The Death of Michael Jackson

Prelude to Michael Jacksons Death

Millions of people around the world had literally grown up listening to Michael Jackson’s music.  Whether, they were people who remembered Michael from his much younger days with the Jackson 5, danced to the Jacksons in 70’s discos or just having grown up through the mega success of his one of his solo albums.  Therefore for many, it literally felt like he was a part of their lives. 

Entertainment wise, Michael had barely been in the public eye for many years prior to his death.  He hadn’t performed live on stage for many years and any new music releases had been very limited, such as new vocals on old tracks, such as he did for Thriller 25 Anniversary.

However, in March 2009 Michael had stunned the world when he announced the “This Is It” comeback tour at the O2 Arena in London.  Originally just 10 shows were announced, but later and all adding to the frenzy of the event, this was increased to 50. Michael had again captured the worlds imagination and new and old generations were extremely excited at what show  the greatest entertainer in the world would put on.

Although there was mass excitement and the announcement of the comeback tour, there was also scepticism from the media as to whether Michael Jackson was fit and healthy enough to perform as many as 50 concerts.  There were even bets on offer as to how many concerts he might actually cancel or postpone.

Michael Jackson was by far the biggest superstar of his generation, if not of all time.  He was quite possibly the most famous person in the world.  His untimely death therefore came as a major shock to the world.

When Did Michael Jackson Die?
Michael  Jackson died on June 25th 2009.  He was at his home, North Carowood Drive, Holmby Hills, Los Angeles.  A 911 call was made from his home at 12.21pm, PST.  Paramedics were quick on the scene, arriving within 5 minutes 12.26pm.  It was at this time that the paramedics found Michael Jackson was not breathing.

CPR was performed on Michael for about 42 minutes.  It was claimed during the the trial, by Conrad Murrary’s attorney that Michael Jackson had a pulse during this time, before he was placed in the ambulance.  Although in contradiction to this claim a Los Angeles Fire Department (LAPD) official stated  paramedics had found Michael Jackson in "full cardiac arrest", and no change in this state was observed.  A cardiac arrest is when your heart stops working, it basically stops pumping blood around the body.  Typically a person dies within minutes of having a cardiac arrest, unless they receive almost immediate emergency treatment. 

The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAPD) then transported Michael to the UCLA Medical  Center.   They arrived by ambulance to the hospital at about 1:14 p.m. Attempts to resuscitate Michael Jackson for more than one hour were made, but to no avail and Michael Jackson was pronounced dead at 2:26 p.m.  It is likely that Michael Jackson actually passed away within the 2 to 3 hours before this time.

How old was Michael Jackson when he died?
Michael Jackson was 50 years old when he passed away on june 25th 2009.  His 51st birthday would have been on August 29th 2009.


How Did Michael Jackson Die?
The actual cause of Michael Jacksons death  was found was found to be that he had died of acute propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication after suffering cardiac arrest.

On August 28th 2009 it was concluded by the Los Angeles County Coroner  that Michael’s death was in fact a homicide, which is the death of a person caused by another person. His own personal doctor, Conrad Murray was later convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

It was found, that prior to Michaels death he had been administered a cocktail of drugs by his doctor, namely propofol and  anti-anxiety benzodiazepines, lorazepam, and midazolam.


Where Did Michael Jackson Die?
Michael Jackson died at his home North Carowood Drive, Holmby Hills, Los Angeles.   Photos were released of the room he suffered the cardiac arrest.  Including photos of his actual bed, or deathbed as it was to become.
Other photo’s showed the multiple drugs bottles and medical equipment  in the bedroom.  There were also photos of babies, one of Charlie Chaplin.  In the bedroom there were also numerous masks, possibly for his children.  Outfits of Michael’s could be seen in a wardrobe.


Shock News of Michael Jacksons Death Caused Internet Crashes
As the news began to spread of the death of Michael Jackson, people took to  the internet in such numbers that some of the biggest web sites in the world, such as Twitter and Wikipedia crashed.  Google search engine was inundated with so many “Michael Jackson” searches it thought it was under some kind of attack.

There was a worldwide outpouring of grief.  People rushed to buy Michael’s music, making him the best selling artist of 2009, selling 35 million albums worldwide.  Not only was Michael the first artist to sell more than one million downloads in a week, he smashed through hat level selling more than 2.6 million downloads.  His albums re-entered charts around the world.  Singles charts that included download sales were full of Michael’s most popular songs.

Man In the Mirror was the sing most people turned to remember Michael.  It went straight back to number one in the UK in the first singles chart announced after his death.
Other singles that entered the Uk Top 40 singles chart on the week ending 28th June 2009  were as follows:
Man In the Mirror No 1
Smooth Criminal No. 11
Billie Jean No 13
Thriller No.17
Beat It No. 18
I Want You Back (Jackson 5) No.19
Black Or White No 27
Dirty Diana No 29
Blame It On The Boogie (Jacksons) No. 30
Ben No. 32
Earth Song No. 36
You Are Not Alone No. 37
The Way You Make Me Feel No 38


Michael Jackson Memorial Service and Funeral
Michael Jacksons Memorial Service was held on July 7th 2009 at the Staples Center, the venue he had been rehearsing for his “this is It” comeback concerts.   It was organised by AEG LIVE, the promoters of Michael’s comeback shows.  17,500 free tickets were given away to entrants of an online lottery that had 1.2 million applicants within just 24 hours.  In total the web page received 500 million hits.

