Rebbie Jackson

Rebbie Jackson may just be the Jackson that the public knows the least about. Nevertheless, she is still a part of the famous musical family. Born as Maureen Reilette Jackson on May 20, 1950 in Gary Indiana, Rebbie Jackson is more than just the eldest Jackson. She is also a singer, having released several albums and enjoyed some moderate success in the past.

Solo Work
Rebbie Jackson's most successful record was titled Centipede. It was released in 1984. It was a long time coming seeing that it was released in 1984 when Rebbie was already in her thirties. There was some admitted hesitancy on her part regarding whether or not to join the family business. After much consideration she decided to go for it.

Centipede features songs penned by several musical giants including her brother Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson and Prince. The title song from that album, “Centipede,” went on to become her most successful and well known. After the album was released 1984, she followed that with two other albums. They included Reaction in 1986 and Are You Tuff Enuff? in 1988. It wouldn't be until 1998 that she would release another album which was titled Yours Faithfully. Her children, Yashi, Stacee, and Austin would be featured on that album.

Biggest Hit
The album Centipede was released in 1984. The biggest song from that album was “Centipede.” It climbed to number 13 on Billboard’s top R&B and Hip Hop album. Michael Jackson, her younger brother, wrote, produced and arranged the song while some of her other brothers sang background on the track. The song would also make it to number 4 on the Black Singles Chart and later become certified gold.

Personal Life
Rebbie Jackson possesses what appears to be the most stable life of all her brothers and sisters. She has been married to Nathanial Brown since 1968. Brown was her childhood sweetheart and also shared the family’s religious beliefs as Jehovah’s Witnesses. The couple decided to get married when Rebbie was just 18 years of age. Her father was very much against the idea and forbade them to do so initially. His plans for her included a singing and dancing career like her more famous brothers. However, Rebbie resisted. She was more interested in a stable family life. Her father would eventually relent and allowed her to get married. However, he would refuse to walk her down the aisle.

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