Michael Jackson Era's

Michael's career is so long and vast and certainly very interesting with so have happened.. We have split up his life biography into 8 distinct Era's complete with pictures. You can see how Michael has evolved and changed over the years, producing hit after hit and breaking record after record.

Jackson 5 Years, 1963- 1975 Michael and his brothers are worked hard as a group which later results in hit after hit.
Jacksons Years, 1975-1978 The Jackson brothers leave Mowtown to have more control over there own music.
Off the Wall Years, 1978-1981 Michael releases his first solo album as an adult artist.
Thriller Years, 1982- 1984 Michael releases the Thriller album and becomes a worldwide superstar!
Bad Years, 1986-1989 Michael continues his success with huge selling album, a movie and first solo world tour.
Dangerous Years, 1990-1994 Michael returns with new sound, amazing shot films and a world tour.
History Years, 1995-1999 Michael releases 2 albums, a mini movie and tours the world.
Invincible Years, 2000 - 2003 Michael releases an album and collectors alot of Awards.


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