it any wonder he befriends children who are are not greedy for fame, money etc and just want to know him for the person he is. Many thanks Adam

Dear Michael, I just had to try to reach you ,to hopefully be able to comfort and encourage you in any way I can. After watching the very unprofessional and tacky documentary that was filmed about you, my heart was filled with compassion for you!
I'm sorry that there are so many evil people in this world. And that this so called reporter slandered you the way he did. But keep your chin up! It isn't all bad. Let me tell you how this documentary effected me.
. I am about the same age as you and I grew up seeing you and your brothers on TV and listening to your music. In my high school and college days I loved all kinds of music, but mainly I was into rock. I liked your music, and enjoyed watching you on MTV. Though, unfortunately for me , I too was also a bit judgmental as I watched your image change through the years. I'm so sorry for this! I think that judgment mainly comes from not understanding some one or some thing. But Michael, I will tell you that what the documentary did for me was to give me much more understanding f who you are and what your about. I had no Idea of your back ground. Nor did I know about your ranch and how you have such a big heart for the hurting and abused children of the world. I observed how compassionate and caring your heart is. And I was really touched by this. I read on one of your web sites that you belive in God. So let me encourage you. In Gods word ,there is a verse that tells us, that if we love him, He will cause all things to work together for good! (Romans 8:28) What I'm saying is that what the reporter meant for evil, God is able to turn it around and bring good out of it. Which in my case and others that I know, is exactly what happened. I now see and believe that you are a very wonderful person. You seem to have a pure and good heart. You are some one that I would be honerd to know personally and have as a friend. Not because you are famous. But because of who you are on the inside. I was very impressed! I do not believe for one minute the things that this man implied about you. You look to me to be a wonderful parent! It is soooo sad to me that in the minds of Americans everything has to be about sex.
I too work with children. Children of different ages,abuses, and disabilities. They come to the school I work in lost, and dying for attention and love. Its amazing the abuse that I see every day that children have to endure. But because it is not severe or obvious, they are not removed from the homes in which they live. Also there are so many of them there would not be enough homes to place them in. So I find it incredibly hard to understand why they are choosing to pick on you, a good parent. When there are so many horrible ones out there, that they should be focusing on. Its obvious how much you love and care for your children. I myself have never had the opportunity to be a parent as I have never been married and do not have the resources to give a good life to a child. Although I think that I would be a wonderful mother. But I have the wisdom and compassion to not bring a child into that situation. So it is very hard to see people that are not good parents, continuing to bring them into this world. I respect and appreciate you for being a good parent and willing to use your resources for such an incredibly important cause, Children.
Many times I have wished that I could take many of the children I work with home to love them and let them know they are valuable! You are so blessed by the Lord above. Because he has given you the ability to do exactly that. To bring children to your home and ranch and give them a gift of love and joy.
In the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 25, verse 14 the Lord is talking to those standing before Him waiting to enter into eternal life. The Lord is pleased with them saying that when He was thirsty they gave Him something to drink. When He was hungry they fed Him, and naked they clothed Him. The people were surprised and said "when did we do this?" And in verse 14 he answered by saying " when you did it to the least of these, you did it to me." Michael, that is what you are doing. Those children that are so deeply wounded and considered out casts, or who are sick, and are considered the least in this world, you have shown love. I belive the Lord will reward you for this.
Michael, I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Trust in the Lord and ask for His help. You can have peace knowing that He will be there for you. There are millions of people out there who love you and are on your side. The public is not as ignorant as the media seems to think we are. We see through it all! Don't stress or worry you are loved by many.
Matthew 10:42
"If anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is my disciple, I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his reward."

