Katherine Jackson

Katherine Jackson is the mother of ten children. Most famous among them are Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson as well as those who made up the Jackson 5 (who would later be called the Jacksons). One son, Marlon’s twin, was stillborn. Katherine was born in 1930 on May 4th in Barbour County Alabama and as Katie B. Screws. While a young child, Katherine and her family would move to East Chicago, Indiana. There, her name was changed from Kattie Screws to Katherine Esther Scruse.

Katherine would meet her future husband, Joseph Jackson when she was only 18. At the time he was a boxer, a musician and also married. He was granted a divorce (annulment) from his first wife in order to marry Katherine. They set up house in a two bedroom home in Gary, Indiana and later had 10 children.

A devout and committed Jehovah’s Witness, Katherine also espoused this theology and the views of this religion to her children. Gifted musically, she played the piano and also sang. Michael Jackson claimed that it was from Katherine that he received his musical abilities and gifts. When her husband, Joe Jackson, discovered how musically talented their children were, he quickly had them form a group. The Jackson Brothers was the first group, followed by the Jackson Five and then the Jacksons after the group left Motown and signed with Epic records in 1976.


The Jackson Five included Michael, Jackie, Jermaine Marlon and Tito Jackson. They would perform at various talent shows around the city and even at the famous Apollo Theater in Harlem, where they had an outstanding performance. They would be signed to Motown Records in 1969. While Katherine's supported the group and her children she was not involved much in the day-to-day, musical aspect of their lives. She left that to her husband, Joe Jackson. She would instead care for the kids still at home.

Katherine was considered the family’s rock especially for Michael as he was going through various trials and fighting numerous allegations and charges. After Michael Jackson died, Katherine was granted custody of his three children. She also received a significant portion of Michaels Jackson’s estate after his death.

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Katherine Jackson Mother.
Joe Jackson Father.
Rebbie Jackson Eldest sister.
Jackie Jackson Eldest brother.
Tito Jackson Brother.
Jermaine Jackson Brother.
La Toya Jackson Sister.
Marlon Jackson Brother.
Michael Jackson
Randy Jackson Brother.
Janet Jackson Sister.

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