Michael Jackson Experience

In London 14th – 16th of November 2006!

As from being a fan for over 17 years and attended over 7 different Michael Jackson event, this was the very first time I saw Michael Jackson, not the first time of being in London since it would be my 4th time in total, but experience the magic with friends and fans I got to know from my last MJ events this was something we would do together, see Michael together and experience it together.

5.05pm – 14th of November 2006 Cindy travelling reading latest Michael headlines
I flew over to London from Stockholm in the evening excited and nervous of what might happen that afternoon and night, the last times I’ve been to London I’ve always had travel company with me since I hate travel alone and it’s so exhausting, so I decided to take two friends with me on this journey as well, the minute we stepped off the plane we saw headlines of Michael in London, pictures were everywhere and tabloid junkies everywhere, we didn’t care much about that but grabbed ourselves each “Metro” magazine and saw a beautiful cover of Michael on the front, it was just before the negativism started, they wrote a very positive article with Michael shopping at Topshop with the owner and that they hit off right away. That made us all happy of course knowing that it wasn’t just bad press Michael got. While on the train I got a text message from a friend of mine saying that Michael were staying at a Hempel Hotel in Bayswater. At first I had a very hard time to understand that it actually was on the same block as our hotel and after several questions about where it was he said it was just around the corner from our hotel!

9.30pm – Arrived to the hotel of mine
We arrived to the hotel one hour too late, Michael was gone to a Chinese Restaurant called Benihana, in Kings Road and had been gone for about 2 hours, after grabbing something to eat we rushed down to his hotel and found HUNDREDS of fans outside waiting for him to come back. I made my way through the crowd and found a very good spot right up front, but I knew that I wouldn’t be there too long since people were started to fighting for the greatest spot. Michael came back and I decided I couldn’t stand at my spot any longer since I felt myself being pushed back so I left that spot and ran the fastest I could over to the other side of the road. I shuffled myself through the crowd and ended up the very first person up in front.

Michael Jackson Arrives at WMA
I saw Prince and Paris being carried away by his nanny, they looked so incredibly cute, Paris was laying with her head on the nanny’s shoulder, I didn’t take any pictures of them since I do respect Michael’s privacy and I don’t want to expose them to the world, but I managed to take a photo of Michael when he stepped out of the car, he was walking around and waving and blowing kisses to us and while he was going back he turned around and faced me. I was stunned, he looked at me and smiled, I will never forget that beautiful smile of is while he was walking over to him everything felt so incredible and it almost felt like he was walking ever so slowly over to me, I mumbled something and said “I love you” to Michael, he was on his way to talk to me when these two female fans pushed me back and I was far, far back from him. Michael went inside his hotel and blew us one more kiss. I couldn’t contain myself I collapsed on the ground still shaking and crying over seeing Michael! These emotional were building up inside of me and I kept on seeing Michael’s face in front of me and I just kept on crying and crying but no tears came out, I was shocked and I almost fainted but I didn’t, I tried to keep myself calmed and cool with the whole situation. My dream had finally become true; I had just seen Michael Jackson!

Michael Jackson Arrives at WMA
Michael Jackson Arrives at WMA






We decided to head back to our hotel since Michael didn’t appear anymore times that night and we had to get up really early to go to Earls Court.

9am – 15th of November – Arriving to Earls Court.

We came up there about 9 in the morning and there were already quite a lot of people there standing and talking to each other and stuff, I met up with my friends there. I told them about my experience the other day and they all got so happy that I got so close to Michael, while I was talking to my friends a camera man came up and wanted to tape me, he asked me bunch of questions about Michael and I gratefully said that “I love Michael with all my heart, he has such a strong young heart and we’ve been standing by his side from the very first moment

Michael Jackson Arrives at WMA we’ve seen him!” he asked me questions about the vindication and I just said that I was so incredibly happy and I prayed to god thanking him for bringing justice and us together!
Anyway we found out that the tickets were to sold out a hotel around Earls Court called Carlton Hilton Hotel, so me and my friends we rushed down to find the place but it was very hard to find, and it took us probably 20 -30 minutes or so to find the place, during our long walk my friend got a text message saying that the tickets was to be sold in Piccadilly at the Café de Paris, so we headed down there instead and after that much cause, we found out that the tickets was to be sold just around the corner at another place, some fans were irritated and mad because of those tickets, and after all of that we got to know that the event had been cancelled, it was extremely alarming for all of us not knowing if there was to be a after-party or not. We decided to go back to Earls Court and hang around with the fans.
Michael Jackson Arrives at WMA
It was a very warm day so I decided to keep my jacket in my bag and the fans were heating up each other by standing very close to each other. We stood outside Earls Court for 5 hours and waited for Michael to arrive, around 7.30 we decided to leave because we had spoken to some bodyguards and they said that we should have left 30 minutes earlier to be able to get inside! A huge mistake by us because Michael arrived 30 minutes later and I was mad for leaving since I had a very good spot of seeing Michael.


