Michael Jackson rarely gave interviews. He did not feel comfortable giving interviews. Most often journalists would want to question him on on false stories they have made and generated interest in in the past to sell newspapers and thus in doing so portraying a false impression of Michael Jackson to the general public. Although when Michael Jackson did do an interview it give us the fans an insight into the man himself.

  • Italian Vogue Magazine
  • Access Hollywood (October 15th 2006)
  • Jesse Jackson Interview (March 2005)
  • At Large With Geraldo Rivera Interview (Feb 2005)
  • CBS '60 Minutes' interview (December 2003)
  • VIBE Magazine Interview(March 2002)
  • Online Audio Chat(Oct 2001)
  • TV Guide Interview (Nov 2001)
  • USA Today Interview
  • TV Guide Interview (1999)
  • The Mirror (Newspaper) Interview(1999)
  • Barbara Walters
  • OK!
  • Molly Meldrum Interview(1996)
  • VH1 Interview
  • Simulchat(1995)
  • Prime Time Live(1995)
  • The Oprah Interview(1993)

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