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The Dangerous album was released on November 26, 1991, and became the fastest selling number one album, breaking the records by entering the charts at #1 only 3 days after it's release! It was also the first album released by Sony Music that had a Thursday release date, rather than the traditional Monday release.

This was the first solo album by Michael Jackson that was not produced by Quincy Jones. For this album Michael worked on production with Teddy Riley and Bill Bottrell. The album is classed as New Jack Swing in genre and is the biggest selling New Jack Swing album of all time.

The 'Dangerous' album produced 9 singles from it's 14 tracks; "Black Or White", "Remember The Time", "Jam", "In The Closet", "Heal The World", "Who Is It", "Will You Be There", and "Gone Too Soon". The "Black Or White" single made a 32-spot jump on the Pop singles charts, breaking the Beatles' record set by their song "Let It Be" in 1970.

Guest appearances on this album were made by rapper L.T.B, Princess Stephanie of Monaco (credited as the "Mystery Girl"), and Slash (Give In To Me).

Album Track listings:
1. Jam
2. Why You Wanna Trip On Me
3. In The Closet
4. She Drives Me Wild
5. Remember The Time
6. Can't Let Her Get Away
7. Heal The World
8. Black Or White
9. Who Is It
10. Give In To Me
11. Will You Be There
12. Keep The Faith
13. Gone Too Soon
14. Dangerous

The track listing of the Dangerous album is as follows:

Singles released and highest Chart Positions US UK
Black or White
Remember the Time (Double A Side with Come Toegther)
In The Closet
Who Is It
Heal the World
Give In To Me
Will You be There
Gone Too Soon

Music Videos that accompanied released singles.
Black Or White Video
Remember The Time Video - featuring Eddie Murphy and Iman.
Come Together Video
In The Closet Video -featuring Naomi Campbell.
Who Is It Video
Jam Video - featuring Michael Jordan.
Heal The World Video
Give In To Me Video - featuring Slash on guitar.
Will You Be There Video - Features scenes from "Free Willy".
Gone Too Soon Video

Michael also used a host of stars in a number of his short films to promote the single releases. He was seen playing basketball with Michael Jordan in "Jam", dancing with Naomi Campbell in "In the Closet". Slash played guitar in the "Give In To Me" video and Eddie Murphy and super model Iman appeared in "Remember The Time". macaulay culkin appeared in "Black or White".

Dangerous Album Cover
Michael Jackson Dangerous Album

Released: November 26th 1991

Produced by: Michael Jackson, Teddy Riley, Bill Bottrell.

Label: Epic

Sales: 30+ million

The album won 1 Grammy Award.

The album was released in cd, double vinyl and cassette format. Picture discs were also released.

One of the factors that lead to a huge increase in the albums sales was Michael's performance at the 1993 Super bowl half time show which was watched by a reported 120 million people, making it one of the most viewed television audiences of all time.

Michael allowed Oprah Winfrey to interview him at his Neverland Ranch for a 90 minute TV Special which also boosted album sales.

Michael also launched the 2 leg dangerous world tour which run from June 1992 to November 1993 performing to an audience totaling approximately 3.4 million people.

2001 Dangerous Special Edition
Album Cover (From


In 2001 a Dangerous Special Edition was released with remastered original tracks.

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