Marlon Jackson

Marlon Jackson was born 1957, March 12th in Gary, Indiana. He was a member of both the Jackson Five and the Jacksons. Both groups experienced considerable success and accumulated numerous awards and hits. Marlon was the sixth Jackson child to be born to Catherine and Joseph Jackson. He was born a twin. However, his brother Brandon Jackson, died at birth as a stillborn.

Marlon could initially only watch and take notes as Jackie, Tito and Jermaine made up the trio, the Jackson Brothers. This was the original Jackson boy band. It would be later join that the group became the Jackson Five. In 1969, the group would sign with Motown records. They would change their name to the Jacksons after the group left Motown and signed with Epic Records. Jermaine would leave the group and be replaced by his brother, Randy Jackson.

Marlon released a solo album called Baby Tonight in 1987. He had one hit from that album titled, “Don’t Go.” The next decade would find Marlon working on various ventures, some which had nothing to do with music. In 1999, he was heavily involved in the Major Broadcasting Corporation. The MBC showed primarily religious television programming. It would latter become the Black Family Channel. Eight years after it started, the company would fold in 2007.

He recently discussed building a theme park museum in Badgery, Nigeria. This is where a good deal of the Trans Atlantic slave trading took place. This proposal has been extremely controversial and development on the project has yet to begin. The theme park would include a museum that included slave trading artifacts and a special Jackson family display.

He, like Michael's brothers, sisters, parents and children were incredibly saddened by the mega-star’s passing. They continue to mourn and are attempting to make some sense out of the events surrounding Michael's death.

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Katherine Jackson Mother.
Joe Jackson Father.
Rebbie Jackson Eldest sister.
Jackie Jackson Eldest brother.
Tito Jackson Brother.
Jermaine Jackson Brother.
La Toya Jackson Sister.
Marlon Jackson Brother.
Michael Jackson
Randy Jackson Brother.
Janet Jackson Sister.

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