Tito Jackson

Tito Jackson was born October 15 1953, in Gary Indiana. Named Toriano Adaryll Jackson, he is known to the world mostly as Tito Jackson. A member of the famous musical group, the Jackson Five, who would later become The Jacksons, he also released several solo efforts. The genre of music that Tito Jackson and his brothers are most famous for can be characterized as pop, R&B and even funk.

The Jackson Brothers
Many people are aware of the Jackson Five and The Jacksons. However, few people know of the Jackson Brothers. This group pre-dated the Jackson Five and The Jacksons. Tito, along with two of his older brothers, were known as the Jackson Brothers and performed around Gary, Indiana. This was in the year 1962.

The Jackson Five and The Jacksons
By 1969, the group would later become known as the Jackson Five and signed to Barry Gordon’s Motown Records. They would quickly experience success, finding their singles and albums topping the charts and flooding the airwaves. Appearing on popular television shows such Soul Train, American Bandstand and Ed Sullivan, the group would eventually have their own television series on the popular television network, CBS.

In 1976, the group left Motown and signed with Epic Records. They would change their name from the Jackson Five to The Jacksons during this time. Tito would help write a few songs for the group on the new label. They included “Push Away”, “Everybody” and “Destiny”.

Tito Jackson Today
Tito Jackson would pass his musical gifts and talents to his three children, TJ, Taj and Tarvil are his sons who formed a group called 3T in the 1990s. Today, Tito works as a producer alongside some former great soul singers and individuals familiar with the industry such as Babyface, LA Reid and Howard Hewitt.

Tito along with his brothers, were bestowed with one of music’s greatest honors, induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997. Though many of his brothers released solo albums, Tito Jackson has yet to do so but has plans for his own solo project in the near future.

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