Keep close to Him
Your friend, Lori

In the interviewed the way the reporter talked to Michael Jackson was silly and I know that the motive behind that was to make a buck. He had no tact to interview anybody and the only reason I watched it was because of Michael. He had a tough childhood leave the poor man Alone because a Star or not he needs his privacy. He has a beautiful heart and the mere fact that he loves kids doesn't make him a sexual predator. Michael is a kid at heart and his love is perceive by looking into his eyes. In my point of view he is a man all way, he is kind and if half of the people was like him the world would be a better place........ My comment in essence is to the reporter "GET A FRIKNIG LIFE AND MAKE A LIVING BY FLIPPING BURGERS ," Because as an interviewer you 'SUCK."

My gosh, it amazes me what the media will do to a person! Why can't people just leave Michael alone. So what if he's changed his appearance! It doesn't matter how many surgeries he's had does it? It's really no body's business. I was very saddened by the ABC special. I watched it, as I do all shows concerning Michael Jackson. I am 42 years old and have been a fan since the "Off the Wall" days. Michael was a beautiful person then and still is. I believe him when he denies any inappropriate behaviour with the kids. No one ever thought poorly of him prior to the alleged charges and people admired him for what he's done. It's never been a secret that he loves children and loves to be around them. He prefers to spend his time in the company of the innocence of children. Why not? kids are honest, trusting, and non-judgmental. We the fans have made it extremely difficult for Michael to have lived a normal life, we just won't stop doggin' him around. Weird? Yup, but he's always been eccentric hasn't he? But the media has spun a new edge to that and turned it into something ugly. Why doesn't everyone just leave him alone. Michael? If you ever get to read this email.... I am one of many many many who still adore you. Don't let 'em get you down. Christine in Canada

I can't believe the cruelness of the interviewer...If his intent was to cause me to think that Michael is a pervert..strange person...weirdo.....

On the contrary.....I got a look at a man who has had a rough life....and who is coping with his demons (which we all have) in his own way.....strange behavior...why not? He has earned the right to express himself etc.....He is extremely generous towards others..... No, I don't believe that he is a molester!!!!!! Give me a break...But dirty minds will think dirty thoughts!!!! reporters don't care who they drag through the mud!!!!

I can't believe what other human beings, for the purpose of publicity, or a moment of fame will do........ It is a sad day in the world when the headlines of war are looming and some people are still focussed on causing more harm and hurt to someone who is different!!!!!!


Hey, I watched "Living with Michael Jackson" on Feb. 7th in the U.S., and I was astonished at how truthful MJJ was. Yet, I was very disappointed at the fact that Martin Bashir was rude enough and greedy enough to pry into Michael Jackson's life the way he did. I have been a fan of Michael since the 30th anniversery concert on Sep. 7th. I was so glued to the man and his dance moves that I didn't even remember the songs he sang! Anyway, ever since then I have gone about the business of recording and buying all the music videos and Cds of Mj that I had in my reach. I admire Michael Jackson because he is incredibly talented and he is a beautiful man. I don't really care what the media says about Mj, I love him too much. He spends so much time with children that the world today,( Reporters/tabloids, exc.) has to twist his childlike ways and turn it into sexuality. On the interview Michael said that we should all have a huge tabloid bonfire. I totally agree! Michael, go ahead and plan on doing that. It's just wasted paper anyway! On the Oprah Winfrey interview he mentioned how in the Bible, Jesus says that the people of the world should keep their childlike innocence. Michael, that should have changed the way people view you. Your childhood was stolen from you, and you still have that child deep inside your soul, and you're not afraid to show it, and I love you with all my heart for that. Michael is the best entertainer in the world, and from what I've seen, he is a loving and wonderful father. I love Michael and I don't believe any of that media rubbish.

