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Joseph Jackson was born in 1929, July 26th in Fountain Hill, Arkansas. Before he became the father of perhaps the biggest superstar in the world and the one of the best pop groups of all-time, he was simply Joseph Walter Jackson. He would move to Oakland California at the age of 12 with his father, a high school teacher, after his parent’s broke up. His mother would move to East Chicago, Indiana. This move ended up playing a very significant role in his life because this is also where his future wife, Katherine Jackson would move to. It was also the city where he would meet her.

By the age of 17, Joseph Jackson was already married and attempting to break into the boxing business. He had aspirations of becoming a professional boxer. Around this time, he met Katherine Jackson, then known as Katherine Scruse. Soon after, he would have his marriage to this first wife annulled. Shortly after, the couple married and had a baby by the name of Maureen Jackson. She is better known as Rebbie Jackson. The two would go on to have 10 children, one which died shortly after birth.

Besides boxing Joseph Jackson also loved music was even a part of band called The Falcons. His brother was also a member. However, they would never experience sufficient success and thus, broke up. He took a job, prior to starting the group, as a cane operator for the company, US Steel. After the band didn’t take off, he returned to this job. After realizing that his children, particularly the boys were extremely talented, he quickly formed the Jackson Brothers which included three of his sons. Two more would eventually join the group and they become the Jackson Five. After the band left Motown and signed with Epic Records in 1976 Jermaine would stay behind at Motown and Randy Jackson would take his place and become part of the Jackson Five. The groups name would be changed from Jackson 5 to The Jacksons after the move from Motown to Epic.

Joseph Jackson is reputed to have been both mentally and physically abusive to his children. Latoya Jackson even accused him of being sexually abusive. Subsequently, his relationship with his family has been strained for some time. Many of his sons have accused of being extremely harsh and they were often afraid of him.

In the late 1970s Michael Jackson, his most famous son, would eventually get fed up with the controlling nature of his father and subsequently made a break from him professionally, firing him as his manager. Four years later, in 1983, his brothers would do likewise. The relationship between him and his wife would also be a difficult one. He was accused of fathering a child by a woman who was not his wife while still being married to Katherine. She would go on to file divorce twice, but did not go through with it either time. After Michael Jackson died he left his mother a large portion of his estate but left nothing to this father. This is at least somewhat indicative of how he felt about him and their relationship. Michael Jackson spoke publically about the mental and physical abuse he suffered at the hands of his father.

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Katherine Jackson Mother.
Joe Jackson Father.
Rebbie Jackson Eldest sister.
Jackie Jackson Eldest brother.
Tito Jackson Brother.
Jermaine Jackson Brother.
La Toya Jackson Sister.
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Michael Jackson
Randy Jackson Brother.
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