Michael Jackson Arrives at WMA Enough of that we got in and got our seats and I must say that it was a HUGE arena, there was fans everywhere, you could spot them on different places from where I sat, the minute we got our seats we could hear chants and screams for Michael that was such an amazing feeling knowing we were all there for one purpose only; seeing Michael Jackson! Everyone had the same thought as I. I still hadn’t gone over the fact that I was inches away from Michael the other day and that I actually had the chance to meet him and talk to him. While sitting there I had my mind on Michael the entire time, it felt incredible knowing that I was close to people that had the same adoration as I, loving Michael no matter what, supporting him no matter what and being loyal no matter what. Through my years of being a fan and been on several Michael Jackson events Europe over, meeting Danish, Norwegian, Finish, German, Holland, French, British and Russian fans we all have ONE thing in common, Michael Jackson.

The show opened up with Beyonce singing “Déjà vu” from her latest album “Bday” she sang with so much force and I was sitting and dancing along with her music, she was one of the highlights this evening, she was sparkling on stage with her beautiful glitter-red dress and her hair all loose.

The show was alright but it wouldn’t have been a success if Beyonce, Chris Brown and Michael had been there! They were lighting up the show and Lindsay Lohan who by the way hosted the show didn’t do a good job, she was messing around with the acts, she was messing around with the words and forgot what she was about say and all, I felt sorry for her because she was trying to do a very good job she was just very nervous and things got worse when fans and people in general started to boo her out.

Chris Brown was about to perform with Thriller as a tribute to Michael Jackson, according to sources it was 25 years ago Thriller was set to release and from the time it was out as a album it has sold more then 104 million copies. Everybody was standing up and chanting and screaming when he performed, it was magnificent and he did a great job.

Michael Jackson Arrives at WMA

The time had passed 10.30pm when it was time for Michael to appear on stage, we were all nervous of what might happen, I couldn’t sit still I was chanting “Michael” (according to a friend of mine he counted that I shouted Michael 58 times!) and when Beyonce came out on stage and presented Michael to us I couldn’t bare myself, I just couldn’t stop screaming, my heart was pounding real fast and I was crying and shaking the entire time. My prince were before me yet again, but so far away, he had a very warm and beautiful and soft voice when he spoke, I just got so warm all inside when he spoke. I did take some photos of Michael which I am very, very proud of. Michael appeared later on by coming out singing “We Are the World” with a choir, I managed to tape it but I was so shaky so it’s very hard to see anything at all on the video but you can spot him a few times and that’s all matters!

Michael Jackson Arrives at WMA

Michael Jackson Arrives at WMA After the show I had heard from different people that there was a after-party after all and I managed to get the address of it and was on my way over there when I suddenly decided to not go there, when we came out I was standing and talking to some friends of mine when all of sudden Michael’s car came passing by. I just dropped everything and was running over the car and managed get me up front his window, I knocked on it and waved to Michael and he looked at me and I lip-synched “I love you” and he blew me a kiss and said I love you more. That had to be one of the best times in my life, being so close to Michael’s car and being able to touch it as well. I wanted to get out of the mess but I somehow was surrounded by hundreds of fans trying to get near the car and I couldn’t get out of there, but I lurked my way through the crowd and the car was speeding off and I decided to run after it a bit, I was holding on tight to my belongings and just shouted “I love you Michael” while it was speeding off. It was total chaos, fans were falling and one girl was falling down on the ground and people kept on just running and running after the car, we knew that we had to hurry back to his hotel to be able to see him one last time. I was heading home a few hours later so I wanted to see Michael the last time before I headed home to Sweden!

Michael Jackson Arrives at WMA There were probably 300-400 fans outside his hotel chanting Michael, I didn’t do that because I wanted to show respect since his children was asleep and his guards came out and asked us to leave since he told everyone that Michael was asleep, but I didn’t leave because I knew that he was lying, there were probably 40-50 fans left around 1.30-5.00am in the morning. At one point we got to learn that Michael was thinking of taking up some few fans up to his hotel meeting him, but that didn’t happen and the reason why I won’t write about it because it’s confidential, instead Michael had sent down his guards to get all of us pizza. And these are the words the bodyguards told us: “This is from Michael”, that was such an amazing gesture of Michael thinking about us. We will be forever grateful because of that, and Michael if you read this we would like to express our happiness and thankfulness because of that, thank you so much! When the van came back we all rushed to the car and got ourselves a box, knowing that not everyone would get a box, but I managed to get myself a box and I will never ever forget this trip.

It was my first time ever and I will never forget seeing Michael so close, he was smiling to me, he was waving to me, he was telling me he loved me and I got a pizza from him. Thank you so much!! See you next time Michael!

All my love
/Cindy – a PROUD Swedish MJ fan!

Allmichaeljackson says: Thankyou Cindy for sharing this wonderful experience.

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