Constructive media comments

February 9th 2003
Mail on Sunday by Louisa Pritchard

"Michael Jackson has turned the tables on controversial interviewer Martin Bashir and revealed he has his own television footage that exposes the journalist's alleged underhand methods. Bashir and the Granada Television crew were filmed by Jackson's staff during the eight months they spent with the singer making the documentary 'Living with Michael Jackson.' In the completed film, Bashir questioned the way the pop star brings up his children, but Jackson's footage is said to show how much he admires him as a father- and will be broadcast on US channel CBS in a one hour special on wednesday.
A source said: "The footage basically shows Martin sucking up to Michael and shows just how much he betrayed him. It's going to be very interesting viewing- and very embarrassing for Martin." The source revealed that Bashir and the Granada crew were aware they were being filmed, saying:"Martin has apparently forgotten exactly what he said. He along with the watching public will find out later this week."
Jackson's friend Uri Geller explained that it was not unusual for the singer to have a personal TV crew. He said "Michael usually takes his own crew with him when he goes away." It has also emerged that Bashir struck a financial deal with Jackson in a final attempt to get the warts-and-all interview.
The Mail on Sunday can disclose that Granada television agreed to pay a portion from the show's profits to a children's charity chosen by the star. The programme was sold to US network ABC for 3.5 million. The revelation of a financial incentive sheds new light on Jackson's motivation in being so honest with Bashir. During the programme which drew a 15 million audience in Britain last week, he admitted sharing a bed with youngsters at his California ranch Neverland. Jackson later accused Bashir of 'betrayal' for producing a 'salacious ratings chaser' and defended himself against suggestions of child abuse. A portion of the profits from the programme will go to British charity, Children with Aids. Jackson himself was not paid.
Bashir is also criticised today by George Best. The football legend tells Night and Day magazine that Bashir developed a close relationship with him for a documentary, but betrayed him in the subsequent programme.
Best said: "He made his reputation doing a puff piece for Princess Diana and has traded on it ever since. I once stupidly let him film my wife Alex and me. He said: 'I want to be your friend when you are better.' What rubbish. No one I've spoken to has a good word to say about Bashir. He has got about as much integrity as a paper bag.""

With thanks to (Email them to get latest MJ news)

February 8, 2003
Sunday Telegraph: "Michael Jackson's Genius Is What Matters"

On 8th February, Britain's Sunday Telegraph published a refreshing article by Tom Utley about Michael Jackson. Here is the article:

Of course Jackson's odd - but his genius is what matters

We must tread very carefully now that John Cleese has won his libel action against the London Evening Standard. I must confess that before Thursday's judgment, I was one of those who agreed with the Standard that Mr Cleese was not nearly as funny as he used to be. I now fully accept, m'lud, that he is one of the funniest men on the planet. Hee hee, ho ho. The very thought of him splits my sides.

With the Cleese judgment in mind, let me say at the outset that Martin Bashir is an absolutely brilliant interviewer, at the very peak of his form. My only reservation is that in the course of his long encounter with Michael Jackson, broadcast this week, he asked almost none of the questions I wanted to hear answered.

It seemed to me that Mr Bashir had missed the point of Jackson. True, the man is extremely weird. But we all knew that - and plenty of other people are a banana or two over the bunch. It is also true that Jackson has an eccentric relationship with children, and not all of us would look upon him either as a model father or as the perfect host for our young sons' sleep-overs. But, again, plenty of other grown men have an interest in children that is at least as sinister as Jackson's, and probably more so.

No. The point about Michael Jackson is not that he is odd but that the man is a genius. As a dancer, he ranks well up there with Fred Astaire and Rudolf Nureyev. As a singer, he has been dazzlingly brilliant since he first cleared his throat on stage when he was eight. To put it at its lowest, Michael Jackson is an extremely important figure in the history of popular culture.

Almost no sense of that came across in the Granada interview. Mr Bashir treated Jackson like a mildly interesting psychological case study, firing endless questions to him about his sex life, his relationship with his father, his plastic surgery and his eccentric little ways. For all the interest that he showed in his interviewee's artistry, he might as well have been talking to any old loony dragged out of the local bin.

It was as if Mr Bashir had been given eight months' unfettered access to Napoleon, and could think of nothing to ask him about except his relationship with Josephine, whether or not he read bedtime stories to Nappy Junior and how far his behaviour fell short of the suburban English ideal of morality.

It was not until Thursday night, when ITV showed the recording of a Jackson concert in Madison Square Garden, that viewers were reminded of what sets Jackson apart from your run-of-the-mill nutcase. This was an absolutely sensational performance - and I say that as somebody who has never been much of an enthusiast for pop.

