La Toya Jackson

Though Latoya Jackson may not be known as the most famous or talented Jackson, but she does have a reputation for being one of the most controversial. She was born on May 29, 1956 in Gary, Indiana as Latoya Yvonne Jackson. A singer and entertainer, Latoya has released many albums but is perhaps most known for her stories revealing the personal and dysfunctional side of the Jackson clan, especially that of her father Joe Jackson. She would pose nude in Playboy, bringing her and her family a lot of attention, though not very favorable attention.

Solo Work
Latoya Jackson was the fifth of nine children and the first girl to attempt a solo career. Prior to that, she provided background vocals for her more famous brothers while they were the Jackson Five. Her first solo album was self titled, Latoya Jackson. It did fairly well in Europe and “If You Feel the Funk” was an extremely popular single on that continent.

Her second album was titled My Special Love and was released in 1981. Her siblings Marlon, Jackie, Janet and Tito would help her out on that album. Heart Don't Lie, her third album, was her most successful. The song “Heart Don’t Lie” climbed to number 56 one the R&B Billboard Charts. She would follow up that effort three years later when the album titled, Imagination.

In 1987 Latoya severed ties her with father Joe Jackson's management group. She would go on to release another self titled album, Latoya, in 1988. One year later, she would pose nude in Playboy. Following that controversial move, she wrote a book just two years later called “Latoya Growing Up in the Jackson Family”. She revealed some of the family’s darkest and most embarrassing secrets in this book. She claimed that her father was both mentally and physically abusive and also sexually. However, it should be noted that since the release of that book she has recanted and changed her stories numerous times.

Determined to continue singing and being involved in music she would release four more albums with the final one in 2003. One of those she even forayed into the country genre. She is currently working on an album that is set to be released in 2009 or 2010.

Personal Life
Latoya Jackson was married to Jack Gordon who was once her manager. They divorced in 1997. and Latoya claimed that he was both mentally and physically abusive.

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