Jackie Jackson

Known to the world as Jackie Jackson and as member of the famous musical group, The Jackson Five, Jackie was born Sigmund Esco Jackson, in Gary Indiana in the year 1951.
He would join Michael, Marlon, Tito and Jermaine as members of the Jackson Five. They would experience an extraordinary amount of success and stand out as one of the best music groups in the decade of the 1970s.

The Jackson Five
Jackie Jackson was incredibly talented in his own right and often sang co-lead with his younger brother Michael Jackson. Appearing in a local talent shows and establishments around Gary, Indiana the group began touring in 1968 and opened for groups such as the Chi-Lites, Jerry Buffer and Little Miss Soul. Soon after, they would join Motown and become release a string of hits. Some of their more famous songs included “ABC”, “The Love You Save” and “I'll Be There”.

The Jacksons
In 1976, the group would change labels, leaving Motown behind and joining Epic Records. However, not every Jackson made the switch. Jermaine Jackson who was married to Barry Gordy’s (The owner of Motown) daughter, would stay on and subsequently would be replaced by Randy Jackson.

When the group left Motown and joined Epic, they were forced to change their name and went from the Jackson Five to The Jacksons. The group would reunite and embark on the Victory World Tour which was immensely successful in an effort to support the Victory album. They would make one more album together which was released in 1989. It was titled 2300 Jackson St.

Solo Efforts
Jackie released a few albums. The first was titled Jackie Jackson and came out in 1973. The response to it was lukewarm. In 1989, along with the release of 2300 Jackson St. with his brothers, he also a released Be The One which was his second solo album. While it wasn’t a chart topper, it did best his previous effort.

Personal Life
Jackie Jackson was the second of all of the Jackson children. He was the first male and often seen as a leader amongst his brother. In 1997 he was inducted to the rock-and-roll Hall of Fame along with his brothers. Jackie was married to Enid Spann in the early 1970s. That union lasted roughly 13 years and the couple had two children Sigmund and Brandi.

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