You often notice, when a singer is bopping along with a dance-troupe, that the professional dancers perform their steps much better than the singer. But when Jackson is on stage, the opposite is true. This is not because he employs second-rate dancers - on the contrary, he hires the very best that his millions can buy. It is simply because he is the best, the most electrifying mover in the business. To see him dance, and hear him sing, is one of the most exciting experiences that Western showbusiness has to offer.

How did he come to be such a genius? Who, if anyone, taught him to dance like that? How obsessively does he have to practise to achieve the perfection that he displays in his act? Does he have a voice coach to help him hit those high notes with such unerring accuracy, or was he just born with the gift? What does he eat and drink? How does he prepare for a concert? How many times does he record a track or a video shot before he is satisfied with it?

There were moments in the Bashir interview when I thought that some light was about to be thrown on these matters. It was interesting, for example, when Jackson said that the key to dancing well was not to think about anything at all, but to let the music dictate your movements. Other dancers have said this, but it is a point that might have been pursued. Interesting, too (although we had all heard it before), that Jackson's father used to take a belt to him when he got a dance step wrong.

The guilty thought occurred to me that if a whipping helped to produce a genius, perhaps we should all try it on our sons. But Mr Bashir's only reaction was to suck his breath through his teeth and shake his head in disbelief, real or pretend. He seemed to be far more interested, in a cod-psychiatrist sort of way, in what had made Jackson so peculiar than in what had made him so brilliant. He affected complete shock, for example, when Jackson told him that in his childhood, his older brothers used to bring girls back to the room that he shared with them while he was on tour. Oh, really, Mr Bashir. Do grow up.

If you want my cod-psychiatrist view of what made Jackson so nutty, I reckon you need look no further than the fact that everywhere he has gone since his early childhood, he has been the centre of attention, mobbed for his autograph and surrounded by swooning women. That sort of treatment is enough to loosen the tightest screw. Mr Bashir of all people should be aware of that. Until this week, his most famous interviewee was Diana, Princess of Wales - and look what effect all that adulation had on her.

Why is Michael Jackson mobbed? Because he is a genius, that's why. And if the effect of Mr Bashir's smug and patronising interview is to drive him even further round the bend, and off the stage, he will have done a very great disservice to the arts. If only Granada had given the job to Melvyn Bragg instead.

Official News from MJNI

February 9, 2003
The Observer: "Why my friend Michael is a fine father"

British writer Jonathan Margolis has written an article in The Observer today proclaiming that Michael Jackson "is as good a parent as anyone - and better than most".The article is reproduced here:

This is, perhaps, not the best week for declaring that Michael Jackson is rather a good father. But I do so now on the basis of more than Martin Bashir's television documentary.

I spent several months working with Michael and his guru and friend, the former Oxford University rabbi Shmuley Boteach, on a still-unfinished book about, interestingly, the importance of adults retaining their childlike qualities.

I got to like Michael and his children a lot. He is sweet, charming, intelligent, thinking, and highly eccentric. He is also deeply sad - not in the contemporary sense of being inadequate - but sad as in melancholic, unhappy and damaged. He is, in my judgment, a good man.

His older children, Prince and Paris, whom I spent a considerable time with, are bright, well mannered, unspoilt and unaffected. Apart from knowing the unconventional Jacksons a little bit, I am now in my forties and a father of more than average experience for my age. I have co-raised three children, the youngest now a teenager, and have hardline, bordering on over-protective, views on parenting.

I get upset at seeing shaven-headed little kids been thumped in Sainsbury's and even angrier at casual middle-class child cruelty. I shout 'child abuser' at smug parents on bicycles who show off their green credentials by towing little Archie through traffic at exhaust-pipe height in those baby trailers.

Although it was in the best traditions of compelling, car crash TV and will win shedloads of awards, the synthetic empathy and tendentious self-aggrandisement of Bash Ears (as George Best, another victim, amusingly calls this clumsy, fake Louis Theroux) were too much for me.

