Randy Jackson

Stephen Randle Jackson also known as Randy Jackson was born in Gary Indiana, October 29, 1961. Another member of the famous musical Jackson clan, it wouldn’t be until Jermaine Jackson left the group to go solo that Randy would have the opportunity to officially join the Jackson Five. Prior to that, he would only travel with the band as a musician. When the Jackson Five left Motown and signed with Epic records, Jermaine Jackson refused to leave Motown and Randy replaced him.

The Jacksons
Randy released a solo single titled “How Can I Be Sure” in 1978. However, it did not perform well, barely breaking into the top 100 on the R&B charts. He also sang with Latoya Jackson, his sister, on her album titled, Giving You Up. One of Randy’s most successful triumphs was co-composing “Shake Your Body” in 1979 with his brother Michael for the Jacksons group. This was an extremely popular song, one of the groups most successful.

Years after he released its first solo single, he would record an album titled Randy Jackson and The Gypsies in 1989 while signed to A&M Records. He released two singles from the album called “Love You Honey” and “Perpetrator,” both which did very poorly.

Personal Life
In 1979 he was married to Eliza Shaffe. They had a child in 1990 named Steveanna. He would also have another child, a daughter named Genevieve, whose mother was not his wife. The child’s mother was instead Alexandria Genevieve Oaziaza. Eliza and Randy eventually got divorced shortly after this indiscretion. He was forced to go to prison for one month and then spend time in a psychiatric clinic because he was charged with abusing Shaffe. One year after his divorce, he married Alexandria and they had two more children, twins. They would get divorced in 1994. In 1995, Alexandria would marry Jermaine Jackson, Randy’s brother, and they would have a child together.

Randy Jackson was instrumental in helping his sister, Latoya Jackson get away from an abusive marriage. He flew to California where she lived and brought her to Las Vegas after she called him complaining of her husband’s abuse.

In 1998 Randy founded Modern Records. He and his brothers, the Jackson Five, discussed getting back together and recording an album which would have been released through Modern Records. However, rumor has it that Michael Jackson decided he didn't want be a part of project and so the project was canned. More recently, Randy was believed to have been living at Neverland Ranch not only managing it but also Jackson's web site, MJJ records and MJJ productions during the time Michael Jackson was fighting various allegations and going through trial.

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