Update June 15th
As stated in our news page, Michael speaks for first time of the non promotion of his album Invincible by Sony Music, and how Sony Music have put fellow star Mariah Carey under immense strain. Michael stated that Tommy Mottala's way of doing business should be "terminated". Read the background below and do what you can to show your support for Michael Jackson. Michael is being robbed of showing us his talents and we are being denied the talents of the greatest entertainer ever!!

Michael Jacksons latest album "Invincible" was released October 2001 and has fallen from album charts around the world. It sold an astonishing 5 million copies in 3 months, but then promotion ceased. Fans are blaming Sony Music for what they claim is a calculated lack of promotion. 'Make Invincible Visible' (MIV), an association of fan clubs with a presence on the internet, have now launched their internet campaign in an effort to "make people aware of the situation". They accuse Sony Music have stopped promoting 'Invincible' in an bid to suffocate Jackson financially.

In 1995, Jackson was said to have negotiated a loan with the record label as an advance on forthcoming sales of 'Invincible'. As part of the deal, Jackson merged his ATV Music Publishing catalogue (which includes the Beatles back-catalogue) with Sony Music Publishing. He is reported to have pocketed $95 million from the deal.

MIV now claim that Sony Music are pressuring Jackson to refund the loan, and simultaneously strangling his main source of income through non-promotion of the album. MIV believe Sony are hoping to lay claim to Jackson's valuable share of ATV/Sony Music Publishing. The share would fall into their hands if Jackson was unable to repay the loan. MIV have listed a chronology of alleged facts that document the 'feud' between Jackson and Sony Music. See the link below for more info and how you can add your support. MIV claim: "Sony Music are trying to suffocate Michael Jackson financially. They are preventing him from properly promoting his album in order to obtain his share of the ATV Publishing catalog ." "This manoeuvre is unfair. It is plain sabotage. 'Invincible' is a great album." "As Michael Jackson fans, we have been watching helplessly the killing of the 'Invincible' album. Until now." Sony Music have so far declined to comment.

Help in the campaign against Sony MusicMake Invincible Visable

'Invincible' promotional latest and help support the promotion of the Invincible album!

The album is a great album with potentially many hit singles. We as fans should have been looking forward to seeing our favourite Michael Jackson singles riding high in the chart, looking forward to his new music videos. The single and the music video of "You Rock My World" are one of the primary reasons for the this web site being in existence. The song itself I think is a pop masterpiece (to my ears anyway). The videos was fantasic, superberly produced, with Michael at his best dancing and new moves. It was like a breath of fresh air. You just dont see music videos made like these by anyone else and theres just so much "formula" pop in the charts these days. What a stark contrast to the video for the single "Cry" that most people probably didn't even see, and certainly not worth seeing. In the UK the single entered at number 25 then sank. Read the link below for given reasons on why, and what can be done so that it isn't continued. Help in the campaign against Sony MusicMake Invincible Visable

'Invincible' promotional latest and help support the promotion of the Invincible album!

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