The film did show the Michael I know: naive, simplistic, autocratic and with disastrous taste in furnishings. I am sure, however, that he is not a child molester, inadvisable sleepovers or not. He has studied childcare with dedication. He is committed to thoughtful, non-violent parenting. He handles Prince and Paris with a skill and patience that puts mine to shame. And, no, they never wore masks when I was with them. Nobody I know thinks ill of Michael's parenting abilities either, even post-Bashir.

Aware that I am acquainted with him, a variety of people rang me last week to say how angry they were. Have we become so cynical and paranoid, one professional man demanded, that it is impossible to love kids quite asexually without provoking suspicion? 'For Christ's sake,' he ranted, 'when I was small I had books about Noddy and Big Ears sleeping in the same bed, and nobody thought anything of it.'

I have also earwigged conversations on buses and trains. Certainly, there is sniggering and bafflement over Michael's transparent fibbing about plastic surgery but the consensus is that he seems really nice, if a bit loopy.

The sleepovers aside, which sound a bad - but not intrinsically evil - idea we all know where the other grounds lie for concern about Michael's parenting. And that, I think, is the explanation for the masks and those weird burkas he has been putting on the kids for public occasions. For Michael - he of the tawdry Grecian urns at hundreds of thousands of dollars a pop - this is glamour, mystique, showbiz razzle-dazzle. Think Thriller, the video. He is teaching his children, whose privacy is invaded more than that of any British royal brat, to get used to it.

The same goes for the birth story, which even Michael's supporters found a little icky. For those who missed it: Michael told how he rushed Paris, his daughter, home from hospital so precipitately that she was still bloody from the birth, if not attached to her mother.

Again, the problem is that owing to his own odd upbringing, he thinks such a thing is glamorous and exciting. Then again, if he is so obviously fantasising about the plastic surgery, why do we believe him about the birth? I suspect it didn't quite happen as he describes it.

I take a revisionist view of the time last November that he dangled his new baby, Prince Michael ll, known as Blanket, from his Berlin hotel suite, the most famous balcony incident since Verona.

I suspected then that this was something of nothing, and Bashir's footage proved it. I am amazed that intelligent writers still refer to it as an authentic dangle. The film shows it was no stunt but, at worst, a momentary error.

Michael has an exceptionally athletic build and huge, strong hands. He is very confident in his physical strength. The crowd below was baying to see the baby, and he held him up at an open window, knowing how strong and capable he is. The baby wriggled awkwardly, Michael went 'whoops', and pulled Blanket safely back in before he did the child a mischief.

What we saw, crucially, from the footage filmed from inside the hotel room was that there was no balcony - merely a section of railing to stop guests falling out of the tall window.

Finally, there is the vibrating movement Michael made with his knee while bottle-feeding Blanket. This does worry me, although not as much as the green muslin Michael placed over the nipper's head. I imagine that was because the singer was already becoming deeply untrusting of the creepy Bashir.

What worried me about the outcry over the knee is that I used to make that movement with all my babies to calm them. Most of mine cried when I stopped, and giggled when I started again.

Parents make mistakes, often near-fatal ones, all the time without being investigated by social workers. If Bashir had been in Leeds in 1980, he would have caught me changing the bulb in a table lamp that was still plugged in. The phone went, and while my back was turned my stray baby daughter came within a millimetre of electrocution.

To me, Michael is level-headed. While other celebrities are gullible, for instance, when it comes to such cults as Scientology and Kabbalah, he has seen them off, despite high pressure, celeb-on-celeb salesmanship from both.

He is that strong in his convictions. Love her as he does, for example, he disagrees profoundly with his friend Elizabeth Taylor, the children's godmother, who believes the odd smack is all right.

Michael has his own views on what is weird. He regards it as disgusting that his friend Princess Diana's children were encouraged by their father to witness the gory aftermath of a fox hunt.

