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Michael Jackson In Las Vegas

January - February 2007
Michael has been seen in and around Las Vegas talking to different people in the entertainment business and going to some of the top Las vegas shows.

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Michael Jackson At The Funeral of James Brown

December 30th 2006
Michael attends and speaks at the funeral of James Brown, "The Godfather of Soul".

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World Music Awards 2006

November 15th 2006
Michael recieves a Diamond Award at the World Music Awards for selling 100 million albums.

Michael also joins a singing choir on stage to sing along a few lines of We Are the World.

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Access Hollywood Michael Jackson screenshots

October 15th 2006
Access Hollywood had an exclusive chat with Michael Jackson at work in a record studio Dublin, Ireland.

Michael is working on a new album and was with Black Eyes Peas Will I. Am.

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To be aired November 2nd 2006 in the U.S.A


May 27th 2006
Michael Jackson makes his first public appearance this year to collect an MTV Legend Award in Tokyo, Japan.

It was great for to see Michael looking in such good health and happy to accept the award.

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