The  Michael Jackson Memorial Service was biggest event in television history.  Drawing an audience of a possible 2.5 billion viewers.

On the front of the stage  Michael’s closed 14 karat gold, solid bronze casket was displayed.  At the back of the stage was a screen showing photo and film montage of Michael throughout his life and career.

Many world famous artists took to the stage to perform songs. Former Motown artists Stevie Wonder and Lionel Richie.   Mariah Carey,  Jennifer Hudson, Usher, Michael’s brother Jermaine Jackson, and lesser known UK X Factor contestant Shaheen Jafargholi all sang on stage.

Other artists gave eulogies Berry Gordy the head of Motown Records, Brooke Shields a life long friend, and Smokey Robinson a former Motown Artist.

Queen Latifah read a poem entitled “We Had Him”.   Reverend Al Sharpton spoke for several minutes.  He received a standing ovation during his speech when he stated towards Michael’s 3 children  "There was nothing strange about your daddy. It was strange what your daddy had to deal with, but he dealt with it." 

On September 3rd 2009, there was a  private family funeral service at Forest Lawn Memorial Park's Hall of Liberty, Los Angeles.  Michael Jacksons grave site was chosen to be a crypt inside the Great Mausoleum at the Forest Lawn cemetery.

A further gathering of family and close friends was then held in Beverly Hills.


Who Killed Michael Jackson?
Conrad Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter on November 7th, 2011.  He was later sentenced to the maximum of 4 years imprisonment in the Los Angeles County Jail.

He was released less than 2 years into his sentence, on October 28th 2013. This was due to overcrowding at the prision and his own good behaviour.

It should be noted that Conrad Murray himself claimed that Michael Jackson actually killed himself. This is deemed highly unlikely and certainly the court did not believe this scenario.


Photos of Michael Jackson Dead.
Unfortunately photo’s of Michael Jacksons dead body were released during the trial and made their way onto the internet.  It’s a shame for him and his immediate family that they have no privacy in relation to this.  There was even a photo of Michael Jackson’s dead naked body released.


Michael Jackson Autopsy
The autopsy of Michael Jackson not only uncovered the reasons for his untimely death, but also a number of health issues that he had been suffering, some of which he had endured for many years.  It also shed light on the the plastic surgery and other appearance issues which had been rumoured and gossiped about for many years.

Relating to Michael Jacksons death, it showed it was drug related and that he died from the amount of, and levels of drugs found to be in his body.  Most prominent was the  anesthetic propofol and the anxiolytic lorazepam. Lesser amounts of midazolam, diazepam, lidocaine and ephedrine were also found. 
 At the time of death Michael weighed only 9 stone 10 Ilbs, (136 pounds or 62kg) which is on the light side for a male with a height of 5ft 9 inches.  However, it is considered an ideal healthy weight going by BMI, whereby a male at 5ft 9 inches is considered ideal weight somewhere between 8st 13 lbs and 12 st 2lbs.


Is Michael Jackson still alive?
The evidence is pretty damn conclusive that Michael Jackson is actually dead.  However, in a world that loves a conspiracy theory  there are many reports and even whole web sites dedicated to the possibility of Michael Jackson’s death being a hoax and that he is indeed alive and well in hiding somewhere in the world.  All kinds of conspiracy theories have thrown up, such as links to the illuminati, killed by AEG and the list could go on and on.

This is nothing new, in the years before the internet was even in existences there used to be periodic newspaper reports of Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll), still being alive, these continued for many years after his actual death. 

Regarding Michael being alive, the rumours are many. From Michael being seen in disguises, being at his own funeral, and even possibly appearing on television  as a burns victim, who’s actual name was Dave Dave (previously David Rothenberg).  The more ludicrous the suggestion, the more attention it garners.


Michael Jackson Ghost
In similar fashion to Michael Jackson being alive, there have also been reports of his ghost being seen, or his spirit making contact through spiritualists and mediums. 
One in particular was a Live CNN broadcast from Michael’s former home, the Neverland Ranch, where a shadowy figure can be seen in the distance walking across a corridor. 
Another more recent example was a report in Uk tabloids of Michael’s Ghost appearing in the same photos of a Michael Jackson impersonator.    These sort of stories  offer an eye catching headline and fill some tabloid space.  There are most likely simple explanations as to why these ghostly effects appear on camera.

My advice for anyone looking for Michael Jacksons Ghost, is to watch his video, the longest music video or short films as Michael liked to call them, the Ghosts video. 


Since Michael Jackson’s Death.
Even in death, Michael Jackson has been one of the world’s best selling artists and his wrk has continued to break records. 
In late October 2009 a documentary film was released, initially planned for just a 2 week run, in cinemas around the world. Titled “Michael Jackson’s This is It” it became the highest grossing documentary ever.

2 albums of previously unreleased tracks have been released.  The album titled “Michael” was released December 10th 2010.  Then Xscape, a second album of unreleased previously recorded material was released May 13th 2014.

A remix album featuring Jackson 5, Jacksons and Michael Jackson solo hits from his Motown years and through his solo successes was released November 21st 2011.  This album accompanied a the theatrical production Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour by the world known Cirque du Soleil acrobatic performers.  It is now the highest grossing tribute show of all time.

As long as Michael Jackson is remembered, he will always be with us, and no doubt for many generations to come.

R.I.P Michael Jackson



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