I saw Michael's amazing empathy with kids many times. He talks to them as though they are adults. He will not tolerate them interrupting an adult conversation, but is unusually attuned to young voices asking questions or requesting a drink, when most of us choose to pretend slightly deafness.

Abused children inevitably advertise their suffering with introversion, aggression, shyness, sullenness, distrustfulness and depression. But, neurotic, eccentric and downright flaky as their famous father is, I don't see any of the above in Prince and Paris.

Michael's is an eccentric domestic arrangement, but infinitely better, I suggest, than the average experienced by Hollywood kids. Moreover, he chooses exceptionally sensible, middle-aged women as nannies.

Nobody thinks anything of it when celebrity mothers exclude fathers from their children's lives. Liz Hurley has been lionised for doing so.
I would say Michael Jackson has given more thought to parenthood than most of us parents who don't suffer from the sobriquet, Wacko.

Official News from MJNI

I have been on a number of radio stations in the Uk, BBc 5 Live at after the programme, BBc radio 2 today and BBc Worlds Service which has a 600million worldwide audience and BBC 3 counties.

Normally my site does not deal with many of the issues, media stories, I am more interested in the artiste, and my site is there for people who have discovered Michael Jackson the entertainer, the music, the dance moves, the videos, and so much more.
Its difficult to answer all the questions in such a short time on air, these are some of the questions I have been asked and are just some of the issues to think about from the Michael Jackson side rather than judging him and going with the opinion of the tabloid press.

Remember the tabloids are just out to sell papers, that is there only aim to grab your attention.

Im not even go to waste any of my time reading it, if you saw the programme then try to think for yourself.
Definately dont let the media change your mind on what you thought you saw. If you saw a loving man, who genuinely cares for children, an adult with many child like qualities, someone you could see identified with children and they identified with him, then dont think you have to follow the media opinion, believeing that is what the majority believe. The media are the minority writing to influence the majority. Not all the time, but definately when it comes to Michael Jackson. If they can keep you more curious about his "weird" qualities it benfits them in you buying to read the made up rubbish to go with the latest distorted picture they use.
I have heard so many postive comments on the aspects of Michaels relationship with kids from what people saw in the programme, and many believe he would never harm them in anyway. Obviously some things he said they thought were different, but not so "disturbing" as Martin Bashir kept trying so hard to imply.

The programme, well for me, it started off very well, but as the programme comes to an end I think I realised that the whole programme was much to much geared towards 2 main issues, Michael Jacksons face and his relationship with children. Michael gave what millions of people around the world wanted, a closer look at his life, he was so open and honest not trying to hide anything, but having moments from his past dragged up, moments that most people who have gone through similar abuse try to deal with within or people close to them or with a councillor not a journalist.

Michael's as a father.

I think it was very clear both children loved there father. Paris wanted to hold his hand all the time. They both seemed well behaved and polite. Prince even asked if he could run down the hotel corridor, but Paris wanted to stay holding her fathers hand.
Covering the childrens faces with a vail or mask is because kidnappings are more of a threat than any of us realise, but think about the threat of kidnap for David Beckham and Victoria Beckham kids who were well publicised in the press. They happen often but they dont make the newspapers, they are sorted out discreetly by the SAS, and then the people who have been through the trauma do not then want go and publicise it.
So does it then make sense to cover there faces to conceal there idenity?? Someones said he concealed the babys ideantity while feeding,,,NO, he consealed the baby's identity because he was on CAMERA, and this programme is going out worldwide.
Whats wrong with making it fun for them with masks??? I'm sure he it had been filmed with his children crying or wanting to take the masks off, then they would surely have shown it. Even in situations where normally they may not have worn masks, for the TV programme they had to as thats the whole point of concealing there identity.
How often have we seen Michaels children in public? Exactly, only the Berlin zoo visit and balcony incident. What have we sen over the last 5-6 years,he has rightfully kept them out of the public eye. We have nothing of them.
How can we judge him as a father when we have seen so little? Who are we to judge? I think last nights programme showed the deep love for his children, like most fathers.
When asked "wouldn't it be easier to let the bodyguards and the nanny take the children to Zooon there own?" he gave the perfect fatherly answer, "Nooo,because I can't take that chance. I rather it be my fault if something happened."
The Zoo visit was an example of how difficult being a father will be for him. Someone had leaked out that he was going to the Zoo, so if they turn the car around then the children would be disappointed. Again the crowds amassed and it became a situation not easy to get out of.
To me, he looked as if deeply hurt by the baby balcony incident and the medias interpretation of it.
Yes his body was shaking while feeding the baby, and the baby cried for a few seconds, not helped by Martin Bashirs fingers also pulling at the vail, and straight away Michael soothes the baby. I'm sure he was feeling very uncomfortable being on camera, and waiting for people to make a judgement.
Also, when talking of the balcony incident, again he seemed very hurt, but so god damn sure no harm would have ever come to to his child, and he talked of them so passionately. I have stated previously he was clearly holding the child so tightly to his body. Although I do think the balcony incident was a mistake but we all make them and none of us find ourselves in the same situations as Michael with screaming fans and many other experiences.
I have seen a parent running with a child on there shoulders, if he fell the childs head would have been the first to hit the floor, and stop to think, espcially mothers out there, you are often seeing things and thinking,"well I wouldn't let my child do that" when viewing other parents.
Michael Jackson has never lead a "normal" life so why would he be "normal"???
Michael has lived his life in the public eye, his first Jackson 5 singles, 4 straight number ones in the U.S as well as world wide hits, going on through the 70's disco tunes with the Jacksons, and then launched to a superstar status with his adult solo albums from the time of "Off the Wall" and to unseen heights of fame with the release of "Thriller".
He is the most recognised entertainer worldwide, we saw that when he goes out on the programme, people, fans talk to him and he is so polite, so friendly. Not just because he was on camera, this is the way he is.
This is not a normal way to live, so how can he be what we call normal? He can't interact with people? They know him as the superstar, not the person within. Imagine that lifestyle, not for a few years, but for 30 years, his preteen years, his teen and puberty years, his whole adult life.
In this postion of being known and so wealthy, then its so difficult to find real friends that want to know you for YOU, the person within, not because of who you are the entertainer, who whatever he touches is worth more.
We are all different based on our upbringing and experiences in our lives. Michael is almost unique because he cant be put into a category of people, he has been the highest status of a celebrity since childhood. No one has ever reached his fame at such a low age and reached such heights of stardom as himself and for such prolonged periods, over 30 years!
I have watched "MTV" and seen female model celebrities in the bath with there dogs, and having there dogs stay in there own hotel rooms. Were the Osbornes normal??

Is Michael a good role model?
This I was asked, for me the answer is yes, the talent, the dedication to his art, the perfectionist, the music video pioneer, the dance moves and all aspects of him in hiw work as an entertainer.
He is just such a good, giving, loving person.
He doesn't swear in public.
He doesn't discriminate against people race, colour or religion.
He has given so much money and awareness to so many different chartities, and sponsoring more charities than any other music entertainer.
He has given proceeds from some record sales, or even tours.
I have heard how is has bought Minnie and Micky Mouse over from Disneyland Paris to see sick children in the UK.
He hasn't sucumbed to the "Sex, drugs Rock N Roll " lifestyle, he is the total opposite, an example to us all.
Can we not believe that someone in his position can actually do so much good for others???

Why is Michael white????
I really wish this had been covered more in the programme. Michael Jackson has a skin condition "vitiligo". It can affect all races and can be on various parts of the body or all over.
Now imagine you are in the public eye, the greatest living black music artist ever which he was at the time of "Thriller" and the time of condition is thought to be started.
How would you feel? You are losing your colour, your race and your culture. There is no cure. You have to use make up and to make your skin appear all one tone.
Why wasn't this opportunity used to educate people of the condition and how he may have dealt mentally with it.

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